Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Dogs life

Well it's Sunday and it seems forever since I last blogged.

The town is covered in big angry grey storm clouds, and until about 20 minutes ago we had been in a blackout for a couple of hours. Wayne came home from work to find the place in darkness and me on the couch with the dogs on top of me (both quivering in pathetic-ness from the thunder outside) I was trying to snooze between offers of reassurance to the whimpy mutts.

Wayne was pacing around in boredom, it was dark and quiet, and his afternoon of footy watching had been destroyed by a storm. He was trying to find something to amuse himself with and he said to me 'Do ya wanna root??'. I just about fell off the couch choking with laughter - for a start who says root these days?? And... although we've been married for 9 years puh-lease try to make the offer somewhat romantic and not just because your bored shitless and it's the last thing you could think of to amuse yourself!! What a dork, thank gawd about 20 seconds later the power came back on and I haven't heard from him since, he's reverted back to being a footy-head.

* * * * * *

I took a heap of photo's of the dogs yesterday. I sat out on the back lawn with them, they were playing tug-o-war with a dog toy thingy, then doing laps chasing each other, it was funny to watch... aww i love my dumb doggies! I've posted some of the pics.

I did a couple of good runs last week, other than that my fitness wasn't as great as I had planned. My eating was okay, lots more fruit n veg and nutrition.

* * * * * *

Mothers Day Classic update:

The Fun Run planning is going great guns. JB and I decided to go down and sit ourselves outside the supermarket Saturday morning to advertise the fun run/walk and to see if we could sign anyone up. We had a great response, signed up approx 15 people and also managed to get over $140 in donations (from people who weren't willing to walk 4km but wanted to donate to the Breast Cancer charity) and some surprising generosity. One guy signed up himself and his wife to do the walk ($15 each) gave us a $50 note and said 'keep the change, it's for a good cause'. Amazing eh? There are still 3 weeks to go, so hopefully we'll get a few more people registered and walking/running for a good cause.

While we were sitting down there this very friendly dog hung out with us, he was beautiful, still a puppy with the hugest ears! He must've escaped from someones yard, we think we worked out who he belonged to and eventually sent him home, but not before I (the crazy dog lover) took some pics of him. I could've stolen him, he jumped up into my lap and was just so cute & super friendly. JB (a non-doggie lover!) was not impressed. I should've signed him up for the fun run, He could've been our mascot with a pink bandana or something.
Check out the flappa ears!

This week I plan to do 3 runs, attend the ANZAC dawn service and dig out my Tae Bo DVD's! (Not necessarily in that order). I have to go to Kalgoorlie this weekend for a course, so will be away Friday and Saturday night, back Sunday arvo.

This is the last week of me 'playing' boss. Wow that 5 weeks has flown and it actually hasn't been anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. It just shows that sometimes we have more ability than we sometimes believe we do.



Anonymous said...


That photo you took of the dog is quite cute he puts a smile on my face, though he was annoying, too friendly for my liking but must admit the dog is very photogenic.

As for the power been off, I was that bored ended going down to Shell and getting a packet of Twisties (as they are suppose to
put a sparkle in your day) they did when I was eating them!


Tan said...

Hi Drea

I cant believe your 5 weeks is almost up. God that went quick. I havent even spent any time with you lately.
I will sign myself up for the fun run today and start recruiting. Goodluck.
Miss Ya

Debstar said...

Men, they're all the same! Mine still says root, but then we are older than you guys. If I ask if he approves of a new outfit its usually on a scale of how rootable I look to him.

Love the doggie photos. I have a dog with silly ears. Some days she looks like The Flying Nun.....oh you probably haven't seen that show, it was a long time ago.

Sue said...

My God and I thought I had the only husband that said 'root'. We have been married for 14 years but he still doesn't get that fact at 'do you want a root' doesn't 'turn us on'!

Sue said...

Woops have another comment, sorry, but whats that green stuff under your dogs????? Is that that stuff that they have been talking about called 'grass'?
I'm in Melbourne and there is not many places you would see grass like that here. I better start packing and moving closer to you;-)

Drea said...

Deb... of course I've heard of the flying Nun! Can you post some pics of your crazy-ear'd doggie on your blog?? I'd love to see her!

Hello Sue, yeah believe it or not it's grass in my back yard! It kind of looks better in the pics than in reality, but yeah atleast it's green and fluffy-ish (needs a mow) We've had a bit of rain lately so it's looking okay. The dogs love it (even if its only to do poop on), but I guess we humans should appreciate it more than we do.

Melissa said...

Your dogs are gorgeous, as is the interloper who kept you company at the supermarket.

So "root" is out of vogue? Damn. I thought I might try it on Matt. :)