Saturday, August 11, 2007

Rain has melted the snowman

Were on the last few days of our NZ holiday and it's been RAINING non stop. C R A P! It actually feels a bit warmer which is a bonus, but it's not real helpful when you're trying to cart 4 kiddies around and entertain them without all ending up like drowned rats. I think tomorrow is forecast to be rain-free so we'll try to break free from our hotel room and find something fun to do. We're planning more skiing Monday & Tuesday which should be good since there has been about 10 tonne of snow dumped on the mountain in the last 2 days. (soft landing for the butt!)

Husband and I just had Thai for dinner, we had a Red Curry Duck dish with Cherry tomatoes, pineapple and grapes! Sounds strange...but was yum.

Last night we looked after the kiddies while the others went out for dinner. We ordered Pizza and had a great time playing with the toddlers...indoor soccer, colouring in, leggo building and popcorn popping. It was fun.

Best be off, husbands finished researching footy results (thats the reason we're in the internet cafe - he's having AFL withdrawals!)

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Jo said...

Glad you are still up to playing the good Aunty to the tiny ones!!!!

Looking forward to seeing you when you get back.

Jo xx