Thursday, April 26, 2007

Vino de'splat

This is what happens when you try to balance a glass of red on the heater while scoffing apricot chicken down your gob - after already consuming a tad too many beers.

Nice one husband. (doooooorrrk)

Guess who had to clean it up? yup, me. Well he looked at me with this horror confused look on his face (that men always seem to put on when they want to get out of doing some kind of crap-ola job) and kind of mumbled ' awww Drea, can you help me??' I had to help... plus the vision of a HUGE stain right smack-bang in the doorway of the lounge forever to come, was also somewhat motivating. I remember my friends very 'Martha Gardener-ish' Mum using Bicarb on a wine spill once... so I did the same.
Except I used up all our bicarb in the process.
So then I used salt as well (thanks Google for your advice)
A Big tub of salt.... all gone on the spillage (there was a lot of wine in that glass)
Maybe I shoulda soaked the wine up with a towel first. God i'm clever.
Now it looks like a big science experiment in the doorway of the lounge... the most obvious place it could possibly be.
Suggestions anyone???


Debstar said...

My hubby did that to our lounge chair just last week only he didn't tell me until the next day. grrrrrrr

My only suggestion is to get the carpet cleaner guy in.

Jennafina said...

Get a new husband!

Melissa said...

Blotting with a cloth then adding salt to the stain has worked for me. That is, it worked for a friend whose couch I practically threw a full glass of wine on ...

You probably have it straightened out by now, but if there's any residue, there's this.