Sunday, January 28, 2007

New phone

Hi from Perth. My holiday has officially begun and im blogging from my new snazzy phone that does everything except serve me breaky in bed! I LOVE gadgets and this phone is awesome. We have a day of crazy shopping tomorrow but i think ill be able to handle it... Hee hee. Being on holidays is fab 1 more sleep til Hawaii. X
ps i changed my blog title! Bloody husband!

Friday, January 26, 2007


Waynie read my blog and is not too happy about the fact I've been drinking IC's.... since I told him i never have them. Hence the new title HE created.
It reminds me of Bart writing 'lines' on the balckboard at the start of the Simpsons.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Confucius say:

I just love these, they crack me up....

  • Man who have feet firmly on ground, have trouble putting pants on
  • Man who run behind bus get exhausted
  • Man who eat crackers in bed wake up feeling crummy
  • Man who fart in church, sit in own pew
  • Cow with no legs is ground beef

Yay yay yay ayyayayayaa Its nearly home time. longest dang' night shift ever.


I feel like I am on cloud nine. I've just been reading my Lonely Planet Guide for Honolulu and I am now mega excited about our trip! There seems to be so much to do in Hawaii - shopping, snorkelling, surfing (?!), shopping, Pearl Harbour, water parks, shopping, Kayaking to islands, Oh and did I mention shopping??
Yeah I know you can shop anywhere, but this is one shopping-deprived chicky! (Leo's supermarket and roadhouses are not worthy of 'shop' status by any means) and I am busting out of myself to see REAL life (ie: not online) shops. I'm sure I'll be over my shopping bug before we jet off to Hawaii tho, we have a few days in Perth first. Yahooo.

The other reason I'm on cloud nine is that I think the 'addiction standoff' between Tan and I has rebooted me into being healthy! I was back to having frequent (hmmm actually very frequent) IC's and our standoff has broken the cycle. Thank gawd. See the problem with my 'addiction' (and yes Tan it is an addiction tho you may scoff!) is that it'll put me into a bad zone ALL day, i seem to drink an IC then also have a Nut bar, then seem to skip lunch and have crap food later in the arvo when I'm famished again. So the whole day is a downward steep gluttinous spiral. Hmmphf.

Today for eats' n exercise (note how i write when i'm being good, but neglect to when i'm naughty?)

1630 -1/2 Protein bar
1700 - swam 40 laps (moderate pace)
1945 - steak and a humungous salad
2200 - apple & a coffee (just a normal one - NOT of the Iced variety!)
0100 - Cottage cheese yoghurt berry thing with almonds & seeds. Mmmmm!

I've also decided that I'm going to complete another 12 week challenge when I get back from holiday. This time I'm going to do the whole 12 weeks and will be at my goal weight by my birthday (June). Yeah. I can do it. yeah yeah.

One of the old Aboriginal long term patients we have here just buzzed his call bell, so off I toddle to find out whats bothering him and he declares that he's sure there is someone walking around outside his window & trying to get in. Craaaaap. I'm not normally a scaredy cat, but when it's just me and an Aboriginal Health worker (who by the way is female, 5ft nothing & very 'round') on together and 3 patients in a dodgy old hospital 2km out of town, I'm a bit spooked! Safety is not featuring high on my comfort list right now. Anyway, we go and check that all the windows and doors are locked, have a kind of whimpy look outside (can't see much it's pitch black at 2am but we try anyway) and reassure Mr concerned patient whilst secretly poo'ing my pants. The short round AHW i'm on with informs me it may be 'spirits'. Well thanks for that, i now feel a whoooole lot better.
I'm off to find a baseball bat.
Can you whack a 'spirit'??? I'm not so sure.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

An addiction stand off

Yeah yeah i know it's been a while since i actually wrote something!

I did try to post last night at work but couldn't log into blogger for some strange reason, typical i was in a 'chatty' mood to and i'm sure i would've come up with some most amusing, thought provoking, astounding tales for all to read. Now i'm a sleep deprived-post-nightshift-zombie who's finding it hard to even piece together a single sentence. Ugh. There'll be nothing of interest here today my friends.

Today i MUST get up and do some exercise. Must must must. I flagged yesterday (despite Tans very best persuasive efforts!) but i did manage to get a few home chores done instead. yay. excitement plus.

