Sunday, May 04, 2008


Today I spent the majority of the day in the garden . I bought some new plants in Kal yesterday, which today (coupled with the beautiful sunshine) gave me a splurge of motivation to attack the weeds and rearrange my pots. It looks like I've got a new garden now! Amazing.. Don Burke eat your heart out.
There were plenty of butterflies keeping me company...darn hard to photograph though, because they just keep flapping.


jo said...

nice pics...gardening can be so much fun.

Jo xx

Jennafina said...


Apparently there is a plaque of them in the main street amongst all the flowers - me better get down there and take some shots!

PS: Why don't you put a photo on your blog of your tree that you pruned naked!

Drea said...

Yeah real funny JB, you won't be such a smart arse when it looks beautiful in a few weeks time (fingers crossed!)