Monday, October 08, 2007

20 no more

Last week I went to Kal for a course. I went with Nik who also works as a nurse here, we stayed at a Hotel overnight because it was too late to drive back after the course had finished. Some girls from Laverton were also staying at the same place so we decided to go out to dinner.

Nik and I had done some serious shopping (Thurs night, the shops were open late) after the course, and I distinctly remember saying as we walked to dinner 'I feel so tired, I might eat dinner and crash to bed for an early night'.

Yeah right.

An entire bottle of wine to myself later I rolled back to my room, jolly as ever declaring this was the most fun I'd had for Ayyyy-ges (drunk slurred speech). I've never drunk a whole bottle of wine to myself before... E V E R. I'm spastic after drinking two glasses... what was I thinking??

Well it was all fun and laughs until I got back to my room and in the quiet isolation of just my own thoughts- I found the room spinning continuously. Ugh. It was a long night of hugging the toilet bowl and feeling sorry for myself. Nik came to my room in the morning and said politely 'did you throw up in the sink?' I couldn't really recall till she pointed out that there were 'noodles and spinach poking out from the plug-hole'. Charming, not to mention ever-so-classy.

Note to self: You are NOT 20 years old anymore. You can not drink like a fish and soldier on the next day as if nothing happened.



Jo said...

You are a crazy girl....but hey aren't nights away with girls and having fun and laughs JUST THE BEST!?!?!!!!!

Glad you had fun.

Jo x

Melissa said...

Minus the puking and spinach evidence the next morning, it sounds like you had a great time. I say we need episodes like this every so often. I have no proof to back the claim up, but it feels right :)