Friday, February 09, 2007


Hello finally from Hawaii. This place is awesome! Beautiful beaches, great food and restaurants, plenty of sights and touristy things to do... and the shopping, oh the shopping!! AMAZING!! This shopper girl is in mega-shop-a-thon heaven.

Our hotel room is on the 10th floor and is Ocean front. so we sit out on our balcony in the evening before going out for dinner and watch the surfers, boats and sunset. I'm amazed at the lack of aussies here, i thought there would be heaps more, especially from the east coast. Mostly there are American and Japanese tourists here, so the aussie accent is a novelty to Hawaii people who have trouble deciphering aussies from poms and always comment on our how great our accent sounds??!! Thats weird when you don't think you have an accent!

American food serves are ENORMOUS! Plus they seem to love everything fried and sugar coated, which is okay for a while, but am kind of over waffles, pancakes, french toast, fries with everything etc etc. Yesterday we discovered this little kiosk in the depths of our hotel (next to the laundry which is how i found it coz i was doing some washing!)and it has all these simple healthy things like sandwiches and fruit for sale! WC and I had chicken and salad sandwiches for lunch and they were great! Made a welcome change from burgers n fries.

We're off to this gigantic shopping centre today 'Ala Moana' (i think ) which from the outside looks the size of the Perth Hay St mall! Drea will be in shopping paradise!!




jodie said...

Your holiday sounds awesome! Can't wait to see some pics (HINT!). And yes I totally agree with you, americans really do have the worst diet. Everything is FRIED, SUGAR RIDDEN or just PLAIN TOO BIG!

jodie said...

Are you home yet or what? I want to see pictures and hear all about it :)