Saturday, June 30, 2007

Wonder Woman

I went to a meeting out at Gwalia the other day and stopped off to take some snaps of the cute little miners huts and surrounds. This place is magic, I could spend hours wandering around checking out the old houses & cars. I always find myself thinking how on earth people lived in these tin shacks, they must have been so hot in summer and bloody freezing in winter.

Thank god for my reverse-cycle airconditioning... microwave oven... washing water system........
* * * * * *
Moron-Murphy-dog has a sore leg.
Husband and I tried to have a romantic (?!) movie night the other day (he cooks my fave pasta meal, we watch movies, drink wine, eat chocolate & if he plays his cards right he gets lucky;o)) and hence the dogs were banished to the back yard.
But it was raining... and when it rains Murphy does drips. He jumps up trying to catch the falling drips from the verandah and he does it continually. Bark... jump.. somersault..bark
The next day he was limping. Perhaps one of his somersaults didn't go as planned.
* * * * * *
Husbands mate Lewie has written me a gym program to try out. I did the 'legs' workout this morning. Now my legs feel like jelly.
Tomorrow i'll do arms. Its nice to do something different, and I know I should do more toning/weights but I'm always a bit lost on what I actually should be doing.
When Lewie asked me what my 'goals' were i said "I want to look like Wonder Woman"... he said 'no problems, we can achieve that, but you'll have to wear your undies on the outside!'

Friday, June 29, 2007

pathetic passenger

I'm now 34. That means I'm half way to being 68 and thats old.

I had a relaxing birthday, I spent time in my art room making cards and also had a long soak in the bath, oh and of course i managed to squeeze in a nanna nap as well. Zzzz
I got some great prezzies... vouchers, alcohol, choccies (have scoffed them already), socks, clothes.

Today its my Dads birthday, he's 65. Happy Birthday old boy.

* * * * * *

Yesterday Husband and i went to Kal for the day, he desperately needed a haircut (he was looking very shaggy) and we needed to get a few things like dog food & human food (note the order of priority there).

I am an awful travel-buddy. Any time I'm passenger i snooze. 5km into the trip and my eyelids start getting very heavy, i'm yawning, eyes are glazing over, i reach for the recline lever on the seat, place my pillow in position.. 5, 4, 3, 2, Zzzzz.
I've always been like that and apart from the anti-social-ness of it, I think it's actually a bonus for me that I can sleep so easily -it makes the journey so much quicker! Lucky for me - husband is used to my pathetic-ness and willingly drives the whole way. I close my eyes and it feels like 5 minutes later we're arriving at our destination when in fact its been over a 2 hour journey. 'whoah.... what, we're here... already?'
On the way home I was asleep within my usual 5 minutes, I woke after an hour - my bladder the size of a footy (600ml of Diet Coke will do that to you) 'I need to pee' i say to husband with an urgent look on my face. He rolls his eyes, pulls over to the side of the road, i scurry into the bush to relieve the football-bladder, return to the car, we take off and i snooze again. Husband really is a saint for putting up with me.

* * * * * *
I've just had a 6am workout at the gym with JB. I did X-trainer intervals and 'random' walking program on the treadmill - which is a hill workout. By the end of it my quads felt like they were on fire. Its kind of a good feeling though after a big 'hill' when the incline reduces back to near-flat... your legs feel all jelly like and weird.

I'm off to soak in the bath. Nice.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


When I got home from work early Monday morning the dogs didn't even budge to say hello. This is how i found them... snuggled up on their dog lounge.

It was 2 degrees...
They're not silly.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A new use for a sharps container.

For a few days there has been this stench of stale urine in A&E at work. Initially i have to be honest and say i thought that the guy i was treating for a suspected heart attack had pee'd his pants... however went he left the stench didn't.

So last night i went into sniffer-dog mode.

The smell was particularly strong near the entry of A&E, near the first stretcher bed. Sniff, sniff... nothing seen that was obviously the culprit. Smelt the curtains -nothing. Mopped the floor -still there. Changed the stretcher bed linen completely and wiped the whole bed over (twice) with disinfectant...still stenchy. Where was it coming from??

Then later on I was checking our Resus trolley & defibrillator when i noticed the stench was particularly strong in that area.
I was like a bloodhound on a mission.

