Sunday, September 30, 2007

Happy snaps

Whilst on our NZ family holiday in August, we all agreed to share our holiday snaps when we got home. Husbands folks are travelling around Oz in a caravan (lucky them!) so they were kind enough to burn their pics to a disc and send them over. It arrived in the mail last week.

I excitedly put the disc in the PC and opened it to browse through happy family pictures of kiddies playing in the snow, New Zealand scenery, farm animals, Jet boating, river cruising.... and a very disgusting picture of me looking like a whale.

Yikes... reality check.

I hardly recognised myself in the picture... double chin, fat arms, spare tyre. Crikey, there is enough lard there to keep me fuelled for a decade!! yeah yeah, I know its at the end of a holiday of scoffing myself stupid, but I hardly recognise myself.
Am going to enlarge this picture and put it on my fridge.

1 comment:

Jo said...

Genetic...double chins etc.
Back from Walpole, had a good time.
Can't come to terms with Chris Mainwaring being dead.
Jo xx