Sunday, May 17, 2009

running, sitting and tennis balls.


I'm back. Well only because I'm on nightshift and the bloody work computer won't grant me access to Facebook, so i'm back to blogger land. I've missed my blog!

* * * * * *

I love jogging. I've been jogging a fair bit lately & generally i do 5 - 10km 4 times a week. I still go at snails pace (husband says I shuffle - bless him) but hey, I'm only racing myself so I can only win (huh?). Today i went for my usual 'easy' 5km and felt like i had concrete blocks attached to my legs. Big concrete blocks, like the ones that fall on people at building sites and their intestines squish out. Every single step was a bloody challenge, i tried all my usual diversions - focus on the next roadsign/tree/house, change my song, change my pace, change my breathing... change my undies (kidding). It was a looong painful 5km, and I wish i had a jogging buddy other than my Garmin forerunner 405 (which i LOVE) but it doesnt chat to me when the going gets tough. Husband keeps talking about joining me, (and talking, and talking) His current status: No-joiner.

* * * * * *
I'm trying to teach Murphy-dog how to sit still so i can clip his toenails. My God...what a task that is.
I'm still at the stage of getting him to sit still for 10 seconds while i gently just touch his paw without him freaking out. (i don't think we've actually made any progress yet!) It's only day 3... but the internet instructions say it should only take a week. Maybe it would only take a week if i didn't have such a bloody retarded dog. He actually growls at me when i touch his paws (thinks he's tough) but then gets mega excited by the treats i have, launches himself off his bed to try and snatch the entire packet to scoff down - and my training begins back at square one, just trying to get the idiot to sit STILL. Ugh. I'm thinking my less than average IQ dog might need a tad longer, and i might need some Valium.

* * * * * *
I'm currently on a wheat-free & milk-free diet (except yoghurt). I think i have irritable bowel syndrome (with the rest of the world) and get this 'thing' at random times i call 'tennis ball bum'... because it feels like i have a tennis ball up my arse... and its horrible. I'm not kidding. Too much information? too bad. I'm over it and i used to be embarrassed about it, but hey, all those close to me have heard my woes and laughed at my expense (with minimal sympathy shown i must add) so i've no shame any more! Anyway, the diet is somewhat challenging, Wheat seems to be in E V E R Y T H I N G that tastes nice. Ever tasted wheat-free biscuits? Nasty. The bread is okay as long as you put something tasty on it, the pasta is kind of weird but okay. Anyway its just a trial to see if it makes any difference to my symptoms. Anything to avoid having a camera up my butt, I do not want any scope or camera-like devices up my orifices unless absolutely necessary.

Okay now that I've talked about Running, sitting and tennis (!) I'm off to do some work.
Oh how i've missed blogging and sharing my personal info with the world.


Melissa said...

You're back! God bless the nightshift and work computer :)

I'm impressed with the jogging and that you do it so regularly. Occasional lapses of energy or not, you're doing it! Go, Drea!

If you figure out the nail-clipping thing, please let me know. It takes two of us to handle one dog, and we all end up traumatized in the end.

I was about to give advice on the wheat-free pasta when I realized the advice I had was for WHEAT pasta, which really wouldn't be helpful, would it? Best to you, whatever it takes to avoid tennis ball bum.

Anonymous said...

Drea, so nice to read some of your medical and otherwise life details!!! Re: the dog nails, take him to the vet and get them to do it...way less traumatic for you I reckon!

Don x

Jennafina said...

AC - Welcome back to blogger land. about time too!

Hospitals must put a statewide block for facebook users - typical of them!!

Loving the stories, see the tennis ball arse is not going away - GO AND SEE SOMEONE ABOUT IT - how many times do I have to tell you.

UR doing really well in the weight loss department - Still hate you though :0)

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