Thursday, August 09, 2007

Kiwi girl

Far out, its been a decade since I blogged. Shit. where'd that time go??

I'm in snowy New Zealand on holiday, Husband and I have been here for a week, with another week to go. We're staying in Queenstown which is as beautiful as ever, the most amazing views of snow topped mountains and an enormous lake... its magic to wake up in the morning & look out the window to admire it, I love it.
We've had 4 days skiing which has been awesome. The first day we spent on green (beginner) runs (refreshing our wobbly legs on the art of ploughing thru the snow) the second day I cracked the shits because we tackled blue (intermediate) runs obviously way before I was up to it. I fell over atleast TEN times on one run... fuck, I was so frustrated by the end I spat it, took my skii's off and marched off down the slope huffily refusing any assistance from my ever-so-patient husband who had spent the whole run dusting snow off me and stopping to make sure I hadn't wrecked myself. We both crack up laughing about it now... how shitty I was (like a little 4 year old throwing a tantrum) and how I just spent that entire run looking like a giant human snowball!! Bloody funny in retrospect.
Anyway, following that doomsville-run, husband insisted (rightfully so) that we return to the basics and I brushed up on my hill turns and learnt how to slow down. Its also worth mentioning that when husband does my ski boots up extra tight I have a much more impressive skiing style (funny that). The combination of the above meant days 3 and 4 skiing were fab. Yesterday we spent the whole day on blue runs and had a great time. No more dummy spits from me. yahoo.

Husbands entire family are here on holiday with us. His Mum, Dad, Brother & Sister-in-law with their 4 kids under the age of 5yrs. It's nice to have all the family here, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't occasionally feel like pulling my hair out (strand-by-single-strand). Apparently I'm not quite as patient as I thought I was. It takes soooo looong to do anything with that many toddlers in tow. Yikes! They're cuties but I'm obviously missing the 'mother-gene' that gives you the ability to cope when: two are screaming their lungs up to their throats (because No 1 is biting No 2's ear off), one is pouring your freshly ordered Latte all over the floor and the other is tying your shoelaces in knots.

* * * * * *

Guess what?? You know that job I applied for?? The one that I thought I did really crap at the interview??


Yeehaar! I got a phone call confirming it a few days ago... I'm stoked! I'll have to put my serious-person hat on now... I can't wait for the new challenge! yay me.

Thats the goss for now, I'd better sign off from this dodgy internet cafe and go find more coffee.


Melissa said...

Whoo-hoo on the job! That is great!

I am impressed with your skiing, second-day tantrum or no. Still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that you have snow while we have the most hot and humid days ever. EVER.

Jennafina said...

Andrea Connor
Director of Nursing
(That's sounds good)

Well what can I say, you had in the bag!! CONGRATULATIONS - Now you can start getting the whip out!