Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rubber ducky

Last week I went onto the Lush website and treated myself.

Lately I seem to be bath-mad. I love long hot soaks in the tub, reading a trashy-mag and completely zoning out in my own little world. I guess you could say its my kind of meditation. Part of what I love about my soak is getting out smelling like a walking potpourri-pot, so I invested in some yummy smelling bath fizzer thingys and soap. They arrived today and I'm dying to soak my achy muscles in the tub. With product names such as 'Butterball, Lemony flutter butter and Comforter bubble bar' I almost want to take a bite... (would be seriously fizzing from the mouth if i did!)
We might live in the middle of nowhere, but having the Internet is like having a department store next door... you just need patience, since most things take around a week to arrive.

* * * * * *
I went to Kal yesterday for a work meeting, stayed overnight, went to another meeting today then came home this arvo. I gymed yesterday morning before leaving and have had a day off exercise today. My legs and butt are pretty sore from Sunday- and I looked like a Nanna climbing the stairs at the hotel we stayed at ... ouch...oooh...ouch. The girls I went with thought it was hilarious. I don't feel a bad as I thought I would though, and I'm planning another Lewie-session tomorrow. Gotta get my legs ready for skiing, yeehaar.
* * * * * *
I've heard a few rumours (gotta love a small town) about the job I applied for. The main one being that another person applied & was interviewed, and that person was 'over-qualified'.
Is that a good thing or a bad thing??
Anyway, I'm not too concerned, just wish I knew either way...waiting to find out sucks!


Debstar said...

I don't like soaking in a bath much, I always end up wanting a shower at the end of it. I do like those fizzy things though.

Stubby said...

Hi Drea.... I only dream of long soaks in the bath. With the strickt water restrictions up here I don't dare use too much water. So showers it is for me. :( Just don't have the same effect as baths.

Somewhere I have a recipe to make your own fizzy bath bombs... I have to find it me thinks and post it. :D:D

Melissa said...

I miss you, Drea! Please post soon!