Sunday, July 20, 2008

A purple Van

Guess what came to our sleepy town yesterday??


I was busy sorting washing out (yeehaar..thanks for sharing) when I heard a very dodgy version of Greensleeves blaring from a speaker... I thought 'that sounds like kiddies icecream van music' so I ran to the window and sure enough-a bright purple van was crawling up the road in our direction! I squealed in excitement to husband (who hastily put his order in and shoved $20 in my direction - how much did he seriously think it was gonna cost??) and ran outside to patiently wait in the freezing cold for the goods. I purchased one LARGE choc-nut-sundae - which husband demolished in record timing.
I'm not really into icecream (gives me brain-freeze) but I was so excited about the fact there was an icecream van in our little town!! That never happens.
It had travelled all the way from Kal just for the day. Isn't that cool?
I'm so easily pleased sometimes.


jo said...

Mmmmmm...yummy looking ice cream. I bet the ice cream man made plenty of money that day...he might even become a regular visitor!

I had a sleepover with Thomas... his Mum and Dad went out so we got to play! And celebrate his 3rd birthday.

love jo xx

Jennafina said...


I thought I was hearing things when I heard the music, like you I peered out the window and got excited that Mr. Whippy was in our street, by the time I had got to the door to try and wave him down to say you've got a customer here, the BASTARD had gone!