Sunday, December 31, 2006

Don't mess with an animal lover

I lost my cool yesterday, like reeeaally lost my cool. Thats okay i guess, except it was at a bunch of little 8 year old aboriginal kids.

I was sitting on the front lawn with Tan (yet again enjoying the evening warmth and sunset), when we noticed a heap of kids in the bush with a slingshot trying to ping some poor unassuming birds on a powerline. At first i wasn't overly concerned because their aim was crap and they didn't seem to get within 10 metres of the little beaked-buddies.

Then feathers went flying everywhere... 'pffftt', they'd hit their target, but only managed to maim it. They were all squealing and throwing rocks at the poor thing as it tried to make a frenzied attempt to get away from them. I couldn't bare it, i took off across the road, steam coming out my ears and went ape-shit at them. They shat themselves and ran home. I'm not completely sure why i even bothered, but it did kind of make me feel better, i can't handle senseless cruelty to animals, especially when they're little kids and thats the only way they can amuse themselves. I almost wanted to grab the slingshot to ping them between the eyes for my my own amusement. Little shits.

I went motorbike riding today with the boys. Me, Wayne, Ben and Ward rode our bikes out to Malcolm Dam. Tan, Peta, Brendan and Lewie drove out & met us there. It was great fun, we all took turns hooning around & swapping bikes. Tan learnt how to ride! She was great... picked it up really quickly, a bit more practice and there'll be no stopping her, which will be great because i'll have a girl to ride with! Bonus.

I went to the gym with Tan this morning and we walked in to find the Abs incline bench saturated with R's sweat! We knew it was from him because we rushed it down to the lab for DNA testing.... nah, not really, we'd just seen him leave and run up the road in his 70's shiny bike pants, head band and scarey bare chest - plus his name was the last in the gym book. It was the most disgusting thing ever, there were pools of his stenchy sweat on the vinyl cover, not a few drips, I'm talking POOLS... we almost puked. Tania went and raided the Rec centre cleaning cupboard and we drenched the bench in Pine-o-clean and gave the room a hefty spray of air freshener. USE A TOWEL you Forest-Gump lookalike FREAK!! Geez.

I'm on nights with JB my magazine & IC-loving buddy! I'm trying to teach her how to blog.

This is where I work! It's our little A & E. Awww, so cute!


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Don't drink n garden

Wayne has gone to Perth for 2 nights to visit his family. Me, well i was finally to enjoy a day off work after dropping him at the airport. Ohh the peace and tranquility of having no agenda... nice! Well at least thats how my day started. I was busy basking in glory to Tan via email about how my day off was going sooo great, pottering around the house, nothing major i had to achieve for the day just really happy doing my own thing and not having to work. I was trying to make the difficult decision of when to plan my Nana-nap for the day... before i watched a DVD, or after my magazine reading in a relaxing bath.
Then the phone rang.
It was work.
It was Nik & she said... 'I think I'm a bit out of my depth here, there's been a car roll over and I'm really worried about one of the patients'
With that i threw on some shoes, grabbed my work bag and drove to the hospital. God, what a nightmare.... 8 casualties from a rollover, plus another outpatient with seizures - and no Doctor in town. It was a freakin disaster zone. My day off turned into 6 hours of overtime. Oh well, atleast they all survived, joys of working in the bush i guess.

I sat out the front tonight with Tan and Peta, we had a 'picnic on the lawn' - a few drinks and some snacks and lots of girly talk, it was great! Jen stopped by on her scooter, then Ward came and joined us and tried hard to be a girl (??!) While i was out there i started looking at how dismal my garden beds were; overgrown, weeds galore, crunchy bits, long sprouty bits.
Then i started pruning. Snipping away happily. Chop, chop, hack, snip, snip-snip, chop. I was like Edward scissor hands ( minus the creative outcome). i went all out plant-hacker crazy. Chop, crunch, snip, chop. Now i think my garden looks worse. Just a word of warning to everyone to leave the pruning till there is not a drop of alcohol flowing through you. Hopefully i havent killed everything.

Funny thing for today: Tans Dad bought her a coffee machine for Christmas, she got it today. She said it's really nice - very flash. One slight problem, she hates coffee and always has!! How funny is that!!?? I just cracked up! Its not like you can really use it for anything else. Atleast now I might be able to get a decent coffee when i go to her place - if i take my own beans.

gotta go to bed
'night x

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Starting to resemble Santa

Hmmm, my how time flies when you're eating, celebrating Christmas, drinking, celebrating Christmas, eating and drinking a bit more. Ugh, i seem to have good day, bad day, good day, bad day... I'm feeling sea-sick from going up and down - i almost can't wait til Chrissy is over to get some kind of normal routine back into place.

My 12 week challenge (Body Blitz) is officially over!! Wow! Really i think it was a bit more of a '6 week' challenge for me, i did really well for 6 weeks then went up and down for the rest. I shall write a full report a bit later! I shall also strive again in the future to fight the flab, bust the blubber and get this large butt of mine to further shrink!

Food n fitness for today:
do i have to say my food???? nah.... ignorance is bliss
fitness - 6km run at 5am with Nik & Tan - it was bloody pitch black!! i kept checking the clock to make sure i hadn't set the alarm wrong!
I leave you with a somewhat scarey pic of my Waynie and me at a Chrissy do!

