Friday, February 23, 2007

A new use for your beach wrap

I know this is mean, but i couldn't help myself and had to do the 'I'm pretending to text on my phone-but i'm really taking a sneaky picture of your silly arse' manouvre!! This dude stood in front of me at Waikiki beach for ages, so i figured it was meant to be. Funny, tee hee.
Nice Man boobies too, actually he's just a complete package!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't train today, but Wednesday and Thursday I did early morning swimming with Midget. Di from the rec centre is training me, and its fantastic. Wednesday was more of a swimming assessment (fitness/technique etc) then yesterday she gave me my 1st programme, 48 laps of drills and it was bloody hard work. I came out of the pool red-faced... but i loved it! I hope the enthusiasm continues. Getting trained makes you push so much harder, we all need a good kick up the butt every now and then. Tomorrow we're off for an early morning run. I might never post again coz i might have a cardiac arrest whilst running.... it's been a while. I hope the girls go easy on me!

I've had a bit of the post holiday blues today :-( I Had to drag myself off to work and have generally spent the day moping around. I'm just a complete barrel of fun today... might go find my rock and get back under it.



jodie said...

ewwww major Man Boobs happening there....

Tan said...

Hey surf chick. Glad your finally back. Very jealous of the tan. That guy has bigger boobs than I do. Not that that's hard. I want a holiday now!!! Seeya