Thursday, May 31, 2007

A chocolate egg

I went to the gym at 5am with JB but i did nothing! After a pathetic 5 minute bike ride warm-up, I crawled onto the exercise mat on the floor... and stayed there. I seriously tried to find an ounce of enthusiasm in my big lump of a body, but it didn't happen. JB said I'm sacked as a gym buddy. I then spent the whole 8 hours of my morning shift at work praying everyone would piss off so I could hide and snooze... but it didn't happen and it seems the whole freakin town decided they needed to see a nurse this morning. Ugh. It was a loooong shift. I came home, plonked myself on the lounge and fell asleep in 10 seconds flat. Zzzzzzzz

Now I feel fantastic!! Never ever ever underestimate the power of a quality nanna-nap.

* * * * * *

Husband rang me at work this morning and i obviously sounded like a whiny-pain-in-the-arse neurotic wife who was at risk of throwing herself in front of the next oncoming road train... because - he then came up to the hospital to visit & make sure I was okay.
He came & found me, gave me a hug, then pulled a Kinder surprise egg out of his pocket and gave it to me!! Awesome... I love love love Kinders', they have chocolate AND a trinket (what am i... like 3 years old??!). Sometimes he just knows how to cheer me up, it made me feel all warm n fuzzy

Gawd I'm high maintenance!!

Bahh... everyone has their crazy days, at least mine was cured with a Kinder and a snooze.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

shoes on the chair

Husband often has a dig at me for random things i do that seem to piss him off... always 'dumping' my sports bag on the bench, forgetting to close the back door after letting the dogs in/out, leaving the coffee machine on... trivial pathetic things really- that just seem to irritate the shit out of him! Anyway, I'm a pretty laid back person so always shrug it off and go yeah whatever...sorry, I'll close the door or put my bag away... no big deal, he does things that annoy me too, I just usually think it's not worth nagging about so don't often mention it.

Until yesterday.

Husband often puts his shoes on the dining chairs after taking them off.
Its weird... and quite annoying when you go to sit at the table, pull the chair out and plonk your butt down on a pair of ugg boots or joggers. Yesterday it got to me because no less than THREE pairs of his shoes were taking up seats at our dining table!
PUT THEM AWAY i say!! We have a perfectly good bedroom with a wardrobe specially for your shoes... they're not hungry, they don't need to sit at the table.
"I change my shoes all the time and it's better than leaving them on the floor for the dogs to chew" is his response.
I huff and groan, collecting his shoes then dumping them on the floor in the bedroom in protest... all the time moaning about 'the dogs never ever chewing shoes before, why would they start now?' ...blah blah.


Tonight I'm cooking dinner and husband comes home from work to find monster-dog Murphy chomping on his favourite pair of Reef sandal thingy's.


How on earth did Murphy get them??
Maybe because I put them on the floor instead of the dining chair safe-haven??

Not a happy husband. Shoes are wrecked.... munched to a mere pulp of their rubbery selves.
I never really liked the shoes anyway... I used to call them his 'special sandals'

Unfortunately husband loved them.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tagged...7 Things

Cherub tagged me...

Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. You need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

7 Things about me...

1. My arms are abnormally long. My arm span is about 15cm more than my height... which is weird. I can almost knuckle-walk like a chimp!

2. When i was 18 months old my brother sat on me in the bath and i drowned. My Ma found me blue and pulseless but resuscitated me. Good thing Ma is a nurse.

3. I hate the chunky bits in Orange juice... they make me gag.

4. Sometimes when i shower i love to sit on the floor with the hot water unning over me. Its relaxing and much easier to shave your legs when sitting!

5. I only have one Ovary... the other one exploded! Nasty.

6. I once entered an Easter colouring-in competition and won a huge basket of easter eggs. My older sister had coloured in the pic for me. I've always felt bad about that. The eggs were yummy tho.

7. I like to microwave sandwiches/rolls before i eat them. I hate a cold sandwich, plus the mild 'steam' effect it creates makes the sandwich taste fresh to me! Much nicer...try it!

I'm tagging:


(......sorry guys!)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Drea's day off

A day off for me .... finall-eeeeeeeeeeeee!
Ha rhymes!