PS 2 more sleeps till the big fat-red-suited dude comes.

Friday, December 15, 2006


What do you call a guy with no hair?? Shaun!! ha ha

Husband got a buzz cut. I have no idea what inspired him to shave his hair, he's one of the most hair-neurotic people i know... always stressing about whether it's flat, too fluffy, too long, too short, product/No product... does it look okay Drea? Heck he's had the same hairdresser for the past 15 years, doesn't trust anyone else to touch it... then he gets his mate to shave it. What the??

Maybe the fact he's 1000km from his hairdresser made him shave it for ease of maintenance. He insists it's to stop all the women that are chasing him from constantly phoning him and lining up at the door... dreamer! (he wishes he was being chased)

Anyway, ititially I thought he looked a bit like Chopper (minus the beard), but now i find it okay. I think i prefer a bit of style to his hair, but hey, if i could have shaved hair i probably would. How much easier it'd make my life! Long hair is the pitts when u have to wash it everyday after exercising. Ugh.
Does anyone else think he looks really worried??!

Hmmm, how have i been? Pretty good, except for a lack of exercise the last two days.

My diet has been good but i've felt mega lethargic after nightshift.

Food n Fitness for today
No fitness :-(
0900 - Home made Iced coffee (Kerryn said i could... so there!)
1 cup skim milk, instant coffee, splenda, H2O & lotsa ice
1100 - 1230 - more snooze ZZzzz
1400 - Silverside cheese & salad sandwich on white bread - aarggh
1600 - LF yoghurt
1830 - Ham (lean) huge salad, 1 egg. 1 small Nectarine
2200 - Coffee with splenda
I'm meeting Tan at 8am tomorrow for a gym date. We're going pubbing tomorrow night (to celebrate her birthday) so have to work our butts off in the gym to be able to drink wine guilt-free!! I'm sure after half a glass I'll be sloshed anyway.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Severed limbs and penetrating chest wounds

We had our Mock emergency scenario today. It was a light plane crash, with 8 passengers ( 7 injured and 1 deceased at the scene).
I had to write injury lists for all the victims and came into work at 1:30pm armed with my creativity and face painting kit to help 'make -up the victims'. We had lots of burns, lacerations and a severed limbs to create. It was fun. I then went home and waited for the call from the hospital to attend as back up, once they had received the first emergency notification (around 3pm). I think we did well and managed to 'save' everyone except the DOA dude.
I managed to get home just after 5pm and get another 2 hours sleep in before coming in to work at 9pm for night shift. So I'm a bit sleep deprived, and I missed the obligatory post-disaster-pub-drinks with all the cops, ambo's and firies because I'm working. Boo.

No fitness for me today due to the above
Food (continued from early morning )

0500: Oats n splenda. Cup of coffee
0830: snooze
1300: Protein bar & Diet coke
2000: Chow Mein (homemade & healthy)
2330: Yoghurt/cc/berry thingy & coffee

I soooo nearly had an Iced coffee and nut bar splurge today. When i got up at 1pm to go to work (to paint the vicitims), I was groggy and hungry and bad Drea said 'Mmmm Iced coffee on the way to work would be yummy'. Amazingly in my zombied state I had a moment of clarity, pinched my bulgy wobbly belly, focused on my future bikini body goal and reached for a Protein bar and Diet coke instead. Phew! Close shave.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Its 2am and it's so quiet here at work its almost spooky. My fellow worker is watching TV and i'm blogging so between us we're really quite non-productive! There is something about the 2nd night shift that especially sucks, somehow its always the night i feel the worst
How i feel...
1st night: Crappy
2nd night: Majorly crappy
3rd night: Still crappy
4th night: Fantastic and full of energy.... just in time to swap back to day shift.

I have A.D.D on night shift. I can't seem to stay on task for longer than 10 minutes. I have the computer with about 10 diff pages open, i have a trashy mag half read that i flip thru every few minutes, Christmas cards waiting to be written, scenarios to write for tomorrows dreaded Mock disaster (half done), a roster that needs a few changes made to it and a protocol for snake bites I'm supposed to read. Can't seem to stick to one thing and complete it, just flick from task to task, there is crap all over the desk, it looks like the 'disaster' isn't 'mock', it's sitting here on the desk in front of me!

I woke at 2pm today, decided to get up and go to the gym instead of waiting to go with Tan at 5pm (incase i needed more snooze later).
I did 20 minutes solo-squash (am trying to sneakily skill up to beat Tan!) before the roof ate my squash ball. Spewing... it was a brand new, freshly-stolen-from-husbands-gymbag quality ball! It got 20 minutes of use before a dodgy return of mine sent it flying into the rafters. Boo. No ball = no more squash so i retreated to the gym and did my weights session instead.

Food for today & last night
0200- yoghurt/berry/cc thingy
0500- Oats n splenda
0800 - snooze
1430 - Protein coffee shake (1 cup skim milk, h2o, ice, splenda, instant coffee)
1530 - gym
1915 - 2 lean lamb steaks (beautifully marinated & cooked by husband) with salad

Tuesday (so far..)
0200 - Yoghurt/cc/berry thingy & cup of tea

Hmm, back to my magazine, no maybe I'll do the roster changes... oh hang on, i also bought a novel... might have a read.


Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas card with bling

Check out this Chrissy card i got today.

Its got a pen inside! Cool eh? I've never seen one like this before
and was mega excited because a) I love pens and b) i love little pressies (it kinda counts as a pressie doesnt it?)

Gee it's easy to impress this customer, all i need is a Yuletide greeting and a cheap biro.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Fur-balls on the floor

Housework sucks.
I'd love a maid.
I'd love to wake up each morning to freshly vacuumed carpets and shiny floors, sparkly loo's and an empty sink. I used to be crazy about keeping my house spotless, but as i've got older i seem to have changed my priorities, with my sadie duties sliding down the 'to do' list. Unforunately i still want to live in a spotless house... just don't seem to have enough time or energy to make sure it stays that way. Today i managed to spend 7 hours cleaning madly, i turned my music up extra loud and danced as i dusted, mopped, scrubbed, vacc'd, washed and wiped. How on earth do things get so grotty?? Like the little dust piles that form on top of the skirting boards, the fur-balls in the corner of the lino floors, the white 'flung toothpaste' speckles on the bathroom mirror,the splashes on the kitchen cupboards (i don't remember spilling anything??) and what on earth is the deal with the floor under the fridge?? yukko.
I know its gotta be done, but it makes me cranky and each time i have a marathon house clean i say the same thing to myself 'its all about maintenance, a little bit each day and it won't end up like this' ... but i never 'maintain' and i end up have a full sadie day again. I've gotta get organised

Food n fitness for yesterday

0800 Protein porridge
1030 Yoghurt/cott cheese thingy
1400 2 slices soy linseed bread (Burgen) with ham, tomato, lettuce, LF cheese, carrot.
1500 10 fresh cherries
1700 1 hr 25 workout. Squash & 'obstacles'
1930 Steak and salad

Today so far...
1200 - Protein porridge (I slept in and wasnt hungry)
1600 - 6 corn thins with 100% P Butter
1830 - Thai Beef salad
No fitness... but i reckon my mopping and vaccuuming was equal to a decent workout!

I'm on nightshift so I've also bought to work a yoghurt/cc/berry mix, an orange and some oats for later if i get the munchies.

Tonight i'm going to PLAN my week, food, fitness, everything. I'm gonna stick it on my fridge (and my forehead) and i'm going to do it!

so there.


Saturday, December 09, 2006

The new love of my life

I'm back!
Man that week went fast....zoooooom.
I have a new love in my life. He's got big blue eyes, strawberry blonde hair, 12 teeth and the cheekiest grin ever.

Meet Tom, my beautiful nephew.

I've just spent the entire week with him, and although I loved him to bits before the trip, spending the last seven days with him was great fun. I'm now having serious separation anxiety... boo. I want to ring my brother ten times a day just to find out what my little string-bean nephew is up to. I want to hear his excited squeal & funny words 'Ah-bah'... Awww, i think he's making me clucky.
I took about ten thousand photos of him, poor kid wouldn't recognise his Aunty Drea without a camera wedged in front of her face.
Anyway I've had a great week relaxing, hanging with my folks.. sleeping, eating, sleeping, fishing, sleeping, more fishing, eating, sleeping, more eating, more sleeping.
Get the drift?
Mmmm, not alot of exercise and good eating was performed by this 12 week blitzer last week.

I'm not going to dwell on it, I'm not proud of my efforts but i feel amazingly relaxed and rejuv'ed.

I went for an hour walk and one 30 minute run - which if you consider what went into my mouth- then it doesn't even register as fitness. My run was along the Bibbulmun track behind Mum and Dads, i made Dad come with me (I'm a chicken in the bush on my own) he walked while I ran up and back circling him the whole time. He thought i was mad!

Mum and Dads place is on the inlet at Walpole. They have a huge vege patch and Strawberry patch, the Bibbulmun track passes their back yard and they are surrounded by huge Karri & tingle trees and 'the valley of the giants'. Its absolutely amazing... I've spent my whole life visiting that area on a regular occasion (Ma's family all live around there) and I'm still blown away every time i'm there at how beautiful it is.
I went fishing 4 times with my Father bear. We fished off Sandy Beach early in the morning or evening and only caught a couple of fish. Neither dad nor i have any real clue about fishing and just seem to make it up as we go along. Its fun tho and we always have heaps of laughs. I'm 33 years old and i still squeal like a 7 yr old when i actually hook a fish! It's so exciting! I love the whole 'hunter-gatherer' thing about fishing, but I'm not really fond of eating them (but there are lots of people willing to eat my share).
This is dad with our catch from day 2 (yep thats IT!) I caught the King George whiting (on the right) and Belinda ate it for dinner!
Well I'll report later with my food n fitness. I'm back on the wagon again!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Its December already??

The freddo's are clogging up my watering can, there were about 8 of them in there!

What a week.

The hospital has gone crazy. I can't believe three months ago we were sitting around twiddling our thumbs and fighting to keep the hospital from turning into a Nursing Post. Now we are so busy we're calling in extra staff each shift to cope. It's outta control!!

