Saturday, July 14, 2007

Baking for the boys

I just made biscuits.

No..not the human variety... for the doggies!

We've run out of dog treats (bribes) and there are no shops open here tomorrow. Yes they could go without... but I've a night off and a day off tomorrow, so I Googled 'Dog biscuit recipe' and by golly, it's magic...up popped a kazillion recipes, one of which I kind of (...give or take a few minor things) had all the ingredients for!

Mmm, interesting mix of carrot, flour, beef stock, Paprika, Parsley and bran.
(Dogs will be poopin' well me thinks)

Taa Daaaa.
Some of the finished product. The boys (K9) are impressed.
Note to self: I must remember to let husband know they are for the DOGS... although it might be more amusing if i don't mention it.
Tempting - I must say.


Jo said...

you are such a had BRAN in your cupboard????
The cookies looked pretty good, do the dogs like them?
Enjoy your days off, see you next weekend.
Jo xx

Karen said...

Excuse me.... Are you going to send any of these to your great nephew Elton.

Melissa said...

Pete and Willy think they'd like some homemade biscuits, too. I might do some googling of my own tonight.

Drea said...

Jo the bran was Sultana Bran - crunched up & minus the 'tanas!!!
Dogs loved them, but then again they eat anything!!

KDF - Elton will have to fight Murph n Diez for them!

Melissa - aren't you a queen of cookie baking?? Hope Pete & Willy score... let us know what you create!

Debstar said...

Hey! I've got bran in my cupboard. What's wrong with that? Its been there so long I'm a bit scared to eat it. Perfect for the dog. You've just given me a whole new use for it.