Okay I know I had a day off last week, but I had to go to Kal for court and it never felt like a true blue day off- where i could lounge around all day like a fat potato choosing to do nothing or something or a combination of both (?) Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Nice.

* * * * * *

My house is a tip. Dog hair, Drea hair and chewed up little bits of plastic everywhere (courtesy of Murphy). I'm slowly pottering around,cleaning up as i go... in between blog surfing of course (which is the ultimate time waster).

Husband is at work (where all good husbands should be)

The doggies are snoozing, they have a great life.

My iPod is playing my 'exercise playlist' ...trying to motivate me into a faster pace of cleaning - its not working tho.

The weather outside is awful... blowing a gale. I just tried to hang the king size doona cover on the line and ended up wrapped in it like a mummy - i had to wrestle with it forever to get it pegged safely on the line. I dare not hang my undies outside for fear they will end up in the neighbours back yard.

I gym'd this morning at 5:30 with JB... quite a pathetic effort on my behalf, took it kind of
slow'n' steady. Oh well at least i made it there... unlike yesterday Zzzzzzzzz.

Speaking of ZZZZZzzzz, might just go check out my bed... see if its still there..... straighten it out...Zzzzzzzzz, mmmm i love to zzzzzzzz. I'm just checking for holes in my eyelids....

Friday, May 25, 2007


I'm hoping to make this post a tad more cheery than my last effort!

I've had two days off from work... well sort of. I had to go to Kal on Wednesday to be a witness for a court case... a sexual assault from two years ago. Ugh, talk about a bit sketchy on the details after so long. It's proven to me why it's so important to WRITE everything down... so when they're quizzing you, you don't sound like a dumb arse. I felt a bit like a politician... 'I don't recall' or 'sorry, I don't remember'.

Anyway despite the witness thing we (husband and I) stayed in a nice hotel for the night and went out to dinner! yeehaar! We drank champagne, munched on an antipasto platter, pulled the piss out of the dodgy waitresses and generally had a great time.

The next morning we grabbed a real coffee and I literally spent the entire journey to the coffee shop (and the duration of the coffee order) begging husband to take me to Target for retail therapy! It's pathetic, it really is. I love, love, love to shop, i don't necesarily have to buy anything, but the feeling of wandering around a 'real' shop, browsing ...mmmm, just gives me warm-fuzzies inside! Husband doesn't share my shopping passion one little bit.

Our conversation goes something like this...

me: can we pleeeeaase go to Target?
him: why? What do we need to get from there?
me: silence (and a sulky face)
him: well??
me: nothing...i ...just..want ...look.
him: but if we don't need anything then why do we have to go there?
me: because I LOVE LOVE LOVE Target... pleeeaase
him: so you just want to go and look around till you find something to spend money on just for the sake of it?
me (thinking) yes... and there is a problem with that??
me: noooo, i just like to look... see a real shop... smell the price tags...touch the clothes...fill a trolley...
him: no way. nope. its not happening. no chance. we've got too much to do.
me: silence and the look of complete pathetic devastation
long pause
him: okay - you've got 10 minutes and I'm following you
me: boo you. Noooo following, I'll hide!
him: Drea I'm FOLLOWING.. and I'm timing..

He did follow, but only for a few minutes till I lost him in the DVD section!!
20 minutes later we left the store with 2 long sleeve Tshirts, some sugar free lollies and a DVD.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007


1080 aka Sodium Monofluoroacetate
I'd never heard of it before living here, now it gives me nightmares.

Its a highly toxic substance used to bait wild dogs (and other animals) in this area. It is injected into little pieces of dried meat resembling beef jerky and aerial drops of 'baits' are made from planes or station owners/ CALM officers lay baits on properties.

I appreciate the stock loss problems that wild dogs cause, but 1080 baits aren't the answer.
This substance has no antidote. Its ingestion results in a prolonged inhumane revolting death that is horrifying to witness. Unfortunately its victims are not always the intended recipients.