I did a double shift Monday (arvo then night) slept Tuesday, had overtime Wednesday because it was so busy, then got called in 2am Thursday morning. Oh and I was supposed to

have yesterday off but went into work for 2 hours to sort out a few things.

BUT.... guess what? I go away for one whole week today!! YAY! I'm off to Walpole to visit Ma and Pa, it'll be so fantastic relaxing. Mmmm. I've gotta be good (food n fitness), so will try and post from down there to keep myself honest!

This week hasn't been too fantastic foodwise. Fitness has been good though...

..But it takes both to get results.

Gotta PLAN!!! plan, plan, plan, plan, plan, plan plan plan.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Goodbye my trusty brick!!

Phew! JUST scraped in!! ('Xcuse the ugly feet)

Less than 74kg EQUALS.... you guessed it......

I have had a huge smile on my face since. I'm chuffed, yay me, yippee, thank you scales.
After oohing and ahhhing at the counter for a good 3o minutes, I went with a black 8GB Nano instead of a Pink (my fave colour) 4GB Nano. Don't know why, maybe i thought one day i'd actually find 2000 songs to put on it??!! Ha, yeah right! So i compensated and got a bright pink arm thingy. It's soooo tiny compared to my old ipod 'brick'! Can't wait to go for a run tomorrow and try it out, I'll feel soooo cooool!
Okay, time to focus on the next 6 kg. Might have to make more mini goals and 'rewards' coz it's fun!
I'm off to play with my pod.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


Murphy and his 'hotdog'. He is obsessed by plastic chew toys, especially squeaky ones - he goes mad over them!! He doesn't just chew on the toys... he SWALLOWS!! Dork of a dog. Aww I love him tho.

I think i'm a blog addict. It's kind of therapeutic crapping on about your mundane daily happenings! I love reading other blogs too, i have a few regular ones i read daily, and have started reading a few 'randoms' ...whoah there are some trippers out there!! very amusing.

Well I'm off nightshift, but hey guess what, its 2am and I'm wide awake...bright- eyed, bushy tailed ready for action!! I can't sleep (crap poo bum spew- I hate it when i can't sleep I NEVER have that problem!) Thank god for the internet and my new blog-addiction.

I just had a huge craving for a mango smoothie, but i'm not too sure husband would appreciate the sound of the whizz-thingy muching up ice and frozen mango at 2 in the morning! So i just made myself a 'healthy iced coffee' - 1 cup of skim milk, 1 cup cold H2O coffee, splenda n lotsa iceblocks. (No where near as good as the real Iced coffee in the carton tho!)

My food n fitness for today (oh and last night at work too):

2230 - Tuna salad
0400 - Banana, 7 Strawberries, 1/2 cup LF yoghurt
0830 - Home from work.... snooze
1400 - Oats with splenda & 8 Almonds
1700 - Airport run (PB 16m:30s!!) & resistance (back, triceps, abs)
1900 - Silverside & huge salad, small amt LF cheese
0200 - Iced coffee homestyle

Oooh, we're off to Kal tomorrow.
please scales be nice to Drea in the morning, please, please.
Oh well, even if i'm not ipod-worthy atleast i get to see REAL shops!! Yippee.


Friday, November 24, 2006

There's cake in the fridge!!

Oh my god. I just walked up to the kitchen to grab my ever-so-healthy tuna salad for my midnight snack, and there is CAKE in the fridge!!! Aaarrrgghhh. A yummy looking 'double choc' swiss roll and a custard walnut danish thingy.
I want to throw them in the bin to avoid temptation, but they're not mine to ditch.
I've just told the girl I'm working with if she see's me even LOOKING in the fridge again she must SLAP me.... haaard!

I jumped on the scales tonight and my weight has officially passed my half way mark!! Am not getting too excited tho (but I did drag Waynie into the bathroom to witness what the scales said!) I'll wait and see what it's like when i finish nightshift because it might be a fluid shift or something weird. We're going to Kal Saturday, if it's still at the halfway mark I'm going shopping for my ipod!! YAY!!!!

yay me, yay me. Don't get too excited Drea .....


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Plan, plan a bit more, then plan even more!

Another day in the life of the nightshift zombie.
All i feel like doing is snooooozing ZZzzzzzz

Food n fitness for today...

Woke up at 2pm (Thanks K!)
1500: Protein porridge
1700: 60 minute gym workout with Tan. Resistance & a bit of cardio.
1900: Thai Beef salad
2215: Cottage cheese /yoghurt /berry thing & coffee

I have some Corn thins and hommus for later, porridge if I'm starving. I'll just ahve to see how i feel. Nightshift makes my tastebuds go weird... i seem to like eating 'breakfast-like' foods all the time.

Kerryn spoke to me today about planning- planning- planning. I NEEDA plan! If i don't, i seem to find 'easy' alternatives which usually mean fattening 'no-thought' foods. I want to see the scales DOWN on Monday when i jump on em!

32 days til Christmas!


PS Did anyone notice my new blog colours?? Snazzy eh?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Night shift is STILL for quokkas!

Yep, I'm back in the land of nights. I do have to fess tho that when my head actually hit the pillow this morning it was the beeesst most cozy feeling ever. I'm sure I was asleep within 5 seconds. I slept until my alarm woke me at 15:45!

