Friday, November 16, 2007

Don't count ya chickens...

Yeah great. I bounced off to bed last night with the glorious illusion I was all better.
I woke at 4am feverish, achy and feeling like crap. Hmph, that'll teach me to boast about wellness.
The good thing about my new job (the ONE and only solitary-single good thing about my new job) is that my hours are flexible, so as long as I work my quota per week it doesn't really matter when I go in, so I stayed in bed till 9am. Then I moved to the bath for a long soak. Then I finally made it to work at about 11am to find it mega-busy. The aircon in my office has carked it and it's a major sauna in there, so I was glad to dodge it as much as possible and help out in A&E. I ended up staying till late because the nurse on needed to do a patient escort. At the start of the shift my voice sounded like a boy going through puberty with its squeaky uneven tones, by the end of the night I was barely audible and very husky - kind of like a gnarly hooker.

Geez, what a moan-fest.
I guess after to listening to everyone elses woes all day at work, I felt I had to vent my own.


Jo said...

At least you have a good thing about your job...I am struggling to find one in my job at the moment!
Stay positive about your job Andrea. I hear you are doing just fine...there is lots of new territory, just relax and do your best.
Sad about the and Mum can have croaky voice comparisons!!!!!
Enjoy the weekend.
Jo x

Drea said...

Yeah true Jo, I'll try and focus on that ONE positive!
Its kind of weird how Mum and I have the same disease, no one else here seems to have it. One of the nurses reckons Ma and I must have been 'making out together' !!!

Melissa said...

Hee hee, I love the phrase "gnarly hooker".

Sorry you're still feeling like crap. Get better!