Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The great escape

Thank god I'm home.
My 3-night 'vacation' turned out to be 5-nights and by day 6 (Monday) I had an impressive escape plan hatched inside my head, should I need to 'break-out' if they didn't give me the okay for discharge. Luckily after more x-rays, bloods and a spirometry test I was given the all clear and practically ran out the door of the hospital Monday afternoon! I decided to stay Monday night in Kal so I could grab a few things from the shops (at a gentle Nana-pace of course) in the morning before heading home. I checked into the Broadwater Hotel... where I lazed in the spa bath, sprawled across the not-plastic-covered King Size Bed (like a big fat octopus) and ate real non-hospital food. was pure heaven. Anyway I'm all better and don't plan to repeat last weeks events anytime again soon. (fingers crossed)

* * * * * *

I would like a dollar for every time I was asked in hospital how many children I have.
When I answered 'none' I was shot looks of utter disbelief and sheer horror, quickly followed by the question 'why not?'
Does it not occur to people that maybe not all women of child-bearing age want to actually bear children?
Isn't it just a teeny bit rude to quiz a person as to why they don't have children??
Is it really anyone elses business?
I'm not usually that sensitive about it, however explaining it over and over (when I'm not entirely clear in my own head the reasons why I don't have kids... nor if I will or won't have them) is rather dull and tiring and uncomfortable and weird.

Is it bad if we decide not to have kids... like not...ever?? Will we end up bitter, lonely, selfish old sods who have nothing but each other? I'm not opposed to kids, heck I love the little long as they're someone elses. The maternal desire is yet to smack me over the head and at 34-years of age - I'm kind of thinking it never will... and I'm fine with that. Husband shares my thoughts exactly - not opposed but not really into it either. We kind of have a 'lets re-evaluate each 6-months' theory and that suits us fine. Just wish it was tattooed on my forehead so I didn't have to explain myself over-n-over-n-over.
( NOT having kids this week... so don't ask)

Maybe I'm looking into it too much, maybe people are just trying to make conversation... who knows. Can't they just stick to questions about the weather?


Melissa said...

I don't think you're reading too much into it at all - people are ridiculously pushy when it comes to talking about kids. There's nothing selfish in not wanting children, and frankly I wish more people would take a bit more time with the kids/no kids decision.

Glad you're out and about! Nana-pace or not :)

jo said...

I see so many people who have kids coz they think it is the 'right' thing to do and then the parents of the poor child have no time for the child as they are too busy working and socialising to put effort into the upbringing of the child to make it a decent citizen of society!

If you feel comfortable with your decision then what is there to worry about?

What you decide is no one else's problem.

Despite the fact that I would love to have more nieces and nephews!!!!

Glad you are feeling better...BUT make sure you rest at home and don't go silly being busy.

Love Jo xx

Jennafina said...


Good to see you the other day, slowly getting backing to your normal healthy self - remember to take things easy, you have a few more days off so get into a bit of couch potato stuff - Dr. Phil and Oprah!!

Its pretty boring asking about the weather - kids sound more interesting - so come on, when are the little nippers going to happen?????