Tan and I swam this arvo... we havent been for ages and it was really nice for a change. We both suffered from baggy-boardies syndrome but managed 40 laps no probs. We then did an airport jog. Bloody school teachers were hogging the gym again, so we missed weights and opted for the run instead. Did a few intervals on the run and it's amazing how sore my legs feel now. Hmm, maybe it was the faster running pace, maybe the swimming has worked diff muscles too.

Food for today...

0600 - Iced Coffee - (Jen bought me one into work, I HAD to drink it!!)
1615 - Protein porridge, Coke zero
1930 - Cottage cheese/yoghurt/berry blend with Almonds
2230 - 3/4 Protein bar and coffee

I've made a healthy eggwhite omelette to have later in the shift. Hopefully it'll stop me snacking on bad stuff.

I'm planning to wake up and do weights tomorrow at the gym with Tan.


Monday, November 20, 2006

Cocktail Ball

Waynie, Tan and Drea

Wow, what an achievement.

Tania had a 'vision' months ago to organise a cocktail ball here in Leonora so we could all get dressed up and it would be her contribution to the community for the year. So after lots of organising by her Saturday night was the night!

I was chief 'decorator' and here is a before and after pic of the Rec centre. Before


Pretty good eh? 2 days hard work but it looked great! We were pretty sick of balloons and curly ribbon by Saturday night.

I must write more later on my pathetic food and fitness efforts that kinda took another dive over the weekend. I really think weekends should be banned, lets redo the week to go monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday Tuesday...

Seeya! x

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Phew, back on track!

A 7 week glitch. Thats what I'm going to call last weeks crazy hungry caterpillar days!

I'm proud to say tho that I'm BACK in form!!!! Phew. Jen bought me a beloved Iced Coffee today and guess what I did? I gave it away!! Thats a huuuuuge achievement for this Iced coffee guzzling queen. I nearly cried tho.

Okay okay, what have i been up to?

Well I have found another jogging buddy which is fantastic. Nikki is a new Nurse at work and she's great fun, and she's a marathon runner!! She ran a Marathon when she was 4 months preggers...yikes! She now has little Lizzie who's 19 months old, so she doesn't get much of a chance to run these days... only occasionally with Liz in the pram. We've been on 3 early morning (5am) runs to Gwalia and back (6km) which suits her perfectly because Lizzie is still snoozing. Tania, Nikki and I are going again in the morning, the more the merrier! Nikki's such a good runner she just chats the whole way - its a great distraction. I'm sure 6km is nothing to Nik, but she's super keen just to be out there, and it's great to have someone push us that bit harder.

I did have a bit of a near-binge experience today. I had a very stressful last hour at work (thought i was going to explode with frustration) so thought I would have a choccy and maybe even an Iced coffee too (to make myself feel better??!)... luckily i remembered K's 'Emergency Protein Bar' theory and it did the trick. No real choccy or IC required.

Soooo, my Food and fitness for today..

5am - reistance training at the gym & 20 mins cardio

6:30am - Protein pancakes x 2 with SF syrup, cup of tea

1030am - 4 Corn thins with thin smear of 100% Peanut Butter

1330 - Vegie omelette (1 egg/3 whites) tomatoes, mushies, onion, capsicum, parsley
1630 - Protein Bar, mmmm

1800 - 45 mins squash plus Abs

2000 - Healthy pizza (Pita with Dolmio, tomatoes, onion, mushies & LF cheese)

Wayne and I had planned Curry yoghurt Chicken for dinner, but ended up staying at the gym until late and were starving when we got home. Healthy pizza was an easy option.

Well I must be off to bed, cheerio!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Week 8 can you believe it??

This is actually a test to see if I can blog from my email!

I hope it works


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hungry Caterpillar

I was going soooo well.
'Was' being the word of note in that last sentence.

Did well on Melbourne cup day.
Did well the next day - especially since half the leftover food was still in the fridge at work!
Then bombed on Thursday. I had to travel to Kalgoorlie & back(2.5hrs away) for a work meeting thingy and managed to scoff myself stupid ALL day. Ugh.

Yesterday I did okay but then had chocolate and a milk drink in the arvo.

Today I had 2 (yes TWO) milk drinks (iced coffee... 600ml ones), oh and a caramel slice. Obviously my brain was turned OFF when i decided to let that reach my lips. aaarrrggghh.

I HATE Iced coffee, I mean I love to drink it, but I hate that it turns me into a sneaky crazy obsessed woman who feels she HAS to have one... it's a complete psychological addiction.

NOT a good day , actually not a good few days.
Very dissapointing Andrea.
Need some pick me ups and words of encouragement big time!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Instead of Champers

Melbourne Cup day! A heap of challenges to overcome! I had the day off, but went in to work for the cup luncheon... to be confronted with fried chicken, spring rolls, quiches, mudcake, carrot cake.. actually there were about 6 different kinds of cakes..ugh!

Luckily... I wasn't actually that hungry! PHEW! I had some chicken breast, carrots, lettuce, a boiled egg and 4 Strawberries! Oh, and instead of champers I took my trusty Coke zero - what a saviour.

I didn't even come close to backing a winner, I don't know why I insist on wasting my money every year betting on a horse or going in a sweep, it's quite ridiculous. I'm sure I'll still do exactly the same thing next year.