I'm in the midst of an 'addiction -standoff' with Tania. She's stopped smoking (thank Gawd!) and I've honoured her immense willpower by stopping Iced Coffee's!
Look i know that sounds pathetic (because hey apparently smoking is like harder than heroin to give up and Iced coffee is 'just milk') but its HARDER than you think! Those little brown boxes of goodness 'complete me'. I am DEPENDANT on them, I dream about them and savour every last tiny morsel of that icy cold coffee flavoured milk that comes up that straw. Mmmmmmm. It's making me want one. But no, I'd rather have a buddy with less tar coating her Pulmonary system than the beloved brown box.

Well i really must go get some snooze. everything is getting blurry n fuzzy!


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Motorbiking at Malcolm

Tan and I lazing in the hammock out at Malcolm Dam, we look very 'cozy' but had several close shaves of nearly hitting the deck - bloody hard work balancing 2 bodies on it.
The top pic is of all the 'bikies' out at Malcolm. Cool pic, I love it.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


What happened to my mo-jo?? It's gone on holidays early, pity i still have 2 weeks till holidays and NEED it back... nooow!! Cooome back mooowww-jooooww. Pleeeaaase.

I went swimming this arvo and managed a measley 40 laps (25m pool). Tan whipped me at a normal everyday pace, I used to be a few laps ahead of her. I don't mind at all that she beat me, but i just felt like i had no energy and even though i was pushing hard i felt SLOW and stiff. My eating has been a bit ordinary (which is surely contributing to my lack of energy), i just seem to have lost my focus at the moment and its making me sad. I really want to atleast focus for these next two weeks before Hawaii, or i'll be back to where i started before i even go on holidays... all that hard work for nothing :-(
* * * * * *
On a brighter note my running is continuing to go pretty good. Tania, Nikki, Snoop (the wonder-dog) and i went the other day and measured it when we got back ... 7km! We kind of plodded along (puffily chatted most of the way) it took us 45 minutes, but it was awesome. We ran kind of the reverse of what Tania and i did last time - from Nikki's house at the hospital through town, to the airport, back past my place through the bush over the hill & back to the hospital.
I just don't seem to be looking forward to my exercise lately - I'm making excuses not to go or putting in a pathetic effort when i actually do go. Maybe I've spent too much time in the gym and need to change my routine a bit. Maybe i need to do more outdoorsy things like swimming and running. Maybe i should try doing more workout vids. Maybe i need a brain transplant and a kick up the arse. Yeah, that sounds more like it.
This post is just a big moan.
'Want some CHEESE with that WHINE Drea??'
Over' n out

Saturday, January 13, 2007

The list

So, how' d i go with my list?? Not too shabby at all.

  1. Take down my Christmas decs - DONE! I sadly sang Chrissy carols the whole time i was unwinding tinsel and collecting up little santa's from all over my house.
  2. Weed the front garden & plant my new plants (x 5) -DONE!
  3. Weed the side garden - Nope - come on... you should see the state of my garden, i'd need a month off to complete both.
  4. Admire my weed'ed garden! - Yep, half of my effort anyway
  5. Clean my MB air filter (with help from WC) -Nope...decided it didn't need it, plus don't want to touch anything more on that bike that might break or seize up given half a chance.
  6. Clean the oven -YES! It was bloody amazing, Whilst i probably smashed an enormous hole in the ozone layer using the super-dooper tri-industrial strength oven cleaner i bought, it 'melted' off an enormous amount of brown greasy goo, so much that my oven racks look brand spanking new!! I just wiped off the muck the entire time saying 'wow, oooh, gee are those racks really shiny silver??'
  7. Connect the stereo to the TV/DVD/Foxtel (without f**cking up the whole setup) Umm no... i don't have the right cable connector thingy... still working on that one.
  8. Cook a meal and freeze the whole lot for spare healthy meals when i can't be both'd to cook - Yep i cooked a huge healthy chow mein and put it in little containers in the freezer. I felt like i'd turned into my super-organised-sister. weird.
  9. Organise a birthday card/gift for my niece - yep, done. Thats my super-organised-sister's daughter, so can't be late with that one
  10. Put up the new shower curtain (has been sitting there for 3 months)- oops no... forgot i'd even put that on my 'to do' list. Ha, now thats the normal Drea back!
  11. Email my sister who possibly thinks i've carked it! Yep- done and dusted. Now she's probably in hospital recovering from severe shock.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

run run as fast as u can...