Sniff, sniff..... sniiiiffff....
Sniff sniff....Ewwwwww YUK!!!
D I S G U ST I N G !!!!!!!!
I'd found the source...someone had Pee'd in the sharps container that hangs off the side of the Resus trolley!!! What a Dirty DOG!
The container looks exactly like the one above (except ours are bright yellow) which if you'll take a moment to consider with me...poses two huge risks to ones manhood (presuming it was a man that was responsible... and I'm CERTAIN only a man would be daft enough to do such a thing)
a) the container was over half full of sharps (old needles etc) one 'prick' could have proved very nasty.
b) see those little plastic slits at the top of the container?? That is so when things are put in the container, they don't come out.
It could've been oh-so-much worse.

Monday, June 25, 2007

tick tock tick tock

So far so good on the health front. Not a carton of Iced coffee or a choccy bar to be seen near this fatty's mouth!!

I woke at 4pm & went running with Nikki. I jogged for an hour! (yeah, go me). We had a great run, Nik pushed her toddler-daughter in the pram the whole way.... she's bloody amazing, she never-ever looks puffed or even slightly buggered and chats non stop the WHOLE way (which is a great diversion)... I swear she's the Bionic woman.

Tomorrow I've planned a Gwalia walk with JB. Time to rest the legs a bit from running. Generally I hate walking (why walk when u can run??) but sometimes the knees and shins need a break. Plus its always fun with a friend.

One more night to go. Ugh.

I can't wait to put my head on the pillow (which will be in precisely 3 hours and 20 minutes) its been a looong night. Clock-watching sucks.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Toss in a salad

I ate so much crap on night shift last night - that i felt ill by the time i got home into bed this morning.

REALITY CHECK... why are you busting your arse in the gym each day then eating chocolate and iced coffee like a freak???

I had a long chat to husband, confessing my eating sins (admitting to him that i frequently lie to him about what i eat and drink and that YES i do drink Iced coffee... every day)... its a bit like reverse anorexia isn't it? Instead of hiding the fact your not eating, i have my own crazy disorder that finds me lying about what i do eat. weird. Husband was pretty annoyed and disappointed in me, but said 'at least it makes a bit of sense now why you're not losing any weight when you work so hard in the gym' poor guy, i think he thought i had some severe metabolic disorder and despite all my best efforts i was unable to shed blubber.

Anyway, to cut a long long story short, i have devised a plan to take a bit of responsibility with my health. Its long overdue, i've needed a good kick up the arse for a while now. Here it is...
  • I will no longer lie to husband about my food. (its actually a huge relief that i fessed up!)
  • I no longer drink milk (since i seem to be obsessional about it)
  • I will take more pride in myself... take the time to get ready for the day instead of slothing out in PJ's like a big lump.
  • I need to realise that i am overweight, it won't go away unless I eat properly and no one else can do that for me!
  • I must drink 2 litres of H20 daily.

So, lets see how i go.

* * * * * *

Husband made a humongous pot of Chook n vegie soup today. I'd forgotten about his winter soups... they are fab tasting and healthy. I bought some to work and ate it at midnight for 'dinner'. Sluuurrp...Peeerrfect. (hmmm, and to think for dinner last night i had Freckles and Iced coffee..WTF?? See what i mean about my 'disorder'??)

We gym'd again this arvo.... 3km run and X-trainer. puff puff.

* * * * * *

2 & 1/2 night shifts to go. who's counting?

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Nightshift suits quokkas and nothing else

Jeezus this page is bright and a tad too cheery at 3am! I almost need sunnies.

Well here i am again on nightshift. Who's the idiot that does the rosters? (umm that would be me) ....yawn. Why is it that although i slept 8 solid hours today, my brain tells me its time to be snoozing now? Does it forget about the sleep i already had?

I went to the gym after waking at 4pm - husband and Lewie went too, but they played squash, so i had the gym all to myself which was a bonus. After my 50 minute workout i watched them play squash for a bit. They are lunatics on the squash court... running at a million miles an hour, diving for the ball, smashing into the walls. The competition between them is huge, they came out looking like dripping beetroots. It was quite entertaining to watch.

