Sunday, July 27, 2008

A weekend tale

Well the weekend is just about over. It's zoomed by considering I gave myself a long weekend by wagging work Friday to go to Kal. Husband and I stayed at the Broadwater Hotel and enjoyed a night of sipping champagne (with Hibiscus flowers - thanks Jo!) in the spa, a yummy restaurant meal and some lovin'!! (too much information?)

We spent Saturday grocery shopping (with the rest of Kalgoorlie) and bought the dogs a new snuggly bed and fifteen thousand squeaky toys for Murphy from the 2-buck shop.
We drove home listening to a static-ridden broadcast of a live AFL game which was music to husbands ears (no to mine - although it did help to lull me to sleep Zzzzz)
Saturday evening I washed my work car and washed the work car floor mats. Then i washed both the dogs. Then I washed all their dog blankets. Clearly I was in a 'washing mood'.

Today I baby-sat Finn so his Dad could work and his Mum could sleep after nightshift (they're Nurses at the hospital). He has to be the most easy going 2-year old on this planet, we had so much F U N! We baked choccy muffins (packet of course Finn told me he prefers packet mixes) then we ate half the mixture. We played Leggo and danced to the Wiggles, and we went to see Aunty JB up the road to see if we could have another go at finding Miss Tubby - who hid under the loungeroom coffee table this time instead of the bed. Small steps Miss Tubby - small steps!

Thats a BIG spoon for a little mouth.

Our finished mini-muffins. Yum.


Jennafina said...


HELLO -No wonder why I only got 3 mini muffins as Finn ate 1/2 the cake mixture before it went into oven.

PS: Does not take you much to fall asleep in the car, comfy pillow and lovely throw rug, compliments American Airlines and your out like a light.

Jo said...

That Finn looks very cute...he will send hearts a flutter when he gets to be a grown up!

You don't sleep in my car!!! he he he...

Jo xx

Drea said...

Sshhh Jo, don't tell JB your trick or I'll never be able to sleep in her car either.

Finn already sends my heart a flutter ;o)