Today I tried to help a couple who had come rushing to the hospital with their beautiful much-loved Blue Heeler dog that was convulsing.
I knew there was no hope - the dog displayed the classic signs of baiting. I've been in the same situation at the hospital at least 10 times previously, watching as a much loved pet runs around madly squealing like its in agony, before dropping and arching their back in complete full body spasm, drooling and foaming from the mouth then convulsing uncontrollably. Unfortunately it doesn't stop there. This awful sequence of events continues in a macabre cycle which can go on for hours. The nearest vet is 2.5 hours away. People present with their sick dogs crying and pleading for someone to help... I always try but there is nothing I can do except to sedate the dog or euthanase it - I'm not qualified to do either but I can't bare to watch the pain and suffering. Todays doggie died within 20 minutes, I gave her sedation and cuddled her in a blanket until she died then wrapped her up for her owners.

Its bloody horrible and it always leaves me completely disturbed for days afterwards.

I'm off to cuddle my doggies (I haven't let them out of my sight all afternoon).

R.I.P Blue Heeler

Friday, May 18, 2007

Bung eye

I'm getting really frustrated with not being able to put pics on my posts! aarrggghh. I can put them as a page element but not on my post... P A I N F U L.

I went for a walk with husband this afternoon, it was our lame excuse for exercising! We headed off through the bush (me with my treasured Camelback on!) and walked for about an hour. Walking with husband is never as exciting as walking with the girlfriends... for a start I'm not that fond of walking... why walk when you can run? Also he's not exactly big on conversation, so it can be kinda dull!! sorry husband, but it's the truth... long walks are for long goss sessions. All my walking buddies over the years have been great chatters, it certainly makes the time go much quicker.

* * * * * *

A guy came into A&E today with a metal filing (a small one... not as gruesome as it sounds!) embedded in his eye & I had to dig it out with a needle. Ewww! Eye things make me get 'sympathy tears' - if i'm looking closely at someones red, sore, watery eye - then my eyes start watering like crazy, my nose runs and it can end up looking all quite pathetic. Its can be really embarrassing... luckily the bung-eyed patients are usually a tad visually impaired so don't easily notice my 'tears & snot'. You blokes out there need to wear safety glasses damn it... then I won't have to dig foreign bodies out of eyes! And i'll be a happier nurse.

* * * * * *

I had this phone interview thingy today, I'm participating in a 'Twin study' and it was all about alcohol & drug use and mental health. I have no idea how I ended up involved in the study (apart from the obvious fact that I'm a twin) but they offer a $50 Coles/Myer voucher if you participate so OF COURSE i went 'yeah'... voucher = shopppping... yay.

My god. The interview took 2 hours!! For some daft reason i expected it to take 20 minutes. My ear was numb and i kept drifting off thinking about other things (where can i find a nurse for next week? what should i have for dinner, i can't believe people bleach their behinds.....) .. then i had to keep asking the researcher lady to 'please repeat the question' - it was a killer. I earned every single cent of that 50-buck voucher, so they'd better not dupe me, it better be in the mail!!! The whole time I kept thinking 'my twin brother would've hung up by now... he would never have done this'.
I'd better warn him that they're going to call him.
Actually no, I think I'll tell him it'll only take a few minutes and that it's really worth doing. Haaarrr, payback for all the times he pinned me down and played 'typewriter'* on me.
Yeah great idea.


* Typewriter - he'd pin me down, sit on my chest pinning my arms down with his knees/legs then 'type' on my chest and 'return' by slapping the side of my head. Charming.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Where's the snow?

Who turned the cooling on???? It f-f-freeezing here all of a sudden. Had to go on a mercy mission to dig out all the warm winter clothes from the depths of the spare cupboard. Ugg-boots, fluffy dressing gown. I'm looking pretty stylish at the moment.

* * * * *

The cold must be affecting my dogs brain, he's doing backflip-spin-outs trying to amuse himself.
Now he's chewing on older dog trying to get him to play.
Not so funny... lots of growling going on. Munching and growling. Old dog doesn't want to play, he wants to snooze.

* * * * *

Dr 90210 is on Fox must go watch...

