Thursday, February 22, 2007

A big fat suitcase and a tan!

Yeah yeah, I know I've been a bit sluggish to blupdate (blog-update...ha funny!) following my Hawaii holiday. I've been hiding away wishing the red dry dirt and 40 degree days here would magically turn into 30 degree Waikiki days laying by the surf! Boooo my holiday is over!

Nah, I'm not really in hiding, I've been too busy bragging to everyone how wonderful it was and reliving my stories. Although the holiday was fab I always find it kind of nice to come home to familiar faces and friends. Oh and my doggies... I missed them soooo much.

So.... how was Hawaii?? BLOODY FANTASTIC!! One of the best holidays ever. A perfect mix of relaxation, fun and touristy things. Oh and the, the shopping. It was a retail lovers dream.

I learnt to S U R F !!!!! Cooool!! I'm just spewing I was a tad retarded and didn't do it the first day I was there. Instead I went on my LAST day of Hawaiian holiday bliss... duuurr. It was great fun - even though I looked like a big fat Twisties packet dressed in Bright yellow and Red. The buzz of slowly staggering & standing my wobbly self up onto the the board was a feeling i wasn't really expecting. Amazing! I'll definately do it again... just gotta find some water which is a bit of a problem when you live in the Desert.

We stayed at the 'Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach' Hotel. It was bloody expensive (a common theme for anything involving land/real estate/accomodation in Hawaii) but apart from the cost we couldn't fault anything. We had a room Beach front on the 10th floor, with a great balcony where we sat each night and watched the surfers & sunset with drinks, before wandering out to find dinner at one of the gazillion restaurants close by.

Instead of blabbing on too much I'll try and let my photo's tell the story
Sorry Jodie... pics galore to follow.... you'll wish you never asked for any!! (thats if blogger plays nice and lets me load them)

Drea x

Me n Waynie

Me n Caz looking over Hanuama Bay

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jodie said...

Yah, she posts!!! Awesome pics of your wonderful holiday, how nice does Hawaii look?! I love the photos of you surfing, you actually look like you know what you are doing. I tried surfing once and couldn't get past my knees. Don't worry about posting too many pics, I love seeing them, even if it makes me JEALOUS.