Monday, July 09, 2007

A lunch date

Some Health Service bosses are coming to town tomorrow for a meeting. They're having lunch at the hospital, so we've decided to all 'bring a plate' and make a party of it (?? yeah.. I'm sure it'll be rockin).
Problem is... I don't know what to take.
I usually take some kind of creation involving eggs (zucchini slice or quiche thingy). But someone else is doing that... the cook usually makes homemade sausage rolls and sandwiches.
Any suggestions??

(Remember -my cooking skills are limited to a basic pre-kindergarten level)


karen said...

take a plate of salad or dip and vegies

Tan said...

Hey Dribs
Sorry Its late. So forgot. No Excuse I know.
Interview???? WTF???? Does this mean your leaving me?????
Pic is great. Miss my little man. Cant wait to get back home.
Ill be into the gym with you as soon as I get back. Ive hell stacked on the weight.
Hong Kong & Singapore??? What happened to NZ again. Singapore is great. Well the airport is the best, so I imagine the rest is good to.

Donna said...

Take a fruit platter (can ya buy fresh fruit in the desert??!)
Or maybe nachos? You used to make yummo nachos at Tennivale Place...
Don xx

Drea said...

Hi KDF is that you?! Where's your blog?! Dip and vegies... good thinking!

Hey Midget welcome back to Oz!
Interview - for the boss job here. Don't worry am not leaving! (But I will if a dipshit gets the job!)
Still off to NZ (in 2.5 weeks... Yay) planning Honkers & Singapore for October!
Gyming? Its a DATE!

Drea said...

Hey Don! You must've snuck in while I was commenting!
Mmmm Uni-student-nachos, they were a winner!! Oh the good ol' days.
Our fresh fruit situation is rather scarey and a 'tinned-fruit' platter just won't cut it!