Sunday, November 26, 2006

Goodbye my trusty brick!!

Phew! JUST scraped in!! ('Xcuse the ugly feet)

Less than 74kg EQUALS.... you guessed it......

I have had a huge smile on my face since. I'm chuffed, yay me, yippee, thank you scales.
After oohing and ahhhing at the counter for a good 3o minutes, I went with a black 8GB Nano instead of a Pink (my fave colour) 4GB Nano. Don't know why, maybe i thought one day i'd actually find 2000 songs to put on it??!! Ha, yeah right! So i compensated and got a bright pink arm thingy. It's soooo tiny compared to my old ipod 'brick'! Can't wait to go for a run tomorrow and try it out, I'll feel soooo cooool!
Okay, time to focus on the next 6 kg. Might have to make more mini goals and 'rewards' coz it's fun!
I'm off to play with my pod.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Murphy and his 'hotdog'. He is obsessed by plastic chew toys, especially squeaky ones - he goes mad over them!! He doesn't just chew on the toys... he SWALLOWS!! Dork of a dog. Aww I love him tho.

I think i'm a blog addict. It's kind of therapeutic crapping on about your mundane daily happenings! I love reading other blogs too, i have a few regular ones i read daily, and have started reading a few 'randoms' ...whoah there are some trippers out there!! very amusing.

Well I'm off nightshift, but hey guess what, its 2am and I'm wide awake...bright- eyed, bushy tailed ready for action!! I can't sleep (crap poo bum spew- I hate it when i can't sleep I NEVER have that problem!) Thank god for the internet and my new blog-addiction.

I just had a huge craving for a mango smoothie, but i'm not too sure husband would appreciate the sound of the whizz-thingy muching up ice and frozen mango at 2 in the morning! So i just made myself a 'healthy iced coffee' - 1 cup of skim milk, 1 cup cold H2O coffee, splenda n lotsa iceblocks. (No where near as good as the real Iced coffee in the carton tho!)

My food n fitness for today (oh and last night at work too):

2230 - Tuna salad
0400 - Banana, 7 Strawberries, 1/2 cup LF yoghurt
0830 - Home from work.... snooze
1400 - Oats with splenda & 8 Almonds
1700 - Airport run (PB 16m:30s!!) & resistance (back, triceps, abs)
1900 - Silverside & huge salad, small amt LF cheese
0200 - Iced coffee homestyle

Oooh, we're off to Kal tomorrow.
please scales be nice to Drea in the morning, please, please.
Oh well, even if i'm not ipod-worthy atleast i get to see REAL shops!! Yippee.


Friday, November 24, 2006

There's cake in the fridge!!

Oh my god. I just walked up to the kitchen to grab my ever-so-healthy tuna salad for my midnight snack, and there is CAKE in the fridge!!! Aaarrrgghhh. A yummy looking 'double choc' swiss roll and a custard walnut danish thingy.
I want to throw them in the bin to avoid temptation, but they're not mine to ditch.
I've just told the girl I'm working with if she see's me even LOOKING in the fridge again she must SLAP me.... haaard!

I jumped on the scales tonight and my weight has officially passed my half way mark!! Am not getting too excited tho (but I did drag Waynie into the bathroom to witness what the scales said!) I'll wait and see what it's like when i finish nightshift because it might be a fluid shift or something weird. We're going to Kal Saturday, if it's still at the halfway mark I'm going shopping for my ipod!! YAY!!!!

yay me, yay me. Don't get too excited Drea .....


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Plan, plan a bit more, then plan even more!

Another day in the life of the nightshift zombie.
All i feel like doing is snooooozing ZZzzzzzz

Food n fitness for today...

Woke up at 2pm (Thanks K!)
1500: Protein porridge
1700: 60 minute gym workout with Tan. Resistance & a bit of cardio.
1900: Thai Beef salad
2215: Cottage cheese /yoghurt /berry thing & coffee

I have some Corn thins and hommus for later, porridge if I'm starving. I'll just ahve to see how i feel. Nightshift makes my tastebuds go weird... i seem to like eating 'breakfast-like' foods all the time.

