Monday, October 01, 2007

Puking dog

Another day off today, I think all weekends should be long weekends, 3 days off work is a dream. I managed to eat healthy today and I had a Lewis-workout at the gym this arvo, which was good except for the fact there were 6 people using our tiny gym and we had to wait for equipment... which kind of sucked.

KDF (niece) came over for dinner tonight (she risked her life since I was cooking - not husband) then we all lazed in the lounge watching 'Girls of the playboy mansion' and 'Seinfeld'.

Murphy dog spent all of last night puking. 6 pukes in total. The first puke contained (and I'm not kidding) 4 of my hair elastics... charming! I'd wondered where they'd all gone to. That dog eats anything.

Poor Murph, he looked miserable. I was really worried that his hair-lacky consumption may have caused a bowel obstruction, but he finally stopped barfing and fell asleep. He woke up starving hungry this morning and back to his normal-stupid self. Phew.

Yesterday we took the motorbikes out to Malcolm Dam, it looks really strange out there at the moment because its covered in yellow flowers. Heres a pic of husband zooming by!


PS - R.I.P Mainy


Melissa said...

Beautiful picture!

Glad to hear Murphy is feeling better. Petey has a thing for hair elastics too - what is it with dogs?

Debstar said...

Wow I like the new heading. I'll have the eggs first, then I'll have the false teeth in the corner, and are those worms down the bottom to the left? Worms are my absolute favorite and milk bottles. Can you have 2 absolute favorites?

My dog never ate hair elastics. She did devour quite a few barbie dolls when the girls were little.