Monday, August 18, 2008

Hot Rod

This is my new car!!

Well it's not the actual car - but it's pretty much exactly the same. After pondering over new cars for what seems like forever (I changed my mind a hundred times), husband went to test drive some Mini's in Perth today (I was worried about getting one if they were ridiculously small inside) and he said it was great - and ordered me one! Yeehaar. It's Red with a white roof just like this one. Do you know the glove compartment has a chiller option??? W.T.F? Perfect for Iced coffee storage! This car was MADE for me.

Yesterday I sold my motorbike and I was feeling a bit sad and sentimental about it.

NOT ANYMORE!! Talk about an upgrade! Vrroooommmm.


Jo said...

Cute car! Can just see you zippin' around in that.

Jo xx

Jennafina said...


THE NEW CAR: Love it, Love it, that car is you all over. Love the chiller option in glove compartment, nothing nicer than and icy cold IC on a hot summers day - driving, mmmmmmmm!

Melissa said...

It's a beaut!