Nice personal protective
equipment. Very stylish,
very pink! I'm such a dork.

jog jog jog...
The last two runs I've been on have been awesome. The cooler weather is perfect for jogging, I feel like Forest Gump... could just go 0n & on & on. Tania and I changed our route

the other night and started from my house, went over the road through the bush over the hill to the hospital (cross country style!), up the main road to the airport and back home. It took us 45 minutes and was fantastic, we actually 'chatted' most of the way and both were amazed we could hold a conversation and jog for that long - this time last year we could barely jog for 15 minutes! Yesterday morning i did the Gwalia jog with Nikki and PB'd - 38 minutes. Tan Nikki and i are off again for a jog at 6am tomorrow, it's the best time to go ... hope my running zest continues, nothing beats the 'high' of a great run, especially at the end if you still feel comfortable & the whole time you feel like you're flying, it's an amazing feeling.

I have got three wonderful glorious amazing days off now. YAY! I'm gonna keep the phone off the hook so work can't call me in! Yeah sure... they'd hunt me down.

List of 'to do's' for the next three days:

  1. Take down my Christmas decs (yep...they're still up)
  2. weed the front garden & plant my new plants (x 5)
  3. weed the side garden
  4. admire my weed'ed garden!
  5. Clean my MB air filter (with help from WC)
  6. Clean the oven
  7. connect the stereo to the TV/DVD/Foxtel (without f**cking up the whole setup)
  8. cook a meal and freeze the whole lot for spare healthy meals when i can't be both'd to cook
  9. Organise a birthday card/gift for my niece
  10. put up the new shower curtain (has been sitting there for 3 months)
  11. email my sister who possibly thinks i've carked it!

Will report back my achievements on the above.

Food n fitness ( for yesterday)

  • 0500 -6km run
  • 0700 -Oats n Splenda with coffee n splenda
  • 1000 -CC yoghurt thingy with berries
  • 1230 -Mountain Bread x 2 with 2 eggs (1 Y) & FF mayo & lettuce
  • 1530 -4 corn thins with PB 100%
  • 2000 -1 piece white bread with Promite & butter (was MAJORLY starving!)
  • 2200 -fish fillet with a huge salad

We went motorbike riding in the arvo and got back quite late (don't you love daylight savings?!) then by the time we washed the mud off our bikes & socialised on the front lawn then cooked dinner it was 10pm! Ugh. not ideal i know, but hey, it was the best tasting fish ever, i was soooo hungry.


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Clueless about coffee

I went to Kal yesterday with Tania so she could buy practically the whole of Kmart. Ha! Well i guess when you move out there is a lot of stuff to get, from potato peelers and loo rolls to pegs and coffee beans.

Yeeees, about the coffee beans.... we go to Gloria Jeans to get some beans (coz T insists she's going to make me a glorious cup of coffee each time i visit on her new fandangled coffee machine from her Dad). She's completely clueless about coffee (she hates the stuff) -and proved this when buying a bag of coffee beans from GJ's. The look of pure confusion on her face when they asked how she'd like them ground was priceless. "Don't you just put the beans in the machine?? Do you have to crush them? How come??" ummm, Tan coz that would be like trying to make a loaf of bread with wheat.

Please Tan, keep AWAY from the coffee machine. Instant will do fine.