I got an early birthday card from my Dad today which was a great suprise. He's such a cute old bloke. He's up north working for a few weeks, and he sent me a separate card just from him (usually Mum does the birthday card/prez thing from both of them). He'd tucked a $50 note into a Miss Piggy birthday card, and written 'happy birthday for the 27th... hope you don't wind up with a sore head'.
Ha! Nice one father bear!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

clutz in the gym

I went to the gym solo today. it seems i'm having a run of being 'stood up' by my gym dates (do i smell?!) Husband & i planned to go this morning at 8am, he was on a 10am shift & i had the day off. The alarm woke us at 7:30, so up we get with the best of intentions.
Then there was a knock at the door. someone came to find the police at our HOUSE because some dude was running a muck in town stealing things. Huh??? What happened to the idea of using a PHONE to call the Police??! Okay i admit at the moment we have a huge Police Car parked out the front of our house (which kind of screams 'Policeman lives here') but knocking on the door at 7:30am? WTF??
Anyway, off husband went to dutifully 'protect life and property'.... gym session cancelled.
Me? what did i do?
I did what any good wife would have done... i went back to bed. Zzzzz.

I did manage to drag myself to the gym this arvo at 2pm. Did a long run and some intervals on the x-trainer. (trying to build up my 'skiing legs' ... only 6 weeks to go till NZ!)
I was in the gym on my own - LUCKILY because when i was running on the treadmill, I accidentally swiped my iPod cord with my hand... knocking my iPod off so it fell onto the treadmill mat. In my fatigued-frenzied effort to avoid stepping on it (which wouldve equalled one very sick iPod) i came to within a millimeter of falling off the tready!! My god, it was like


hop...skip...stumble...squeal...stumble a bit more... (hit emergency STOP)


Puff puff!
compose self
Pick up iPod
resume running like nothing ever happened.

And I have the balls to laugh at other people in the gym??! ha!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

hot soak

I got myself up this morning to go to the gym at 5am with JB.
But she never showed... PIKER, she (apparently) set her alarm wrong. Me thinks it had something to do with the fact she has a warm cozy electric blanket that she raves about and that it was like minus 25 outside!!(well it felt like that)
So i tried to go back to bed.... which i did... but i couldn't sleep. So i got up and at 5am i had a bath. A nice warm 45 minute bath, it was deluxe!

I highly recommend it.

Ripleys believe it or not

Can you believe Sean just DIED in All Saints??? Huh?? where did that come from?? He was the only reason i watched.

Can you believe our computer is FIXED?

Can you believe they ACTUALLY sent a technician to outback Leo to FIX it???! Wow.

Can you believe I actually submitted my job application with 5 hours to spare? Wow again.

Can you believe I'm posting this?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

dodgy computer

Crap shit crap crap crap.

Our wonderful spanker of a new computer is caput. Wow, it lasted a long time didn't it???!
We're not sure whats going on with it, it was working kinda fine... then started doing weird shit (which we partly blamed on Windows 'Vista' glitches) like freezing screens & not allowing some pages to load, then the bluetooth mouse & key board all of a sudden weren't being recognised by the computer... so Dell (who have been very helpful I must say - given we live in the middle of nowhere) sent us a new keyboard and mouse ASAP thinking that was the problem... but no, of COURSE it wasn't that simple. Husband has spent atleast 6 (yes SIX) HOURS on the phone talking through every kind of possible 'push this button then click on this while holding that..' scenario with the Dell computer helpline people (I'm not kidding... he's been on the phone 2 days solid) trying to sort it out. Fuuuuccckkk. It's still not sorted, so we had to hang our heads low, drag our old computer out from the spare room (I bet old computer is laughing at uncontrollably) and plug it all back in while we sit 'n wait for news on whats happening next. Apparently they're sending a technician out to have a look.... Do they know where the fuck we live??????!!!!
Husband is NOT impressed, so far he hasn't blamed me for wrecking it... although I'm waiting for his over-frustrated-mega-stressed brain to pop that comment out of his mouth. He's a tad dyscopic when things don't run smoothly, although I must fess even I'd be pulling my hair out after six hours on the phone trouble shooting with an 'english-is-my-second-language' stranger. aaarrgghh.

Oh well, ho hum, at the end of the day it is only a computer. We will survive without one for a while (and look we even have a 'spare'!) so grieving isn't required just yet.

* * * * * *

My lamb roast turned out awesome!! Yay for me. I took some great pics to share... but of course I can't post them because I'm back on 'old dodgy' computer that won't let me post pics.
Ahhh, the good ol' times.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

sheep in the oven... baaaa!

4 nights down...and now for some days off. Yeehaar.

