Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No pictures here

My post feels naked without a photo - but I'm trying to resist the urge. I CAN post without a pic... I can i can i can.

Murphy (shit-dog) ate my iPod earphones (could insert a pic of the damage done - but i won't be tempted).
Then my Polar heart rate monitor watch froze and refused to work. Is this a conspiracy by secret unknown forces to stop me exercising?.... no music, no HR monitor. I was also supposed to go for a run with Tania tonight, but she text'd me last minute & piked (see it is a conspiracy!) but I Soldiered on -SOLO! I will not let this arse get bigger... noooo, I stole husbands earphones and plodded off for a 30 minute jog. puff puff.
(Could possibly insert picture here of beetroot faced 35 year-old!)

* * * * * *
Husband used to cook lots. He's the cook in our house. Lately his enthusiasm for cooking has been on a steep decline. Tonight it was HIS turn to cook.
He put the (shop bought) Salmon Patties in the oven, then played on the computer.
He asked if I could 'do vegies' - so I peeled and chopped carrots and cooked them, along with some Peas n Corn. I took the patties out the oven and served up.
I don't think putting 4 patties in the oven and turning it on warrants as an act of 'cooking'.
In my books it's still his turn to cook.

* * * * * *

Hey guess what??
I just Googled 'Polar F6 frozen' and within 30 seconds I had fixed my HR monitor! Ha! All I needed to do was hold in all buttons (which I had tried) - EXCEPT the light button (must have been the only combination I didn't try) and... ka-boom... a master reset is performed.
Too easy!
I LOVE Google. love love love Google.
If only I'd done my research before my run.


jo said...

I wonder if anyone can marry 'google' coz he would be the most magical Mr Fixit...can fix anything!!

Maybe husband is trying to boost your confidence in the kitchen by making you spend more time in it?????

Happy cooking...

Love Jo xx

Jennafina said...


When I do an entry on my blog I most times like to add a photo as it helps tell the story. I do feel when I have no photo a little naked.

Dont knock salmon patties (shop bought)as I would warrant that as an act of cooking in my house!!

Gotta love GOOGLE! (He knows anything and everthing)

Jennafina said...

I know I have spelt EVERYTHING wrong on my lst comment to you.