Monday, November 19, 2007

night bath

Husband bought home half a cow tonight. It's gross. It's now laying neatly in two huge hunks in the bottom of our fridge awaiting slicing and freezing tomorrow after it has been allowed to 'air'. (I don't quite understand the whole air thing, but his strict instructions were it required 24 hours airing??) I don't mind a bit of steak every now and then, but I have trouble coping with it en'mass like that.... put some fur on it and it could almost walk around moo'ing.

Tomorrow I go to Kal for two nights for more management/work stuff. Joy.

I just washed my work car at 9:45pm at night. weird. It'll probably look like crap considering i did it in the dark. I'm not sure what inspired me to do it that late (except for the Kal trip tomorrow, but it didn't need to be clean for that) i hope i didn't wake the neighbours with the vacuum cleaner.

I had a gym session with Lewie this arvo. We did legs only, and although it was only short bursts of cardio/weights it killed me. I'm really wheezy and chesty still and think it'll be a while before I'm back to road running.

Better go pack my bag... and a heap of note paper since my voice is still on strike.
What if it never returns??


Melissa said...

It always takes longer than you think to bounce back, but if you're doing ANY cardio and weights, it sounds like you're on your way.

A big hunk of meat sounds perfect to me right now (stomach growling) - hope you enjoy it! After it's properly aired, of course.

jo said...

Ha...the huffing and puffing from the cardio work should have been a 'sign'...hope you are feeling better soon.
Ask Pete about the airing thing...he knows all out it.
Take care, Jo xx

Drea said...

Mel the hunk of meat was cave-man material! It's in a post pak to you right now. Should be well and truly 'aired' by the time it arrives... will be like Biltong!! :o)

Jo the flowers you sent were beautiful... thank you! Yeah, maybe I should've listened to my body a bit more. That'll teach me. Will be sure to quiz Pete on the art of airing!