My big purchase for the day in Kal was an aerobic step! Yay, I've wanted one for ages, they're usually $100 (and I'm too scabby to pay that for a chunk of plastic) but i found one in Kmart yesterday for $40. It's not exactly huge, but its fine for what i need it for... mainly my home interval-exercises and a couple of my Jilly DVD workouts need a step. I tried it out this morning with Jilly's shape up - backside. It was great... not that the workout used the step that much, but hey usually i have to 'pretend step' on the floor which just isn't the same.
Mum comes today. I'm going to go over to the hospital house this morning and make sure its all clean and ready for her to move in. I might put some fresh flowers and pictures of Tom up on the fridge to make it homely... aww, it'll be fun having her close by.
The swear-box thingy New Years resolution is going to send me broke.
I owe atleast $5 from my trip to Kal yesterday (So does Tan) & $4.50 from the day before. We've decided to donate the money to the local Wildlife Rescue couple (who do an absolutely amazing job with hardly any $$) - but we're starting to think that donating to such a worthy charity isn't exactly helping our cause 'oopsy doesn't reeally matter that i swore - we just helped save a little stranded joey'. We were even thinking of possiblities of 'pre-purchasing' swear words at a discount rate for times when you reeeally need to let that beautiful F-word out, like in periods of pure absolute frustration (Yamaha??!) when the F-word just helps to soothe your frazzled emotions a tad or like yesterday when i came approximately 2mm from hitting a very randomly placed Kangaroo at 110km/hr ....SWEEERVE, screech....*heart beating 200bpm** fuuuuuck..!!!! The pre-buy situation might help save a bit of dosh, but probably defeats the purpose a bit. I have visions of us collecting so much money from our fines that we end up having a big 'handing over ceremony' where we have one of those ginormous card board cheques and we present it to them (think deal or no deal!). Might have to take out a loan.
I bought some teeny weeny board shorts yesterday. I want to wear them in Hawaii. I know i only have three weeks to go, so they're kind of a reminder to keep on track over the next 3 weeks, I'm not letting myself go into holiday mode early!
23 sleeps to go!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Mooshy omelettes and greetings from the green team

Talk about rubbing my nose into a bad situation.

Check out what W got in the mail today. A pack of freebies from Kawasaki. Talk about timing, when all i've had is nightmares with my bike, he gets golden glowing service and reliability from his... and he gets FREE stuff! Man i got duped big time.

Now hear this Yamaha, TAKE A BIG freakin leaf outta Kawasaki's green book and focus on customer service , you hear me?? Yamaha are a Sham-aha.


Food n fitness for today...

0700 - Iced coffee

1700 - Gym with Tan. We did intervals/cardio. Including: Bike, X-trainer, rower, suicides, lunges, skipping, abs. 1 hour.

1830 - Oats with sunflower seeds n skim milk n splenda

2230 - 5 egg (1yolk) vege thingy with mushrooms, onion, tomatoes, capsicum and broccolli (not wothy of the 'omelette' title since it ended up all mooshed up into a million pieces - tasted fab tho)

I plan to have either oats or youghurt between now and going home to bed.

Thank god its my last nightshift, I've done six in a row and i'm completely over it. I do the rosters so I've only got me to blame.


Drip of a dog

Ooh ooh, theres one...
Hmmm, where'd it go??

Murphy does drips.
Whenever it rains or there is heavy dew, he runs outside and 'does drips'.
It sends us mad.
He stands and looks up at the drips, then somersaults up trying to catch them as they fall down with his mouth wide open, sometimes letting out a frustrated bark.
He will do it until it's dark and he can't see the drips anymore.
He ends up soaking wet.
He NEVER gets tired of it.
If one spot stops 'dripping' he runs around looking up at the rest of the gutters checking for more drips elsewhere.
He is a retarded dog....
....but i love him.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Put the money in the jar

I've lost my 'roomie'.

My buddy Tania has been going through a rough patch lately - she broke up with her Fiance just after Christmas :( She shared a house with him, so T spent the past week camping out in our spare room until she could move into a small unit of her own. Annnyway, what i have to say is that it was quite 'fun' having a friend stay over. It reminded me of my Uni days flatting with girls - especially the first 2 nights because Waynie was away in Perth, so we hung out and did girly things. T is an obsessive compulsive-neat freak, so apart from the cool female company it was also like having a live-in maid for a week! JOY! The cleanliness of my home is always somewhat marginal... clutter and bloody dog hair galore, and T needed 'distractions' while i was working (she had all those luxurious public holidays over Chrissy/New Year that Nurses don't get) so she mopped and cooked and washed dishes and washed clothes and put things away and vacuumed and cooked some more. My sink was bare! Not a ponky stinky dirty dish in sight. I miss her. I really do. I might have to sabotage her new living arrangements so she comes to stay with us permanently.... steal her rent cheques so she gets evicted or something! Hee hee...GOOD thinkin' Drea!!

