Thursday, November 15, 2007

Munching on dead things

Even though it was a million degrees outside today we decided to do the good parent thing and take the dogs for their nightly run on the town oval. Its the only place that offers a bit of green lawn, where we can safely let the dogs off the lead. Tonight we fed the dogs before their run -(coz we left a biter later due to the heat) but it seemed the mutts thought dinner was merely entree since they snacked on every damn dead thing they could find at the oval. Faaar out. Murphy ran off into the yonder and did hist best to demolish half a rotten roo before husband caught up with him and kicked his arse for it. I know eating a bit of road-kill isn't a major problem, but it IS when your dog spends the rest of the night puking his guts up. Diesel then found a dead pidgeon and ran up to me with feathers hanging out his mouth (I had visions of Sylvester with Tweety) before I squealed ooohhh groooosssss and made him drop it. Did the heat make them extra hungry or something?? Yuk. We only did one lap of the oval before banishing them to the car in disgrace of their poor taste & headed for home.

* * * * * *
I've been sick since Monday. Today I started feeling well this arvo and it's FANTASTIC! I even shuffled myself off to the gym with husband where I bravely trained with Lewie for an hour. It nearly killed me (it was only a gentle session) but it felt good to be out of the house and out of bed. For someone that loves their bed like I do, thats a tough call, but I have spent so much time over the past 3 days horizontal trying to snooze away my aches and pains that it's glorious to feel better again.

* * * * * *
My Mum has been to Leo working again (bless her size 12 cotton socks!!). She has escaped for a couple of weeks back to the cold south (and my Dad) but will hopefully be back to help us out for a couple more weeks before Christmas. This time of year is always AWFUL for nurses. This year seems particularly bad and I'm not sure how we're going to find enough staff to run the hospital. Anyone know a nurse who wants a summer job??!

* * * * * *
My sister and her husband are coming to Leo for Christmas! That should be great fun (if they don't keel over from heat exhaustion). My niece is here working, so it'll be the most 'family-orientated' Leo Christmas we've had. Cool. Oh and did I mention my sis is a fantastic cook? Yum, I can feel a Chrissy feast coming on (hint hint Jo!)

Enough babbling, I'm off to do my 'polling day homework'. Somehow JB conned me into helping out for the Federal Election next weekend. The next thing I know I'm not just helping out - I'm Officer-in-Charge (WTF??!) and I have this huge file to study with HOMEWORK!! Ha! Its like I'm back at school. She owes me.... big time.


Jo said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better Andrea.

Christmas in Leo will be fun...a yummy feast hey? What kitchen do I use????

Best remember to bring extra could try drinking a whole bottle again...maybe I could help.

Seeya soon.
Love Jo x

Drea said...

Thats NOT funny (bout the wine). I have a perfect rarely-used kitchen awaiting your genius, hee hee.

Melissa said...

The Christmas plans sound wonderful. The dogs eating dead things, not so much.

Ours never stumble across anything - wait, once they found a smashed possum at the side of the road, but it was completely dessicated and they just sniffed it over. And over. And over.

Glad you're feeling better now! It makes me want to do cartwheels when a bad sickness passes, but that's generally not recommended and I just end up dizzy again.