Food n fitness for today...

0900 rise (mmmm sleep in, big one!)
0915: Protein pancakes with SF syrup & 2 Tbspn yoghurt
1200: Cup lunch (as above)
1500: 4 premiums with smear of P.Paste (100%)
1930: Thai Beef salad.
2100: 4 Strawberries, 1/2 Banana 3 Tbspn FF yoghurt. Cup of coffee

1645: I went to the gym with Tan to do resistance training, lots of bufoony guys in there using weights, so we went for a 30 minute run then did weights.

I'm feeling really good. Kerryn phoned today which was great, we had a long chat about a few food issues, nice to have someone looking over my shoulder! (even if it is long distance)

I'm off to bed, I'm meeting Tan at the gym at 6am.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

BB Wk 5, FB Wk 2


I'm just having a moment of hard core realisation that I've actually stuck to this challenge for 5 weeks already! Okay I haven't been 100% perfect, but I've made some amazing diet and lifestyle changes that were waaaayyy overdue, and I have to 'fess I feel darn PROUD! I already feel so much fitter, stronger and motivated. I can feel changes in my clothes and have had comments from others noticing differences in my shape (thats a great feeling!).

I've had added guidance and motivation from Kerryn (and the occasional kick up the butt), and I really feel like this 'new way of life' is here to stay. Its very empowering!

Well today has been weird so far.
I got up at 0445 (ugh) to go to the gym before work, I was supposed to be working a 12 hr shift today to cover Tiff who has been sick. Knowing I was to be working 7am til 7pm meant I wasn't going to get a chance to workout after wk, so I did my morning w'out, ate breaky, packed all my food for the day and zoomed off to work.
I walked in to find Tiff there!!! She said she felt okay enough to work!! So I came home and jumped back into bed for 2 hours Zzzzz, nice! But it's kinda thrown me out of whack, I've been a bit 'lost' and out of routine this morning.

Yesterdays food' n' fitness..

(Arvo shift)
0900 Gym - 50 mins cardio
1000 - Protein Pancakes with SF syrup and 2 Tblspns LF Yoghurt
1240 - Mango Protein smoothie (Frozen mango, 2 Tblspn Yoghurt, ice, PP, 1/3 cup sk milk)
1400 - 1/2 an egg sandwich
1500 - 5 Corn thins with Hom

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Jelly Beans and Suicide

Tan, Ingrid and I went to Bingo this arvo (you have to support these Community events!) and I won nothing (boo) but Tan won this humungous tin of Jellybeans!! Cool huh? Glad i didn't win it because then I'd HAVE to eat them!

The last two days fitness have been awesome! After feeling lethargic and bored with the gym mid week, Tania and I decided to change our routine a bit yesterday and did a circuit. We do get a bit competetive against each other (five more, no ten more...) so we pushed ourselves really hard doing sets of skipping, jogging with hand weights, push ups, sit ups and suicide - You know... the thing you used to do at netball training running up and down the court??? Well Tania the bright spark, decided it would be a good idea doing it side ways... yowch!! But what a great workout for your inner thighs! After over an hour of our circuit-ing we then did an airport jog, we were on such a high when we finished, Endorphins galore!

Today we gymed then played 45 mins of squash.

My porridge went weird yesterday. The Protein powder turned it all 'bitty', I don't think it mixes very well with Splenda. ?? I'm too sure what happened, it was gross tho. Today I didn't add Protein powder for fear it would happen again, will try again soon tho and make sure I don't mix the Splenda and PP.

Ooooh, weigh in day tomorrow. Yikes.


Friday, October 27, 2006

Pest or pretty Prickle bush??

I know these are a noxious plant and a lot of time and money is spent trying to cull them, but you've gotta appreciate them in flower.
I think this is a great pic.



I've had a NAUGHTY day, with a capital 'N'

Oh well, onwards and upwards i say, no use moaning about it. I am pre-menstrual, but i really reckon that is just a pathetic excuse because that doesn't normally affect what i eat... but hang on a minute, 4 weeks ago, (the last time i woulda been 'pre-menstrual' ) i was eating crap and hadn't started my challenge yet. Soooo maybe it was hormone related???

Nah, just a crapola excuse.

I have been craving an Iced coffee and nut bar yesterday and today. Today my craving was outta control. I went to the gym on an empty stomach, came home STARVING - I nearly stopped at the shop and got my 'fix' then, but managed to get home and have protein porridge (1030am). I then had a really long relaxing shower & read my book before realising i was supposed to go into work a bit early today for Nikki, so i rushed around madly trying to organise myself. No snack, no lunch, no arvo snack.... took a frozen dinner. Well thats where it all went pear-shaped. Got my nut bar, got my Iced coffee the rest is history.

I did weights today and i really have to admit i enjoyed it! Wayne had to give me a few technique pointers (it seems i don't know as much about lifting weights as i thought i did). You know the best bit?? I love the feeling after youve done your sets, you repeat the lift with no weight and it feels soooo weird!!!!! It always makes me giggle to myself.... childish i know. Oh yeah, K if you read this, i still hate lunges, they really suck!

Tomorrow i will be organised Drea. Organised lunch, dinner, snacks, exercise. Poor organisation leads to disasterous choices!!

