Friday, November 23, 2007

Vacation time

Yeah well... I'm in hospital with Pneumonia. What a spaz.
Off I go to Kalgoorlie Hospital for a 'Recruitment and selection' workshop (ugh) and I manage to listen to about 45 minutes of the workshop (I got to put my name on the registration slip... so i hope they credit me as having done it) before I wound up wheezing and spluttering my way to the Emergency department for a neb and some oxygen. I then won myself a 3-night all-expenses-paid vacation to D-Ward Kalgoorlie Hospital.
Anyway, I feel much better now. Oxygen, IV Antibiotics, Nebs and steroids are now on my list of all time amazing inventions of the world and favourite things.
I'm a bit embarrassed (actually a LOT embarrassed) by all the fuss thats been made, I've been sent choccys, flowers and cards galore, not to mention that the hospital staff have treated me like a queen...aww, shucks.

Husband drove down from Leo yesterday afternoon and he has been keeping me amused and eating my chocolates. (Of course)

I'm sure I will be back jogging to Gwalia again in no time flat. The enforced rest has done me the world of good... it should be an annual compulsory requirement for everyone to lay in bed and do nothing for a few days.
Although personally I'd prefer a King Size pillow-top mattress and non-plastic-covered pillows next time.


Anonymous said...

Trust you to complain about the bedding!!!!

So glad to hear you are getting better, need to be well for Xmas.

Just had a really nice night out socialising with a few girls from work, most relaxing and refreshing.

Keep happy and enjoy your rest.

Jo xx

Debstar said...

Hi Drea, thanks for dropping by the other night. I have been checking your blog for the last month & all I could see was 'Puking Dog' so thought you were so busy you had stopped blogging. Then tonight I pop in and there's posts...a whole month of them in fact. Weird. Actually this happened with Kek's blog last year and no matter what I did I couldn't change it, then all of a sudden it stopped. I think this computer just likes playing games with my head.

Hope you are on the mend now. Hope you have learnt to listen to your body when it is telling you it is sick. (This is the mother coming out in me so you are allowed to roll your eyes).

Melissa said...

You were sure in the right place, weren't you? Very glad to hear you're feeling better now, and that you were showered with chocolates and cards and flowers in the meantime. They have curative properties, after all! :)

Drea said...

Jo I'm the queen of sleep... bedding is important!

Hi Deb sorry to hear blogger's been playing tricks...glad you're back though! Yes I rolled my eyes at the Mother-duck comments!

Mel my timing was impressive. Choccy's and flowers work better than antibiotics if you ask me!