Thursday, July 05, 2007

Interview spew

We just booked our flights for another holiday! Yahoo. Husband and I seem to live holiday to holiday, his happiness is determined by having something to look forward to, so if a holiday is partly planned and booked, then he'll have a smile on his dial :o)


Hong Kong 9 nights, Singapore 5 nights.
Nice... need to look for hotels now.

* * * * * *

I got a job interview! Yeehaar.

I know its a 'means to an end' but now I'm really shitting myself. The one thing in life that I absolutely dread is a job interview (interrogation). I will have 3 people on the panel (jury) determining my worth (sentence).
1115 next Wednesday.


I've been instructed to go in 30 minutes before so I can read the interview questions.

Huh? Thats weird. When I read them... can i take notes?? If i take notes can I take them into the interview and refer to them?? Does that mean the questions are going to be ridiculously hard-and thats the reason they give you 30 minutes....because it'll take you that long to interpret them??

*Vomit's again*

I can't wait for it to be over.

* * * * * *

Husband and I had a day off together yesterday. We got all dressed ready to go for a motorbike ride, only my bike was D E A D. Not even a whimper of a noise from the motor once the key was turned & ignition button pushed. Silence. Zero signs of life. Squat.

So we (well husband and his mate... I pretty much watched & did nothing) spent nearly two hours trying to get it going. Push start, jump start, push start again. Call for back up. Still no life.

The battery is now being charged and we've postponed our ride for a few days time. Thats if husband doesn't secretly sell my M'bike before then, he was cursing and swearing when killing himself trying to start it "Thats IT... I'm putting for sale notices up this ARVO..."

Aww a sorry sight - she's hooked up to the car for a jump start.

* * * * * *
My gyming and eating has been going pretty good. I'm still following Lewies weights program and adding a bit of cardio in as well. It's nice to be doing something different. I've just done an early morning gym session with JB, so now I'm free to relax and do whatever I like tonight after work.

What a great feeling!


Kristy said...

I've been given the interview questions beforehand as well, which I thought was strange, but they give you room to make notes on what you want to say and then you can take the notes in with you. They aren't normally difficult questions, but I found it really helped the interview to go more smoothly. I think they do it so you have time to think about each question. I was heaps nervous as well, but you will be fine.

Jennafina said...

If your gym session was anything to go by today - where you worked your guts out - compared to me, you will shit it in - come interview time.

Remember next Wednesday it will be my friendly face :-) that greets you before you get interrogated!

Donna said...

Hey Drea,
Good luck for your interview! I've recently been on lots of Education panels (juries) and the point of the reading the question thing is so that people do not spend the whole interview making crap up and dribbling (not that you would do that of course!) If peopke don't come into the interview with notes to refer to then I am very skeptical about what they are saying and what the heck they have been doing for the past 30mins!!! You'll be great - use the force
love Don (in Broome-town)xx
PS am jealousing your holiday plans!

jodie said...

Good luck with the interview. Prepare your answers as it helps with the nerves. Remember EVERYONE is nervous, if they are not there is something wrong. Be yourself and you will be fine.
Best of luck

Drea said...

Thanks for all the interview tips! I actually feel a bit better about the whole 'questions before' thing now, i was thinking about it from the wrong aspect. I'm sure it will really help my answers flow and curb the crapping!
JB you may still need to have a bucket ready... and a U-know-what to sip on after the event!!


Jo said...

Matt says change the spark plug or maybe the starter motor is ***k'd. He adds...ha ha mine starts fine!

Cheeky nephew!

Good luck with the will blitz em.

Jo xx

Debstar said...

The last job I had a good friend got for me. There was no interview I was just introduced to the boss as the "new girl". That was the best job ever!

Good luck. Forewarned is forearmed.

Drea said...

Jo - please let Matt know that it was nothing a decent charge-of-the-battery couldn't fix... now she's going like a DREAM!

Deb - That sounds too good to be true. I wish the questions they asked were: 'can you spell your name for us...'