New Years resolution... no more swearing - well only the hard core swearing is banned, small steps people, small steps.
I'm starting to sound completely feral, so Tan and i are abiding by an 'honesty policy' ... if we say F**k or C**t out loud its 50 c per word, ($2 if you say both together!). Not that i ever say the 'c' word. We have a little jar each and must put our 'fines' in daily. Don't quite know what we're going to do with the $$ we collect, maybe we can use it to buy soap to WASH out OUR MOUTHS!!
My motorbike is sick again and the idiots i bought it off in Kal are complete and utter Fuck- wits! (that was soooo worth a 50c fine!) They seem to think Wayne and i have a combined IQ of 12 and they insist on being as bloody rude and UN fucking helpful as possible. (oopsy 'nother 50c in the jar). Tomorrow we're going to call Yamaha direct to find out if i can get my money back, since this is the third time in 4 months its needed fixing and its brand new! Ugh.
Food n Fitness for today
1630 - woke up & had IC & choccy bar. W. T. F was i thinking???
1730 - Gym with Tan- 20 m HIIT on treadmill - awesome! plus 20 mins squash & some abs
2000 - Steak & salad
2330 - Yoghurt cottage cheese thingy
0430 - Oats n splenda
We've had mega rain here today. There are weather warnings everywhere...faxes, phone calls, TV warnings. its all something to do with the dregs of a cyclone meeting up with another low pressure area already hanging in the area to form one ginormous wind and rain baring weather nightmare... The Emergency Response planners have officially put us on 'standby'. ooooh, exciting!! I'm just excited about the fact my lawn will turn green and fluffy from all the rain and the Kangaroos wont eat my garden because they too will have green fluffy bits of bush to eat. Yay! Its a win-win situation. Thank you god.
PS - $1.50 will be donated to my foul mouth jar following publication of this post.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Santa's sack

Presents galore! Just a few santa (W) left me...

God i love Christmas. I'm sure it's partly due to the fact I still get spoilt like a 5 year old child would! Wayne bought me 10 (yes...ten) presents this year. He has an amazing ability to pay close attention all year to all my 'oooh i love this or that....or gee that'd look nice in our kitchen or Mmmm these earrings are pretty..' and somehow manages to surprise me with all these prezzies i love! Look i know Christmas is supposed to be about giving and sharing and love and a bit more giving and caring and sharing, plus a whole heap of other very thoughtful, impressive and selfless human actions. But I have to admit there is a big-fat-selfish part of me that absolutely adores ripping the paper off my presents to discover what it is thats been hiding mysteriously under layers of crappy red & green Chrissy paper all those weeks!
This year W and i had a Christmas eve dinner at home (just the 2 of us) and opened our presents then. I had to work early Christmas day, and W wasn't overly keen to get up at 5am to do the whole prezzy opening thing then, so we agreed to do it Chrissy eve. My prezzies from him - a hair straightener, beach towel & matching thongs, perfume, iTunes voucher, Motorbike jersey, a great Guess bag, a Nintendo game, a pink Polar watch, plus he tricked me into thinking all my 'nice' presents were open, then gave me some gorgeous diamond earrings! Awwwww. Spoilt beyond belief. I'm still wearing a big grin on my face. I keep telling him he's going to regret his great effort next year when he has to try and match it!
Well i might have had an amazing Christmas, but he down side is it's turned me into a porker.
I have put on 2 kg over December.... i think it all started with my trip away to see Mum and Dad, and i just haven't been able to focus properly since. So with 5 kazillion other people, I've used the 'New Year' to put a bomb under my butt and get back into serious training and clean eating, so i can feel good in Hawaii - which is only 4 weeks away! Eeek!
Today it has started. (albeit with a lack of fitness)
1530 - Yoghurt, berry, CC thingy with 8 almonds & tsp pumpkin seeds.
Coffee n splenda
1900 - Fillet steak & salad. Small amt LF cheese
2330- 4 corn thins with PB. 2 carrots
Coffee n splenda
0345- 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup LF milk, splenda
No fitness... for reasons beyond my control!!
My Motorbike is sick AGAIN. I'm going to call Yamaha tomorrow and complain. Like REALLY complain. This is the third time something has gone wrong with the electrics, WTF??? When i left for work tonight, i could only turn the lights on high beam, then half way riding to work the lights just died, the indicators wouldn't work either. I had to turn around and ride home with no lights and use Waynes very reliable Kawasaki (you hear that Yamaha???!) to get to work. Crap crap crap. The big problem is that to get it looked at means taking it on a trailer all the way to Kal to the one Yamaha people there who have a 'we don't really give a shit' attitude.
crap crap boo crap. Thank god it's under warrantly.
i'd better go do some work