Oh my god. There is a chick named Tabitha on there (apparently she's a Plastic surgery addicted Porn star) who has had many procedures in the past... 'Anal bleaching' being one of them. WTF?? I'm going to HAVE to Google that one and find out exactly what it is, curiosity is killing me! She just asked the surgeon if it was possible to implant her precious 3 Carat diamond in her wrist, so it could be 'permanently with her'. Pfftt.
How about implanting some brain cells? That might work better for you Tabby.

* * * * * *

I did a Tae Bo DVD this morning... what a blast from the past, haven't done one for ages. It was great but I'd forgotten how seriously annoying the American counting was. Wayne kept mock-imitating it from the next room so it was obviously driving him crazy too. Billy's kinda cool though. You've gotta dig his enthusiasm if nothing else.

Its gonna be a long rest of the week... overtime galore. I think all the Nurses out there are in hiding. I'm going to have to kidnap one soon - we're getting desperate!


Oh, PS if you're curious like me here's the bleaching deal!!! Yuk.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Fun Run

Well I did it! The Mothers Day Classic Fun Run/Walk is done and dusted! We had a great turn out...approx 50 people, the coppers helped out by providing a sausage sizzle and we had helium balloons and spot prizes thanks to local donations. I had lots of help from friends (& husband) and the morning went reasonably smooth. We gave out helium balloons to everyone to release before the walk to 'remember those affected by Breast Cancer' ... it gave me goosebumps thinking of my Gran & my Mum.

My 4km running effort was pathetic! My shins went into a major spasm almost straight away and i had to stop & walk. That hasn't happened to me for ages, I think it was probably from the dirt track... the surface was 'mobile' and I think (??) I may have been 'gripping' a bit with my toes. Thats my excuse anyway. It bloody hurts when it happens, my feet point down and my shins cramp/spasm to the point where I can't flex my foot up & i feel like throwing up ...nice. Oh well, no land-speed record made by me today! Tania did the 8km run (despite her clagged up flu-ey nostrils!!) Lewie & Adam jogged 4km, otherwise everyone else walked. Tiff took her dogs and dressed them up in pink Tshirts! They looked great. I'd post pics BUT for some reason I can't seem to on this computer anymore... it keeps saying 'error'. WTF?? No pics makes me feel NAKED! I can't blame blogger, I think it's something to do with security settings on this computer which i know N O T H I N G about. Boo.

* * * * * *
Happy Mothers Day!!

* * * * * *

My 3 days off are over, back to work tomorrow. This week is going to be a Drea-week. Me me me me me. I need to focus on ME. Not work, not the fun run but ME! Well thats my plan.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Weedy Principal

Hmmm, i just spent two days in Kal at an Occ Health and safety managers course (when i'm not even a manager) learning to 'spot the hazard' ....... hazard smashzard, if i hear the word hazard or worksafe again in the next week - I'm going to consider myself an impending incident. I am hopeless attending workshops/conferences that i have minimal interest in. I get this involuntary sleepy thing, where no matter what i do my eyes just try their hardest to close, my vision goes fuzzy and staying awake is like harder than crawling up Mt Everest with a sumo suit on. Its awful. I make myself sit right up the front in the middle so i have to pay attention and get involved, but even then sometimes i battle. Two WHOLE L-O-N-G days listening to one dude who's passion is job safety analysis. what a blast.

* * * * * *
Okay, now I've got that out of my system I'll brag about the fact i've now got 3 days off. Yipppee! The Mothers Day Classic is on Sunday. We have 42 people registered so far (YAY!) and hopefully a few more will turn up on the day. I got all the 'freebies' in the mail yesterday - Groovy bright PINK Tupperware bottles, PINK bags and medallions with a PINK ribbon! I was very impressed! (being a pink lover and all!) Also got the merchandise I Tshirt for me and a blue one for husband. I've got a few last minute things to organise tomorrow then we'll cross our fingers and pray for sunshine on Sunday!