I've spent the last two nights doing my job application for the D.O.N position at the hospital. I said I'd never do it, and I must be mad to even apply, but heck 'what doesn't kill us makes us stronger' thats my motto and you can remind me of that (if by some remote chance i get the job) and am moaning ahout how crap it is in a few months time.

Its no great loss if i don't get it, I quite like doing what I do at the moment... but its all about feathers in hats!! Experience experience experience blaaaahh.

I've made the BIG decision to cook a lamb roast for dinner. Gee whiz whacky doo. Husband has cooked dinner for like the last million nights in a row, so i thought i'd give the big guy a rest. Oh and he has to work tonight and i've got the day off so i guess its kinda fair! I hate cooking. I'm a crap cook.. it's hard to be good at something when you dislike it and its hard to like something when your crap at it. Get it?
Anyway, a lamb roast is by no-means 'rocket science' so i shall give it a go.
Not that my rocket science theory is any insurance for a palatable dinner. Luckily husband is about the most NON-fussy eater in the whole world, he always pretends to like my attempts to produce edible goods. Once he said to me (which thinking about it now - it was really quite cute) "Umm Drea, maybe you should just stick to making your staple kind of dishes and leave the creative dishes to me" .... Haaaaaarrr! By 'staple' dishes he means the only things i ever cook that are reasonably safe - Apricot chicken, Chow Mein and Lasagne.

Anyway I'll be sure to take pictures because YES i can post PICTURES now .... yes YAY, not that I'm sure you havent noticed, or have noticed, but you should've noticed. Hmmm. Time for bed me thinks...brain sluggish from selection criteria addressing and 10 hours of night shift.



Sunday, June 10, 2007


Just for Melissa! Now that I've just spent 20 minutes trying to find a picture of them I am seriously craving some... Allens brand have the best Freckles ever... Surely you know what I'm talking about now?!
If you open the bag, put them in the microwave for 30 seconds, shake the bag around, return & nuke for a further 20 seconds they go semi-soggy and you can eat them out of the bag with a spoon. Delish.

* * * * * *

I'd just like to say a big (sarcastic!) THANK YOU to Debstar for this post on nicknaming
gym-folk. I went to the gym this afternoon and found myself attaching nicknames to everyone that walked in the door.

Firstly there were husbands 2 work buddies - although I know them well, i couldn't help but think of what other people might nickname them ... probably 'pretty boys' because they're young and body-beautiful and perhaps a bit snobby to others in the gym. Then a girl who should be known as 'Wonder Woman' because she's halved in size since she first came to town. She's a regular at the gym and is starting to look awesome. Lastly (but by no means least impressive) is 'Mr Sweaty'. Ugh. I've mentioned him before and haven't seen him for a while, but today he returned bigger & sweatier than ever. He gets on the treadmill, running at FULL incline at a kazillion miles an hour. Mr Sweaty never does things half arsed- he goes hard at it for the whole time....wearing nothing other than his shiny black bike pants and a sweat band on his head. Thats IT!! -NO shirt... NO TOWEL! Uuurrrkk. I can't relax when he's there - not because of the sweat flying from his wirey body in all directions.... no, it's because he looks like he's about to cark it any second. He pushes himself so god-damn hard its frightening. I spend the whole time having visions that he's going to go flying off the back of the treadmill & crack his sweaty noggin' open on the weights bench behind him. I tell you - Mr Sweaty is dicing with death. He runs precariously close to the back of the treadmill, one stuff up and it's all over. It scares the living bejesus out of me.

* * * * * *
I'm on nightshift and am on my 4th cup of coffee (hot... not I'm supposed to be writing a job application but have zero enthusiasm.
Its my 2nd night and its going S-L-O-W-L-Y.
Y A W N ....
Last night i worked with JB which always makes the 10 hour shift go quicker because it's fun. We have a crossword 'challenge' whenever we do nights together (which is not that often these It started off as a way of killing an hour, now its just pure competition. I'm pretty certain she's never beaten me yet. We get the big Crossword from the 'New Weekly-trashy mag' and photocopy it so we both have a copy. We usually start at 2am and have an hour to see who can get the most done. We'd built ourselves up for the challenge last night only to discover the hospital photocopier was broken. It was a tragedy! We had no way of both getting a copy of the crozzle... Disappointment PLUS!
Until we discovered our break-n-enter skills were pretty damn fine.
The GP's office in the same building has a small sliding glass panel thingy- like a 'welcome window' and through that window staring at us was a beautiful photocopier.
Well lets just say that JB managed to pry open the sliding glass thingy enough for me to climb up- n-through it so we could use their photocopier!! (I almost had to do the splits to fit through & it could've all gone horribly wrong!) BUT we managed to print off 2 copies and the crozzle comp was ON! (Phew!)

As usual I whipped her butt.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Blah blah

Just for T O A O... finally I got round to it!!

What was I doing 10 years ago?

Umm, 1997.
I'd split from my boyfriend..was miserable and about 15kg lighter than I am now!!

What was I doing one year ago?
I'm struggling to think of something exciting to say here. Sorry but same ol' same ol' i'm afraid to say. Living here in Leo, working and looking forward to my next holiday!

Five snacks I enjoy

1. IC (of course!)
2. Promite and egg sandwiches
3. Oats in any form... hot, cold, raw, cooked... Mmmmm
4. Freckles.... microwaved so they're soft
5. Carrots n Salsa

Five Songs to which I know all the lyrics
  • 'Leavin... on a jet-plane' haa!
  • Pretty much all the Wiggles tunes - (thats what you get for working in a kids hospital for 10 years)
  • Madonna's 'La Isla Bonita' ... I loved that song in high school. I learnt all the words off by heart so I could sing along (I thought i was really cool!)
  • Evanescence 'Broken' I just love that song at the moment... not sure why.
  • Shakira 'Hips don't lie' - it's my 'get me moving' gym song!

Five things I would do if I were a millionaire (can I be a multi ?)

I'd buy a holiday home near a ski resort somewhere (1) and then I'd hire a hunky ski instructor (2) to give me lots of lessons whenever I wanted them.

I'd send my parents on an overseas holiday (3) and pay off my sisters house (4). Oh and I'd probably share some of my $$ with husband (5)!!

Five Bad habits

  1. I sleep too much
  2. I always make a huge mug of tea/coffee and only drink half of it
  3. I am the queen of unfinished tasks.... lots of half-done things.
  4. I procrastinate... always leave things till the last minute.
  5. I'm terrible at caring for my expensive sunnies... I never put them in their case, I put them on the table face down, drop them... husband goes ballistic at me and I never seem to change despite my bestest efforts (honest!).

Five things I like doing...

  1. Sleeping... snuggling in bed with my big fluffy blanket... Mmmmm
  2. Playing with new gadgets- figuring out how to use them etc.
  3. Relaxing with my folks in Walpole. It's the absolute in relaxation and 'comfort' being with Ma n Pa!
  4. Playing in my art room... creating masterpieces!! (okay, that was a's more like creating more junk)
  5. Motorbike riding through the scrub.

Gawd..are we done yet?? This seems to be going on forever......

Five things I would never wear again...

  1. Body suits! My god, they are NOT made for people with long bodies. Those little push-stud thingy's can cause serious harm to girly bits.
  2. A bikini (whale watch alert)
  3. A school uniform...eww that starched blouse, pleated skirt and sandals. Yuk.
  4. That A-frame white Nurses uniform that used to be standard for Nurses. Whoever invented that had tastebuds in their butts and had NO respect for the female figure whatsoever. (Not to mention the fact that they were WHITE... very see through and impossible to wash blood out of)
  5. Wool. Yuk... bloody scratchy horrible stuff. Makes me shiver just thinking about it.

Five favourite toys...

My iPod, my olden day wind up metal toy duck (very cool), my eyelet setter, my Dymo printer tape thingy and my digital camera.

* * * * * *

Step AWAY from the camera!!

Okay, I know I've been going a bit beserk with the pic-posting... but hey, there is a lot of lost time to make up.

I've been so keen to capture some pics I even took my camera to the gym this morning (much to JB's disgust) ... but she got me back and snapped a pic of me on the treadmill.

Putting my earphones in ready to jog a mini marathon (??)

Faster JB... FASTER!!!

* * * * * *

Midget left on a jet-plane today... i've been singing that darn song in my head ALL day... 'I'm leeeeavin' on a jet plane.. don't know if I'll be back again..' I took her out to the airport, she's off on a 5 week European holiday... lucky thing. She'd better post plenty or I'll be leaving rude comments on her blog! Actually she didn't look overly excited, I wanted to smack her in the noggin and shout 'do you know what your about to do???!!' I think she was pre-occupied with deep thoughts and perhaps a bit nervous. Actually I'm sure its because she's going to miss us here sooo much that she was holding back the tears.

