Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I've just come home from work for the second time today. Somehow (and i don't remember this ever being mentioned in my Job description) i got roped into covering as the Manager for the neighbouring hospital (120km away) when their boss goes on leave. And she's on 3 weeks leave. Three W H O L E weeks..... noooo. It's got knobs on it. Big hairy ugly gnarly knobs. Like my job isn't shite enough, now I've got two shite jobs. Halle-fuckin-lujah.

I was in a zone of feeling completely utterly overwhelmed this afternoon - i had my resignation letter written in my head, i was feeling defeated.... so I went to the gym to de-stress. In the middle of my workout i decided i'd go back to work and tackle the piles of unfinished crap spread all over my desk - so that i can atleast start tomorrow off on a more positive note.
So three hours later I'm home feeling a whole heap better and ready to tackle tomorrow.

Bring it on i say... come on throw it at me... i can do two jobs at once. I might be a twitchy cooky raving lunatic by the end of it, but i shall soldier on and do my almighty best. Florence freakin Nightingale eat your heart out.

Over-n-out (twitch, snort, twitch)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

A weekend tale

Well the weekend is just about over. It's zoomed by considering I gave myself a long weekend by wagging work Friday to go to Kal. Husband and I stayed at the Broadwater Hotel and enjoyed a night of sipping champagne (with Hibiscus flowers - thanks Jo!) in the spa, a yummy restaurant meal and some lovin'!! (too much information?)

We spent Saturday grocery shopping (with the rest of Kalgoorlie) and bought the dogs a new snuggly bed and fifteen thousand squeaky toys for Murphy from the 2-buck shop.
We drove home listening to a static-ridden broadcast of a live AFL game which was music to husbands ears (no to mine - although it did help to lull me to sleep Zzzzz)
Saturday evening I washed my work car and washed the work car floor mats. Then i washed both the dogs. Then I washed all their dog blankets. Clearly I was in a 'washing mood'.

Today I baby-sat Finn so his Dad could work and his Mum could sleep after nightshift (they're Nurses at the hospital). He has to be the most easy going 2-year old on this planet, we had so much F U N! We baked choccy muffins (packet of course Finn told me he prefers packet mixes) then we ate half the mixture. We played Leggo and danced to the Wiggles, and we went to see Aunty JB up the road to see if we could have another go at finding Miss Tubby - who hid under the loungeroom coffee table this time instead of the bed. Small steps Miss Tubby - small steps!

Thats a BIG spoon for a little mouth.

Our finished mini-muffins. Yum.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No pictures here

My post feels naked without a photo - but I'm trying to resist the urge. I CAN post without a pic... I can i can i can.

Murphy (shit-dog) ate my iPod earphones (could insert a pic of the damage done - but i won't be tempted).
Then my Polar heart rate monitor watch froze and refused to work. Is this a conspiracy by secret unknown forces to stop me exercising?.... no music, no HR monitor. I was also supposed to go for a run with Tania tonight, but she text'd me last minute & piked (see it is a conspiracy!) but I Soldiered on -SOLO! I will not let this arse get bigger... noooo, I stole husbands earphones and plodded off for a 30 minute jog. puff puff.
(Could possibly insert picture here of beetroot faced 35 year-old!)

* * * * * *
Husband used to cook lots. He's the cook in our house. Lately his enthusiasm for cooking has been on a steep decline. Tonight it was HIS turn to cook.
He put the (shop bought) Salmon Patties in the oven, then played on the computer.
He asked if I could 'do vegies' - so I peeled and chopped carrots and cooked them, along with some Peas n Corn. I took the patties out the oven and served up.
I don't think putting 4 patties in the oven and turning it on warrants as an act of 'cooking'.
In my books it's still his turn to cook.

* * * * * *

Hey guess what??
I just Googled 'Polar F6 frozen' and within 30 seconds I had fixed my HR monitor! Ha! All I needed to do was hold in all buttons (which I had tried) - EXCEPT the light button (must have been the only combination I didn't try) and... ka-boom... a master reset is performed.
Too easy!
I LOVE Google. love love love Google.
If only I'd done my research before my run.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A purple Van

Guess what came to our sleepy town yesterday??


I was busy sorting washing out (yeehaar..thanks for sharing) when I heard a very dodgy version of Greensleeves blaring from a speaker... I thought 'that sounds like kiddies icecream van music' so I ran to the window and sure enough-a bright purple van was crawling up the road in our direction! I squealed in excitement to husband (who hastily put his order in and shoved $20 in my direction - how much did he seriously think it was gonna cost??) and ran outside to patiently wait in the freezing cold for the goods. I purchased one LARGE choc-nut-sundae - which husband demolished in record timing.
I'm not really into icecream (gives me brain-freeze) but I was so excited about the fact there was an icecream van in our little town!! That never happens.
It had travelled all the way from Kal just for the day. Isn't that cool?
I'm so easily pleased sometimes.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Road trip

I am officially the worlds most pathetic blogger.

My last post was May 4th. Holy crap... since then I've grown a whole year older, I've been on a fun road trip with my sis to visit my (our) folks in downtown Walpole, I've danced to Abba, run away from home, returned home (feeling like a big dork), had my sis and her hubby up here to stay, enrolled to do my Cert III in fitness and spent a week pretending to be a Vegetarian in sympathy for all the cute fluffy cows out there.

My how time flies when you're doing mundane every-day things.

My holiday down to see Mum and Dad was FUN! It's the first time my sister and I have done a trip to Mum and Dads together (just the two of us) and by the end of the week I had sore cheeks from laughing so much.

This is my favourite place in the whole world... laying reading mags on my Mums lounge. There is something so comfortable and cosy about it... I'm not sure why it gives me such warm fuzzy feelings - maybe it's a state of complete relaxation which is difficult to find these days. I had to forcefully try and remove my sister from the lounge at times when I didn't feel like sharing it - which was most of the time. I spent an impressive amount of time laying horizontal in that exact position for the five days we were in Walpole.

Big Sis Jo in the Pilot seat. She wouldn't let me sleep so I annoyed her by taking silly photographs and singing out loud to her Beatles soundtrack.
Dad and I went fishing, Mum and Jo preferred to stay on dry firm ground, but met us down the river at a Jetty with coffee - deluxe! We wanted to go fishing again but it rained for the next 3 days! boo.
I'm definitely going to plan another Walpole journey in the next 6 months. This time I hope the weather is clearer so I can spend more time in the boat and less time on the lounge... not that I'm complaining - the lounge was a fine substitute for fishing.