* * * * * *

I went outside yesterday arvo to put some rubbish in the bin. While out there I noticed some weeds in my side garden bed, so (ever the queen of procrastination) i sat on the edge of the driveway to pull a few out. Without any thought whatsoever... i then hurled a handful over the fence (a low fence facing into the vacant bushland next door).
Then i heard a "hey...whoah!"
Then i looked up
Double-shit, crap

I had just hurled my handful of soggy-red-dirt-encrusted weeds straight onto the School Principals nice Navy Blazer as he innocently walked past on his way home from work.
Unfortunately for me he lives next door- which is going to make it pretty hard to hide from him for the next month while i recover from embarrassment.

* * * * * *

Yay 3 days off... did i mention that already???
Yay ya yayayayayaya.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

dodgy drinks

My mojo has found it's way back! Well kind of. I can't officially say it's back after only one week of pulling my finger out my large butt, however its a reasonable start.

This week my exercise has included:
2 x 45min runs,
1 weights session (upper body)
1 HIIT session (running)
one game of squash! (Tania whipped me 3 - zip) boo
Well heeello 'Mrs fitness' and welcome back! yeah yeah.
I have got up 3 times before morning shifts to do my workouts (yawn) thank god I have friends silly enough to join me at 5am, otherwise I would have most probably piked every time.
* * * * * *
We went out for dinner to the local pub on Thursday to say bye to 2 Agency Nurses that have just done a stint here while travelling around Australia. They were both really nice girls (very sorry to see them go...was hoping to hook them up with some hunky 'local' dude so they'd stay in the town... no luck... no hunky dudes to be seen within a 400 mile radius!!).
Anyway... husband (and come to think of it everyone else but me) got drastically drunk, noone had planned to, but it just turned out to be a fun night with a tonne of drinks. I was trying to take it very slow in the drinks dept, i had a 12hr shift the next day starting at 7am and didn't fancy feeling sleep deprived and seedy. I was sipping on a 'Smirnoff twist' - a girly Vodka drink that looks like Lemonade and tastes like lemonade, when Tiff decided to buy shooters for pretty much the whole bar and insisted on me 'shooting'. NO WAY i said... i hate shooters. They equal disaster (ie: hugging the loo puking yourself stupid for the next 8 hours) i continued to refuse so she grabbed my drink and poured the shooter into it!! The result...
It bubbled and froth'd then went almost so 'solid' you could carve it!! Bloody disgusting!
She promptly ordered me another 'Twist' and gave up on me having a shooter... thank god.
* * * * * *
I'm off to Kal again in a few minutes for 2 days.(seem to be living out a suitcase these days).
Better go!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Portable water,lollies and a holiday.

I'm going for a run this arvo. Its been a while, a l o n g while since my last run. I made an eBay purchase for running and it's awesome! Check it out...

Its a Camelback that goes around you waist and its perfect for me because I'm ALWAYS thirsty, especially when jogging. By the time I finish a run I'm so dying for a drink my tongue is pretty much stuck to the top of my mouth. With this groovy thing I can sip to my hearts content the entire jog...hands free! Sure I look like a bit of a tosser but who cares! Best darn invention ever.

Hmmm, maybe I'll fill it up with Iced Coffee (& a few ice blocks) and i can sip it slowly all day. yummm!

* * * * * *
Today I'm making a real effort to eat more like a human and less like a freak. I had oats n yoghurt for breaky and a cheese & salad sandwich for lunch. We're having chicken & vegies for dinner and I bought a huge pumpkin to make some Pumpkin soup. Vitamins...yeah, what a concept!

* * * * * *

I sent my Mum and Dad one of these yesterday. No reason really, just wanted to let them know I love them and thought I'd help to rott their teeth a little!!

A kilo of lollies!!

They'll love it & so will their dentist.

* * * * * *

3 months today we're off to New Zealand skiing again. Yeehaar. I'd better get exercising and move some blubber from my butt before I attempt skiing down the mountains again . Actually come to think of it the extra padding might help since I seem to spend the majority of the time on my butt. I swear I fell over 500 times last year. It was fun though.

I LOVED skiing, will post a skiing pic just to get my excitement going again. I wish I'd learnt to ski 10 years ago.

he he he... looks like I'm skiing up hill, although it's more likely I'm sliding down backwards..aaarrrggghh! Heeeelp.

What a boring blog post today.