Sunday, October 12, 2008

Anyone there??

Yeehaar, we're in our new home, we've unpacked (except for my art room) and if I never see another bloody box again in my life-time I'll be ecstatic.

We arrived to our new little town just over a week ago, it rained on and off for the first 4 days... and it was cold. We soon sourced ourselves a good stash of fire wood and learnt how to light a mighty fine fire to keep our butts warm... made me feel like a real country bum'kin.

So how do I like it so far?? One word to describe it at the moment ... Q U I E T ! It just seems so darn peaceful it's almost eerie. It's not like Leo was particulalry noisy or anything, but here you never seem to hear anyone else, rarely a car goes by, no one walks past, even the streets are really quiet when you you go into town. Does anyone else live here?? Coooo- eeeeee. The noisiest thing is the birds, they go mad every morning at 6am, and the 'wow listen to the beatiful birds cheeping' novelty wore off in about 3 minutes. Now it's more like 'The birds suck ... I'm trying to sleeeep'.

Our little pink-brick (stylish) house is actually great. We've somehow squeezed all our belongings into it and apart from not having a dining table (will need to get a cubby-house sized one in the near future) we're all settled and organised. My sis came to visit and waved her domestic wand over my shambles of a pantry... its amazing, I can actually find what I'm looking for now.... go figure. Next I'll have her wave that wand over my wardrobe and linen closet. hee hee.
I have my first day at work tomorrow, so I'm praying it's not crap - since everything else seems to have gone smoothly so far. Maybe that will be the glitch? Hopefully not, I'm trying to think positive. It'll be fine... it'll be fine... it'll be fiiiiinnne..... just fiiiine.
* * * * * *

My new car is AWESOME. When we picked it up they had put a huge ribbon on it! I was so excited I just wanted to go for a drive, but no.... I had to sit through 90 freakin minutes of paperwork, demonstrations, introductions to the service department (who cares bout them?) and more paperwork before I finally got to drive her! I was almost started to twitch in anticipation. Anyway it was all worth it in the end, it is an amazing car to drive and I love her.
Deez and I went on a road trip in the mini to the Vet last week (2 hour round trip). I put sheets and blankets in the back seat for him to lay on - we had a great time!