Sunday, August 03, 2008

Thats what you get for moaning...

Well the day after moaning about my job, husband finds out he is being transferred to Quairading as the Sergeant, so in 6 - 8 weeks I'll be looking for a new job. Holy crap.
Suddenly my old job doesn't seem so bad now... better the devil you know than the one you don't. Yikes... new town, new people, new house, new hospital everything.

It was always on the cards for husbands promotion, but its so final and real now that its a big shock. I'm actually going to take a big backward step with my career because at this stage I don't even know if there is a position available for a full-time level one nurse. However I'm sure it'll all work out (it might actually be nice to go back to basics for a while and let someone else do all the decision making and paperwork).

At the moment all I can think about is my creature comforts that I'll miss - the creatures being JB and KDF (!!) and comforts being all the familiar things I know, the locals, the area, the Rec centre and running tracks etc etc. In the back of my mind also is Tiff who moved to Onslow last year (with her Policeman husband) and has been miserable ever since. What if I end up like that???

However to grow in life we must all place ourselves OUT of our comfort zones and experience other jobs, environments, people... otherwise life really would grow monotonous and boring. Well thats how I'm consoling myself at the moment :o)


Jo said...

Quairading is soooo much closer to Mandurah than Leonora, I will be able to come for weekend visits!!

Don't stress over will slip into busy mode in no time.

Happy packing!

Jo xx

Debstar said...

I had to look it up on google map. Hells Bells girl, there's not much there. Maybe you could take up knitting.

Debstar said...
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Melissa said...

Whoa - changes afoot! Like you said, it will work itself out. Best of luck in Quairading, Drea.

Jennafina said...


You probably had the same thoughts, new town, new people, new house, new hospital etc before you headed to Leo. Give it time and you will be right into the swing of things in Quairading, Itch and Bitch on Wednesday nights, church on Sundays! You will be able to have AC/DC nights 3 nights a week instead of one!!

Anonymous said...

good luck with the move Drea, you will be fine!
Shame your hubby didnt get a promotion north...would have loved to have met you IRL lol

Drea said...

Jo - I've just been on Google-maps trying to workout a halfway point so we can meet for coffee!! Maybe sleep-overs will be easier.

Deb - Have you checked out Leonora on the Google map?? Much less around here than Quairading! I'm crap at knitting can you teach me?!

Mel thanks for the good wishes :o)

JB I can't remember stressing about moving to Leo... but surely I did?? Hey-we've gotta go to church before I go!

Hello Salisburymob! I'm off to check your blog to see where you're from!
... Oh cool...Karratha! Nice! Oh and you like coffee... and the gym.. and scrapping! Were we separated at birth??! Thanks for saying hi :o)

Jo said...

Andrea you did stress about moving to Leo...big time! I remember, do you remember the last 'outing' we had? while the truck was being loaded...mushroom bruchetta at that little cafe in Canningvale that is no longer there!
You were stressed...what am I doing?
I was upset, finally I move to be closer and YOU moved away. Ha ha ha we can laugh about it now.
Good luck for smooth move.
Will investigate the half way for coffee...
Pete will have a suggestion.

Jo xx

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