Kerryn spoke to me today about planning- planning- planning. I NEEDA plan! If i don't, i seem to find 'easy' alternatives which usually mean fattening 'no-thought' foods. I want to see the scales DOWN on Monday when i jump on em!

32 days til Christmas!


PS Did anyone notice my new blog colours?? Snazzy eh?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Night shift is STILL for quokkas!

Yep, I'm back in the land of nights. I do have to fess tho that when my head actually hit the pillow this morning it was the beeesst most cozy feeling ever. I'm sure I was asleep within 5 seconds. I slept until my alarm woke me at 15:45!

Tan and I swam this arvo... we havent been for ages and it was really nice for a change. We both suffered from baggy-boardies syndrome but managed 40 laps no probs. We then did an airport jog. Bloody school teachers were hogging the gym again, so we missed weights and opted for the run instead. Did a few intervals on the run and it's amazing how sore my legs feel now. Hmm, maybe it was the faster running pace, maybe the swimming has worked diff muscles too.

Food for today...

0600 - Iced Coffee - (Jen bought me one into work, I HAD to drink it!!)
1615 - Protein porridge, Coke zero
1930 - Cottage cheese/yoghurt/berry blend with Almonds
2230 - 3/4 Protein bar and coffee

I've made a healthy eggwhite omelette to have later in the shift. Hopefully it'll stop me snacking on bad stuff.

I'm planning to wake up and do weights tomorrow at the gym with Tan.


Monday, November 20, 2006

Cocktail Ball

Waynie, Tan and Drea

Wow, what an achievement.

Tania had a 'vision' months ago to organise a cocktail ball here in Leonora so we could all get dressed up and it would be her contribution to the community for the year. So after lots of organising by her Saturday night was the night!

I was chief 'decorator' and here is a before and after pic of the Rec centre. Before


Pretty good eh? 2 days hard work but it looked great! We were pretty sick of balloons and curly ribbon by Saturday night.

I must write more later on my pathetic food and fitness efforts that kinda took another dive over the weekend. I really think weekends should be banned, lets redo the week to go monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday Tuesday...

Seeya! x

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Phew, back on track!

A 7 week glitch. Thats what I'm going to call last weeks crazy hungry caterpillar days!

I'm proud to say tho that I'm BACK in form!!!! Phew. Jen bought me a beloved Iced Coffee today and guess what I did? I gave it away!! Thats a huuuuuge achievement for this Iced coffee guzzling queen. I nearly cried tho.

Okay okay, what have i been up to?

Well I have found another jogging buddy which is fantastic. Nikki is a new Nurse at work and she's great fun, and she's a marathon runner!! She ran a Marathon when she was 4 months preggers...yikes! She now has little Lizzie who's 19 months old, so she doesn't get much of a chance to run these days... only occasionally with Liz in the pram. We've been on 3 early morning (5am) runs to Gwalia and back (6km) which suits her perfectly because Lizzie is still snoozing. Tania, Nikki and I are going again in the morning, the more the merrier! Nikki's such a good runner she just chats the whole way - its a great distraction. I'm sure 6km is nothing to Nik, but she's super keen just to be out there, and it's great to have someone push us that bit harder.

I did have a bit of a near-binge experience today. I had a very stressful last hour at work (thought i was going to explode with frustration) so thought I would have a choccy and maybe even an Iced coffee too (to make myself feel better??!)... luckily i remembered K's 'Emergency Protein Bar' theory and it did the trick. No real choccy or IC required.

Soooo, my Food and fitness for today..

5am - reistance training at the gym & 20 mins cardio

6:30am - Protein pancakes x 2 with SF syrup, cup of tea

1030am - 4 Corn thins with thin smear of 100% Peanut Butter

1330 - Vegie omelette (1 egg/3 whites) tomatoes, mushies, onion, capsicum, parsley
1630 - Protein Bar, mmmm

1800 - 45 mins squash plus Abs

2000 - Healthy pizza (Pita with Dolmio, tomatoes, onion, mushies & LF cheese)

Wayne and I had planned Curry yoghurt Chicken for dinner, but ended up staying at the gym until late and were starving when we got home. Healthy pizza was an easy option.

