Saturday, April 07, 2007

Obese or obsessing?

Have you ever noticed how pathetically weight obsessed we all are?? Hey...I'm one of the biggest offenders, but lately I'm starting to think seriously about it all. I appreciate the health benefits of maintaining a 'healthy weight range', but the amount of time, effort, depression and obsession that people put themselves through.... trying to achieve something that they think will make their lives a 'whole lot better'... when in fact many of us are in a healthy weight range.
I've come to the conclusion its sad, very sad. Why don't we spend equal amounts of time learning to love the body we have, appreciating that we're healthy and fortunate enough to be around people we love, in fresh air and sunshine, in a country that's peaceful and beautiful.

Instead of spending millions on 'weight loss' drugs and regime's, why doesn't some of that money & focus go towards accepting ourselves for who we are. I know that I seem to have an all or nothing approach. I'm either fixated on eating like a saint, or I switch off and don't give a toss. I have problems with binge eating at times, I eat when I'm emotional, I eat 'forbidden' treats when my husband isn't around (sneakily hiding the evidence!) and I've finally come to the conclusion that a lot of my life seems to revolve around obsessive food behaviour. I'm sure if I stopped focusing so bloody hard on what I'm eating, when i should eat, and my left and right brain stopped arguing over whether i should exercise or not.... if i just TRULY ate and did whatever i felt like, then I would be much better off. The problem is i can't seem to turn that part of my obsessive brain off... and that sucks.

I was looking through some old photo's yesterday when I was 12kg lighter than i am now. I remember thinking then (approx 6 years ago) that i was overweight. WTF?? I wasted so much time feeling miserable when there was nothing wrong with me!! Aarrggh.

So in summary, i have to admit I'm a bit lost at the moment. I read other blogs and so many of us seem to be in the same boat. I want to lose a few kgs and be fit, but I'm sick of obsessing about it and feeling so down on myself when i get off track. I'm wasting time by not appreciating what i have and should be grateful for.

Happy Easter.


Krispie said...

Thank you Drea!!
The last few days I have been thinking the same thing. I have wasted so much energy beating myself up over eating a biscuit (or 10). I love exercising and I love food so I'm just going to find room for both so I can love me too.

Tan said...

Good Philosophy Drea. Just a matter of getting the head to accept it. I agree with you totally, If we stopped trying so hard and obsessing it would all just happen naturally. Stupid brains, who needs one!!!!!


Cherub said...

Hi Drea, loving your blog.

I think many of us struggle with this. I certainly do. I'm trying to eat like a "normal" person now???

I have dieted and obsessed for so long. Time to relax now and enjoy my healthy food and the occasional treat.