Thursday, July 12, 2007

a scarf and some soup

Husband went to Kal today, he had a day off and one of his mates was going for the day so he bummed a ride. He bought food (oh glorious food - -fresh fruit n vegies and exciting...not-available-in-Leo stuff like soy milk and Yoplait yoghurt and crumpet bread and Sprite zero) ...anyway what was i talking about? Oh yeah, he went to Kal, and he bought me a surprise! Yeah...gotta love that. A groovy knitted Roxy scarf, i've been wearing it around the house like an excited pre-schooler since i got home from work, mmm nice and snuggly and soft. Will be perfect for the snowy climate of NZ.

He also bought what looks to be part of a pig... which is nicely nestled on the shelf in the fridge. A 'smoked shank' (sounds like something illegal) is what it says on the label. He's informed me he's making 'Ham Hock and cabbage soup' tomorrow.
Its not the pig-foot I'm worried about... its more the cabbage. I can't seem to remove from my head the thought that poor Charlie Bucket's family lived on cabbage soup before they found the golden ticket and got to take over Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. I have always thought cabbage soup sounded terrible, so I'm hoping that by adding a pig hoof it'll jazz it up a bit.
I'm sure it'll be great, all those hours watching Food Channel on Foxtel must teach him something! (maybe I should tune into it?)

No exercise for me today... but my house is clean. Is that a fair trade?

Midget gets back tomorrow from her European travels...yay!


Melissa said...

The soup is going to be delicious! You made me laugh with the Willa Wonka book reference.

Debstar said...

cabbage......mmmmmmm You may lose a few friends at work but don't worry as soon as you stop farting I'm sure they'll love you again.

Drea said...

He held off on the cabbage!! (Maybe I scared him with the Woka story?) He made this awesome ham/coconut/potato/carrot chowder thing which was great. Sounds weird...but it was fab.

Much safer for the work buddies (and anyone situated down-wind!)