Well I must be off to bed, cheerio!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Week 8 can you believe it??

This is actually a test to see if I can blog from my email!

I hope it works


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hungry Caterpillar

I was going soooo well.
'Was' being the word of note in that last sentence.

Did well on Melbourne cup day.
Did well the next day - especially since half the leftover food was still in the fridge at work!
Then bombed on Thursday. I had to travel to Kalgoorlie & back(2.5hrs away) for a work meeting thingy and managed to scoff myself stupid ALL day. Ugh.

Yesterday I did okay but then had chocolate and a milk drink in the arvo.

Today I had 2 (yes TWO) milk drinks (iced coffee... 600ml ones), oh and a caramel slice. Obviously my brain was turned OFF when i decided to let that reach my lips. aaarrrggghh.

I HATE Iced coffee, I mean I love to drink it, but I hate that it turns me into a sneaky crazy obsessed woman who feels she HAS to have one... it's a complete psychological addiction.

NOT a good day , actually not a good few days.
Very dissapointing Andrea.
Need some pick me ups and words of encouragement big time!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Instead of Champers

Melbourne Cup day! A heap of challenges to overcome! I had the day off, but went in to work for the cup luncheon... to be confronted with fried chicken, spring rolls, quiches, mudcake, carrot cake.. actually there were about 6 different kinds of cakes..ugh!

Luckily... I wasn't actually that hungry! PHEW! I had some chicken breast, carrots, lettuce, a boiled egg and 4 Strawberries! Oh, and instead of champers I took my trusty Coke zero - what a saviour.

I didn't even come close to backing a winner, I don't know why I insist on wasting my money every year betting on a horse or going in a sweep, it's quite ridiculous. I'm sure I'll still do exactly the same thing next year.

Food n fitness for today...

0900 rise (mmmm sleep in, big one!)
0915: Protein pancakes with SF syrup & 2 Tbspn yoghurt
1200: Cup lunch (as above)
1500: 4 premiums with smear of P.Paste (100%)
1930: Thai Beef salad.
2100: 4 Strawberries, 1/2 Banana 3 Tbspn FF yoghurt. Cup of coffee

1645: I went to the gym with Tan to do resistance training, lots of bufoony guys in there using weights, so we went for a 30 minute run then did weights.

I'm feeling really good. Kerryn phoned today which was great, we had a long chat about a few food issues, nice to have someone looking over my shoulder! (even if it is long distance)

I'm off to bed, I'm meeting Tan at the gym at 6am.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

BB Wk 5, FB Wk 2


I'm just having a moment of hard core realisation that I've actually stuck to this challenge for 5 weeks already! Okay I haven't been 100% perfect, but I've made some amazing diet and lifestyle changes that were waaaayyy overdue, and I have to 'fess I feel darn PROUD! I already feel so much fitter, stronger and motivated. I can feel changes in my clothes and have had comments from others noticing differences in my shape (thats a great feeling!).

I've had added guidance and motivation from Kerryn (and the occasional kick up the butt), and I really feel like this 'new way of life' is here to stay. Its very empowering!

Well today has been weird so far.
I got up at 0445 (ugh) to go to the gym before work, I was supposed to be working a 12 hr shift today to cover Tiff who has been sick. Knowing I was to be working 7am til 7pm meant I wasn't going to get a chance to workout after wk, so I did my morning w'out, ate breaky, packed all my food for the day and zoomed off to work.
I walked in to find Tiff there!!! She said she felt okay enough to work!! So I came home and jumped back into bed for 2 hours Zzzzz, nice! But it's kinda thrown me out of whack, I've been a bit 'lost' and out of routine this morning.

Yesterdays food' n' fitness..

(Arvo shift)
0900 Gym - 50 mins cardio
1000 - Protein Pancakes with SF syrup and 2 Tblspns LF Yoghurt
1240 - Mango Protein smoothie (Frozen mango, 2 Tblspn Yoghurt, ice, PP, 1/3 cup sk milk)
1400 - 1/2 an egg sandwich
1500 - 5 Corn thins with Hom