Thursday, February 01, 2007


Hello from Sydney!!

WC and I are at the airport waiting to board our plane to Honolulu. Were flying jetstar and checking inwas a bloody nightmare, 55 thousand people waiting and a dodgy system that kept stuffing up. speaking of dodgy.... this space bar is mega dodgy onthis pay-as-you-go-computer. (very hard to type fast when space bar has to be hit 4 times to register)

I LOVE Sydney. The shops are awesome, wish we'd bought nothing in Perth and spent 2 more days in Sydney doing the round of the shops and sights. I could live here in an instant (and if money grew on trees)

We stayed in quite a funky hotel called the 'Vibe'. Had a few probs with getting a decent room tho... asked for a King room (hey, we have a king bed at home and i'm not going smaller on holidays... plus WC and i are not exactly small!)and they gave us a Queen bed... so we moaned and theymoved us to a King room which was awesome... until we realised the aircon didnt work... so we moaned again andthey moved us to a 3rd room that had a king bed and functioning aircon!! All was good after that.

We went to our fave chinese restaurant atStar city last night.... mmmmm so yummy.

better go get organised to go through customs etc.



jodie said...

Have fun in Hawaii!!!!!! Can't wait to see the pics. :)

Kerry said...

Hello, I'm Kerry and I found you through the link on Jodie's blog. I think I love you already. You will love Hawaii, just don't fall for conmen at Waikiki.!
I love iced coffee too and some times I have secret ones. I'm being very obsessed with this healthy business at the moment and I have only had one when I shouldn't.