Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Each week, the Sunday Times has a feature article on the back of the 'Home' magazine that shows photo's and lists some random persons' favourite things. I love it, and it's the first thing I look for when I read the Sunday paper. Why It's on the back of the Home liftout I'm not entirely sure. I'm not even sure why I find it that interesting, maybe because what each person lists as important to them is always quite different.

Anyway, I've decided to make my own (since the Sunday Times obviously doesn't seem to have my contact details...)

My Fave things... in no apparent order..

1. My boys!

Husband, Diesel (Brindle) & Murphy (white). what would i do without them? Life would be so boring and filled with a lot less love! (but my house would be much cleaner and have far fewer fur-balls on the floor).

2. Bears

I have always loved teddy bears. when I was young I had so many covering my bed and I insisted on sleeping with all of them. My Dad used to joke that I'd have to sleep on the floor to make room for them. I still love the classic old-style bear and husband will often surprise me with one. The small brown one 'Buttons' is very treasured because Wayne had him hidden at home, waiting for a moment when I needed cheering up. It worked a treat and I'll never forget how sweet that was. (Aww shucks!)

3. My Art room

This is the equivalent to my Dads shed - a place to hide away and find complete relaxation. Its a mess - it always is, no matter how organised I try to make it, but thats okay. I know where everything is (sort of). The mess factor is the reason I get a whole room dedicated to what husband refers to as my 'art crap'. If it wasn't contained to one room, I'd have half finished projects scattered all around the house. He figures its just easier to sacrifice an entire room to my hobby. Unfortunately my Art room isn't quite as exciting in a rental house when we lived in our own place in the city my art room had bright orange and pink swirls painted on the walls. and a wall painted in magnet paint so I could stick magnets all over it. I'm not seven years old... I swear.

4. Useless Nick-Knacks

I love random things like this colourful vintage wind-up duck. When you wind him his hat twirls around and he pedals the bike. My Mum would call it a 'dust-collector'. I love pretty much anything that's colourful.

5. My Jewellery

Husband buys me nice jewellery. I think he has great taste.... white gold and diamonds...Nice.
When it comes to diamonds, quality is better than quantity. I just love my bling.

6. Gadgets

I'm a gadget geek. By 'gadgets' I mean anything electronic that can be programmed or played with! I love new gadgets... figuring out what they do and how to use them. I love to have the latest and greatest. The one gadget I'd love but haven't got is a laptop of my own. At the moment that would be top of my geeky-gadget-wish list.

7. Iced Coffee

Of course this has to be on my list!
I'm seriously trying to give it up tho.

8. Ma 'n Pa's house and Tom

See this bright red lounge? I am at my most relaxed laying on this. Its at my Mum and Dads house in Walpole and If I'm there it means I'm visiting them (which I love). I spend a LOT of time on this lounge when I'm at their place -- snoozing, reading mags, watching TV, chatting to Mum and Dad. I love it, it's my 'safe place' that I go to in my mind whenever I'm stressed or scared.

I love this photo because not only am I on the red lounge, but I've got my beautiful nephew Tom on me playing.
9. Photo's
I love photos. I take photos of pretty much anything and everything (Nooo...really??). This is a cork board I made that is on the wall in my house. I pin up my fave photos and change them around every now and then. I have a terrible memory especially of holidays, so by taking loads of photo's it help to keep my memories alive. I love looking at old albums - reminiscing.


Jo said...

Interesting entry...I too love the same page in the Sunday Times...and the same, they obviously don't have my address!

Jo xx

Melissa said...

What a great duck and I love the bling!