Seeya then x

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

5 down, 8 to go!!

Wow... 5 kg in 4 and a half weeks. Yay!

5 kg... a big bag of potatoes, 5 x 1kg bags of sugar, a hand weight... all the things that weigh 5kg, its a reasonable amount!! Hmm, my clothes don't feel much diff, Wayne reckons my boobs have shrunk..TYPICAL! Not that I really mind, as long as the weight starts to come off my big butt soon - an even spread would be nice.

Todays food and fitness...

up at 5am, off to the gym to do my weights regime with Jenn. (35 mins)
0600 - Protein Porridge, tsp sunflower seeds, cup of chai tea
7am - (start work) half a sachet of skim cappuccino
10am - snack, 2 x Protein pancakes (leftover from yesterday)
2pm - 4 egg white (1 yolk) omelette with tomatoes, shallots and onion (eaten cold) & a huge salad
5pm - 25 minute jog, 20 minute walk
7.30pm - small piece (150g) marinated Chook breast. Huge salad.... Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, gherkin, asparagus, LF cheese, small piece avocado. Mmmm yummo.

Oh, I forgot to mention I ate two 'chico' lollies at work... I just love those little fat brown sqidgy sweet dudes!! I couldn't resist.

I'm on week one of my Kerryn program. I love the guidance, she's really helpful and knows so much! I had to chat to her about Protein powder coz I'm having probs trying to drink Protein shakes, theyre YUKKY!!! Slimy, weird tasting (even with coffee added!) eeeeek, am gonna keep trying to 'aquire' a taste for it. I almost start wretching just pulling the tub of powder out the cupboard!! TOUGHEN up girl!!

We've had storms here the last three days, lightening and thunder galore, a bit of rain. The pool has been closed because of it (not that i'd be keen to swim anyway!). Lots of flowers have popped up in my garden. This bush (I think its a pigface... but am not sure) is a very boring pale green 'desert bush' for 51 weeks of the year, the other one week it has the most impressive little pinky-orange flowers on it. Cute! I thought it was a weed last year... nearly pulled it out until it sprouted its little flowers.

Seeya x

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Puppies,Petunias, Pools and Pasta

Hullo for Saturday, except now it's actually Sunday... I really should go to bed.

Meet DEXTER, he's Ward and Peta's little puppy and he's just adoreable! awwwww.

My day in a nutshell

-Woke at 0930 with a headache from too many vino's last night
-Had my 'regulation' oats-n-almond breaky
-walked to the shop with Waynie, bought stuff for dinner and 2 scratchies (my new addiction)
-Saw Tan at the shops and got a lift home with her (our car's at Gav's getting new shocky's)
-Wayne made 'real' cappuccino's ...mmmmmmm
-Did washing and not much else housework
-Went to the Pool with Tan and swam 40 laps. My ears froze, the water was freezing!
-Relaxed at the pool after swimming.... great fun lazing in the sun and chatting
-Had a Wayne & Andrea night, watched 'Da Vinci Code' and ate Waynes yummy home made Tomato sauce on Pasta
-Forgot to water my flowers/garden yesterday & today and now my Petunias are looking very sad :-(

Da Vinci code was okay, I need to watch it again i think to fully grasp it all. I was a bit lost, my history and religious knowledge is a tad limited and I'm sure that didn't help.

I'd better go to bed.
seeya x

Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th....shouldve realised!!

Ohhhhh, it all makes sense now, it's Black Friday. deeerrr. Had to re-stitch up headbanger's munted head, just about to get rid of him when we get another ambo call through for someone thats been assaulted with a hammer to the head!! Crap-ola or what, I just want a cruisy nightshift!

ho hummm, its not to be.

Nightshift is for Quokkas!

Hmmmm, its 1am, and working at this time of night is plain wrong.

I just stitched up some drunk dude's forehead, and I've just been told by the coppers that he's in the lockup at the police station banging his head against the wall... it's bleeding again. Ugh. Leave it I said, if he wants a bunged up head then let him!

I am feeling PUMPED! Apart from the fact that I just ate a piece of carrot cake (it's got carrots in it...isn't that healthy??) I really feel like my fitness and motivation to eat well have set in for good. I really don't feel like it's a struggle, I'm really happy eating smaller more frequent meals, don't find I'm hungry and also find myself looking forward to my workouts.

Waynie looked at me tonight in my gym gear and kind of giggled and said 'Dreebs you've definitely lost weight' awwww, gotta love a man who tells you that. 10 points to the husband!

My day (well it's almost yesterday now)....
  • Home at 0730, showered and snoozed til 1430.
  • Got up and ate 1/2 cup oats, 8 Almonds and cup of chai tea
  • Went back to bed for an hour
  • 1645 got up and gymed... 30 mins upper body weights and abs plus 30 mins cardio (bike, TM, rower)
  • 1830 dinner made by Waynie: 2 lean lamb chops, small amount mash, huge serve of fresh steamed broccoli (YUM) and sugar snap peas that were yukky!
  • 2115 to work...stitched up head!
  • 2300 1/2 skim capp sachet, 2 corn thins (and a piece of carrot cake..ugh!)

I can't wait to hear from Kerryn with my workout, it shouldn't be too long now. I'm already feeling like I'm seeing results, imagine what it'll be like with professional guidance.

yipppppppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, feel great.


