Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pulling rabbits outta hats!

Yesterday I did the daftest thing ever. After previewing my 200-plus photos from our holiday and secretly telling myself that we had taken some darn fine shots, I then proceeded to cut & paste them from preview to my pictures, and since it was taking ages to transfer that many pics over ( a few so impatient) I grabbed the camera and without turning my brain ON, I disconnected it from the computer and then deleted the images from the camera - for some reason thinking that I had them safely on the computer.
Then I hear a pop up with a message stating 'there has been an error during this transfer...' and I have this sudden moment of realisation... my stomach drops to my toes and my heart picks up pace....shiiiiit. Noooo, shit, shit, shit. What on earth was I thinking by disconnecting, not to mention deleting ALL the pictures off the camera???
I had 8 of my 230 holiday photos.
That was it.

Anyway, after a few hours of sulking and desperately hoping for them to magically reappear, I did a little bit of a Google search (gotta LOVE Google) and discovered that I was not the only dipshit on this planet accidentally deleting things... people do it all the time (phew!). All I needed to do was download a retrieval programme (i used PC-Inspector) which took about 10 minutes (and was FREE), hooked up the camera again and voila.... All my pics back!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Internet and technology and people inventing things to save the sanity of no-brainers like me!!


Jo said...

You ARE crazy....are you sure we are sisters???? Seriously tho, SMART thinking on the GOOGLE idea. Glad u got your photos back.
Good Luck for Monday, you will be just fine...have fun, make changes and leave a mark.
Love Jo x

Anonymous said...

PS... like the 'new page'
Jo x

Drea said...

Aww thanks for the good luck wishes sis! Do you recognise the butterflies from CB?

Melissa said...

Whew! I've had that "oh shit, no!" feeling before - good to know there's a way to get the pictures back.

Drea said...

Melia it's the worst feeling isn't it? Yikes, hope i never do it again. But why make a delete button if the're not truly deleted???

Debstar said...

That just goes to show how CLEVER you are. You actually knew how to google information to get those photos back. I would have just gone to bed and curled up in a fetal position for a few hours.

Congratulations on snagging that new job!

Drea said...

Thanks Deb! The new job starts tomorrow...yikes!
I would be seriously dys-copic without Google! The amount of times it has saved my bacon...phew!

Stubby said...

The deleting pics thing... yep did that too an oh boy ... it is the worst feeling... Bummer though... I didn't think you could do anything about it once they are deleted. PC inspector here I come ;)