Friday, April 13, 2007

The girl moves

I just had to post and say I JUST WENT FOR A RUN!!!! Yay!! Miracles do happen.

I managed to move my hefty butt out of bed at 0445 am to meet Nikki for a jog out to Gwalia. I got up to find she'd left a message on my phone (I have to guiltily confess after a crap-ola sleep I had kinda hoped it was her cancelling the jog... hee hee) but no, she was telling me the visiting maintenance man from Kal had kind of 'invited himself' on our morning jog and she was for-warning me & apologising her little heart out (not her fault i don't really care who comes jogging, the more the merrier). Anyway we did a hospital to Gwalia jog and I did really well! I was worried because it's been ages, my fitness is at an all time low, and last time i jogged my shins felt like they were about to explode. Not to mention the fact that Nik is an awesome long distance running queen, and maintenance man looks like a wirey-natural-runner-kind. (You know that look... when u can imagine people in little running shorts and a sweaty singlet going for miles n miles?) But I did fine... managed to hold a half reasonable conversation with them the whole way and Maintenance man found it tough going, so i felt secretly great about that.

* * * * * *

I'm wagging work today (well half a day of work) to go to Kal with husband for a dirty weekend! yippee. well actually it's only one night, we're coming back tomorrow arvo. Thats still ample time to stay at a nice hotel, sip cocktails in the bar, have a relaxing spa in their ginormous spa-baths and perform some much needed retail therapy.

Halle - bloody- lujah

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Tan said...

Its about time. Go You!!!
Have a nice weekend away.