CRAP... I just got a call they're bringing head banger back in an ambulance... head wound gushing blood, D I C K H E A D. Oh well.

Friday, October 06, 2006

2.6 kgs GONE and counting!! Yippppeeeeeeeeeee!!

Waynie has agreed to a half way incentive of a new iPod once I reach 6kg, I'm very excited about that! He saw my 'before' photos on the computer (i tried to hide them!) and had this kind of weird grimace on his face! I'm not showing them to anyone till I can proudly put some 'after' shots next to them showing a body I'm proud of.

I've had a slack two days exercising, rest day yesterday then had a terrible stomach ache last night and couldn't sleep at all... I came home from work today and conked it zzzzzz. That proves my theory that I shouldn't 'plan' rest days, but only use them when situations such as today arise.

Wayne has started back at the gym... bonus! Its much easier to get motivated when he's into it as well. We've been eating really well. I hate cooking tho, it sucks.

Other news..
I'm very proud of myself because I fixed the x-ray machine at work today which is a huge bonus. Otherwise it wouldve had to get sent away and we wouldve been without it for weeks. I did it under instruction from the BME guy over the phone... great teamwork!

Wemt motorbike riding yesterday..awesome. I just get this huge smile across my face as soon as we're out in the bush. Its just so much fun! I'm going to put a pic of my beautiful 'Yammy' on here!

Best be off to bed.

goodnight xx

Monday, October 02, 2006

West Coast are LEGENDS!!

Yeah yeah, I know I'm not that into footy, but hey, when you're married to Mr Football-head, you don't really have a choice! I was so happy for him that the Eagles won...what a heart stopper. He had a great time in Melbourne, still seems to be on a real high.

He bought me great prezzies!! A beautiful Guess handbag, Starbucks cup & water bottle and of course my nintendo :-) Awww, I was sooo looking forward to him coming home, nice to see him.

Enough blabber, what about my training?? Weeeeellll, Saturday was a write off, I started drinking at the pub half way thru the footy (couldn't bare it any longer) ended up sharing nacho's with Jen and also had a few hot chips..ugh! But my angel got back on my shoulder on Sunday (booted the devil off) and I've been good since. Got up mega early to gym before work and felt great about it.

WEIGHT end of week one.... 79.3 YAYAAYAYAYA!!!! (-1.2kg)
still a bloody long way to go tho.

Wayne is happy for me to do PT with Kerryn (Great!) and I have a 'halfway incentive' 6kg lost equals a new iPod!! STOKED about that, I really know I can do it. He's so supportive... probly sick of me whining about being a fatty.

Drea xx

Thursday, September 28, 2006

This is a terrible pic... but hey, it's happy times skiing in NZ with my Waynie.
DAY 4 ..... 28th September 2006

Night shift sucks, it's official! Ugh, one more to go. It's soooo hard to feel motivated when you actually just feel like a space cadet! I tried to get up early before presenting my talk in the arvo, but didn't quite achieve it. Went to give my talk and didn't even really need to be there... very annoyed about that! The bloody Podiatrist was a motor mouth and took up all the time... he just talked and talked and talked!

Tan dragged me to Netball before work, which ended up being great fun, the only prob was it started late (Murrin bus was late) so I had to leave half way thru to get ready for work. I probably only did about 30 mins Will do a great sesh when I get up this arvo.

M1 :1/2 tubYoghurt(100ml), 4 strawberries & 1/2 banana (when I got up)
M2 : 3 egg omelette (1 yolk) with fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, onion and spinach (my new fave thing!)
M3 : 1/2 Skim capp, 8 Almonds & 6 dried apricot halves
M4: 1/2 cup rolled oats, 2/3 cup hilo milk

BIG NEWS!! Waynie bought me a prez! Awwww, I just LOVE it when he does things like that. He sent it express post so I'd get it next day delivery, it's a Nintendo DS lite. Its awesome, I spent most of the night playing it at work!! (Ssshh don't tell anyone!)

Must go snooze. xxx

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Day 3

Wooo hoo, am getting through this! I know it's only day 3, but hey, it's more motivated than I've been for 2 years, and hey, I'm kinda proud of myself even in this short period!

I gymed with Tan yesterday arvo and went for a jog. Ate chook breast and veges for dinner, and had an orange, some almonds/dried apricots and cereal at work. I'm going to get up at 3pm today to exercise before I give a talk this arvo at Community Health. Normally I'd use that as an excuse to pike on my exercise.... but not today!!

I've found the forum really helpful... very motivating. I also made contact with Kerryn from Fitbodies re:online personal training which I'm really excited about.

I'm really hoping my enthusiasm continues. :-)

Drea x

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Woooo Hooo, I'm off and racing!!

I'm really quite motivated actually, Wayne has gone away for a week to the football and normally I'd think this was a grand chance to scoff myself silly, but no, not this time. I've eaten fantastically today, even tried a 3 egg (1yolk) omelette this morning and scrounged thru the garden and found some cherry tomatoes, spinach and parsley to put in it. DELISH!!
Did Tae Bo this arvo, am now just tackling nightshift which is an extra challenge because I usually spend the night grazing.

I'll keep you posted on my journey to fitness and size 12 clothes!!