Sunday, November 30, 2008

In short

I've decided my eating has gotten out of control (It's only taken me 2 years to figure that out - no speed records have been set using this brain). My clothes have been getting tighter n tighter (even in my new fat clothes) and funnily enough the scales have been going up n up.
So I'm giving 'Weight Watchers online' a whirl -to try and get my head around portion sizes again. I was eating more than husband and shovelling so much crap into my mouth without thinking, so i figured this might help me think about how much i should be eating in a day and to find a balance again.
Fingers crossed, I'm over feeling porky.

I just looked up and saw a mouse staring at me from the kitchen bench above the stove. I quickly pulled all the spice jars off the bench, grabbed a plastic bowl and planned to corner it & catch it under the bowl. That was a great idea ... until the bloody thing lurched and jumped from the bench straight at me!! I squealed...ducked... (cursed myself for being so pathetic) and it went straight over my head, plopped on the floor behind me and scurried under the stove.
I didn't want to kill him - he was kinda cute, i was planning on 'relocating' him (like to the neighbours... ). Hmmm, now I'll have to come up with another plan.
He's a tough mouse... he survived a 6ft leap! Impressive.

Since I'm on a health kick, I've been thinking about exercise and ways to get motivated.
I've decided (drumroll please...) I'm going to try and do a half marathon.
Cough, choke **splutter**
I'm serious. I'm going to train up slowly and aim for the City to Surf 1/2 Marathon in August (2009 is the first year they'll be adding that distance) so I have 9 months to train!

A girls gotta have a goal. (even if it is far-fetched)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cleaner - mugshot

I have a second job - cleaning the Police Station.
Sounds boring, but I love it.... it gives me a bit of extra play-money and it really is quite simple.... I spend a few hours a week cleaning, with my iPod blaring through my headphones, singing my favourite tunes in time with my dusting-motions, and I get PAID for it. Bonus.

The Police station here is old...very old. It hadn't been cleaned for a long while before I started doing it. I've been dusting cupboards, organising shelves, sneezing from the dust, throwing out junk, sneezing more from the dust and discovering fun things! Check this out... one of those crim-name-board thingy's! I saw it and just couldn't help myself.
Hee hee hee. Love it!
I would've liked to do the side profile shot too.... but it was a bit tricky on self timer.
(PS: not really born in 00 - just trickin y'all)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Goodbye Senior

Its been a strange and emotional month. In summary...

Diesel died.

He got so sick and eventually we opted to euthanase him. It was the hardest decision ever, my heart still breaks thinking about not having him here.
The picture above is in the car park at the vet, kind of weird to take a photo, but I'm glad I did now. We both cuddled him in the car, he was so quiet and peaceful - like he knew what was happening, even when he was on the table in the vet, he just lay down and didn't even flinch when the vet inserted the needle. We cuddled him till the end. It was strange, that morning husband woke me up, he was upset and said 'I think it's time to take Diez'. Secretly I had pondered that thought many times in the previous 2 weeks, wondering if we were being selfish keeping him around, wondering how it would end - if he'd improve or get better. In the days after he died I was a complete wreck. I cried solidly for 2 days... I had no idea it would leave such a horrible empty feeling of heart-break. I felt weird too because I've recently had close friends lose their parents for goodness sake, and I was in a mess because of my dog.

It was a ridiculous comparison, and in a way it made me hide my emotions (misery) unless I was around the one other person who truly understood (and would've been feeling worse than me) - and that was Wayne.

Ho unfortunately we were a miserable pair for a few weeks, which - mixed with a new town, new jobs and both missing our friends in Leo, made it very difficult to feel settled and happy in our new home. Only now am I starting to feel positive about our move here.

I've wanted to blog for ages - but this attempt to write about Diez has always left me in tears and unable to finish, and I felt I needed to write about him because it had such a big impact on me.

I Love you and miss you Diez.