Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I've just come home from work for the second time today. Somehow (and i don't remember this ever being mentioned in my Job description) i got roped into covering as the Manager for the neighbouring hospital (120km away) when their boss goes on leave. And she's on 3 weeks leave. Three W H O L E weeks..... noooo. It's got knobs on it. Big hairy ugly gnarly knobs. Like my job isn't shite enough, now I've got two shite jobs. Halle-fuckin-lujah.

I was in a zone of feeling completely utterly overwhelmed this afternoon - i had my resignation letter written in my head, i was feeling defeated.... so I went to the gym to de-stress. In the middle of my workout i decided i'd go back to work and tackle the piles of unfinished crap spread all over my desk - so that i can atleast start tomorrow off on a more positive note.
So three hours later I'm home feeling a whole heap better and ready to tackle tomorrow.

Bring it on i say... come on throw it at me... i can do two jobs at once. I might be a twitchy cooky raving lunatic by the end of it, but i shall soldier on and do my almighty best. Florence freakin Nightingale eat your heart out.

Over-n-out (twitch, snort, twitch)


Jo said...

Dear Florence...dressed as Andrea!

You sound like you are doing a fab job and THANK GOD for the all I can say.

Have confidence my friend/sister, have confidence.

You definitely don't want to become all cranky and twitchy...we are off to Bali in 36 (?) can really relax then.

Thinking of you, Jo xx

Jennafina said...


Breath in, breath out.... your a woman of many talents - YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS.