Saturday, November 17, 2007

Perfect wife

I took this photo of Murphy tonight sprawled out snoozing. It's not really a glamorous look, but it made me laugh.

I worked this morning with no voice.... nothing, zilch, zip... not even a croak. It was a weird experience. How come when you whisper to people they automatically whisper back? It's like they're worried they might wake someone up. Some of the patients I saw gave me strange looks like I was playing a practical joke on them. Nope... 'fraid not. One guy laughed at my whispering efforts and proceeded to tell me I would be a 'perfect wife'!! Nice.

Even the dogs are looking at me weird 'why isn't she talking to us?'.

* * * * * *

I'm still working on my Election homework... 3 homework chapters to go. Must do them tonight, we have training tomorrow and I don't want to get detention for not having it done.

My diet and exercise this week have been crap.

Please God, let me have a voice tomorrow (a proper non-croaky one would be nice, but I'm not overly fussy, an audible tone of any kind would be appreciated at this stage)

Over n out


Anonymous said...

No voice at wonder Murphy is sleeping funny and both the dogs are giving you funny unnatural phenomenon!!!!!!!!

Love ya...

Jo xx

Jennafina said...

OMG! You have written on your blog! Unbelievable! Back into the land of Blogging!

I am waiting patiently for you guys to hurry up and finish your training for the elections so I can lock up and enjoy the sunshine. You should of been a Declaration Officer!!!! :-)

Drea said...

Jo - imagine you with no voice, your more of a Mrs have-a-chat than me! It'd be disasterous. hee hee

JB - wanna swap? I think the dec officer sounds far more fun than OIC. We'll have a good day tho I'm sure.(If I can speak by then)

Melissa said...

Great picture of Murphy. I'd like to rub his tummy, please.

Drea said...

Mel- Sure go ahead and rub...then he'd arch his back even further, get even more of a dopey look on his face and probably make weird growly-appreciative noises!They're funny creatures aren't they? love em.