Sunday, April 29, 2007


Well I'm back from a weekend of defibrillating and resuscitating. I went to Kalgoorlie for the Advanced Life Support 2 day course. I left on Friday even tho the course didn't start until Saturday morning... had to squeeze in some retail therapy! Shops...oooh shops! I could touch real things for sale instead having to browse at them on a computer screeen. Such fun!

I'm going to go to bed tonight with the squealing noise of the defib alarm and prompts ringing in my ears. I have to say I'm pretty much over anything defib-related after 2 mega-intensive days doing nothing but zapping the crap out of plastic mannequins. I was actually secretly hoping someone would fuck up and zap themselves so i could do the 'real' thing on someone that wasn't just a plastic limbless torso! Is that wrong??

* * * * * *

My vino impregnated carpet is still just that... Vino impregnated.
Bloody Bicarb and salt trick is crap. It looks awful. Will have to try some of Melissa's linked 'tips' tomorrow.

Going to bed now, will perform a decent posting tomorrow!


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