Maybe not.
Of COURSE I took my camera to the airport...

Thats her at the back in the beige coat... bye bye Tan.... have fun!

Red Nose Day Gonk

I bought him to support the cause. So ugly that he's cute!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pics again!

Well I'm excited because we've got a new Computer! Yeehaar!
I'm not excited because its got a bigger screen or because our new printer scanner/copier thing is very groovy, or because I get to learn how to use Windows Vista... nooo, I'm excited because I can post pics on my blog again!! AWESOME! Picture-less posts is like wearing joggers without socks, having coffee without milk, eating toast without butter- just plain weird.
Husband and I have been up transferring data from old computer to new computer all night. So now i must be off to bed so i can rise early to gym with JB.
Just wanted to get one quick 'picture-post' in!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Talk back

Well what a big weekend here in downtown Leo.

I worked most of the weekend and feel like i missed out on all the action, but hey it's gotta be done. My Liver will be grateful at the lack of alcohol it was required to break down. Unlike many other Livers around town... geez there were a lot of hangovers and sorry souls in town.

I 'worked' for the Shire (thanks to JB) on Sunday morning, helping out with the runners registrations. It was the best so-called work i've ever done! It was Fun! We were out in the sunshine, in the middle of all the action. We got entertained by a crazy clown and Dorothy the Dinosaur, watched a few of the sprints, ate donuts, chatted to locals, ate hotdogs... it was tough going!

Next year I'll make sure i have the day off from the hospital so i can work for the Shire the whole day!

* * * * * *

I got up at 5am and gym'd with JB. I used the new fantastico-super-dooper treadmill. As a complete gadget lover i was almost overwhelmed by all the flashing lights and options. Heck the thing even has a TV on it! At the end of the day you get on... run your guts out... sweat all over a bit more...then get off. TV or no TV it achieves what most treadmills do.

I came home, showered and went back to bed. Zzzzzzzzzzz

I sleep far too much.

* * * * * *

Random comment for today...

I hate Talk-back radio.

It makes me feel so darn uncomfortable, i know it shouldn't... but it does.

I spend the whole time feeling sorry for the callers who are sounding like complete twats... usually old folk (who I'm sure use it as their only chance to speak to someone in the week) they speak slowly, misinterpret what the announcer has asked, miss their cue to begin talking ....
"on the line next we have Joan from naggsville"
"Good morning Joan"
"Hello Joan??... "
(longer silence)
"Are you there Joan? "
(Joan finally acknowledges) ... 'oh, um good morning, am i on? hello? testing testi..
"Yes Joan we can hear you..."

Then the announcer/s spend the whole time hurrying callers up, cutting them off and getting stuck in awkward situations when Beryl-from-Bundenberg starts prattling off about her grandchildren... (which has absolutely nothing to do with the topic) and they're trying to get a word in to tell her to shut up!!

Awww, it just puts me on edge the whole time. Husband loves it... especially when it's footy related, and especially when we're travelling in the car... he says it 'gives him something to do'.

I say 'thank god for my iPod'.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

big weekend

I love the show Will & Grace and luckily for me it's on Foxtel pretty much all the time. I don't care if I've seen the episode three times already... i still laugh. I think it should be called 'Jack & Karen' though... since they are what makes the show... bloody funny, Jack is a scream.

* * * * * *

Its the big annual weekend here in town... lots of things happening. We have running races
('The Mile') that attracts pro-sprinters to compete, horse races and a Country & Western street concert (yeee-haar!). I had an extra nurse rostered on the evening shift at the hospital because we have like a gazillion extra folk in town and guess how many patients we saw this arvo??


Yep zilcho! Typical! Oh well, I guess thats good... just hope night shift don't get a mass of drunken souls.

* * * * * *

I went and watched the Cycle challenge this morning.
Lots of professional cyclists.. also lots of little school kids on bikes that seemed taller than them (very cute!). I really went to cheer on JB... who had partnered up with Tracey to do the 50km ride. There were no female 'local' entrants, so they decided yesterday afternoon that they would do it, they borrowed a Mountain bike and signed up this morning !!! (nothing like a last minute spare of the moment decision!) My god, i thought they were nuts, but they did really well. They found the 25km each easy...and scored themselves $250 prize money! Gooo girls!

I don't think they'll be able to walk for a week, but at least they have a medal to show for it.