Tuesday, August 05, 2008

position wanted

Husbands folks' sent us a card today. It was addressed to both of us and when I opened it (because it had my name on the front too and I couldn't help myself) and saw that it was a Congratulations card i thought 'weird' because the congrats is for husbands promotion - it's nothing to do with me. (Although, at this point I'd like to take some of the glory for all that wretched interview practice that nearly saw us divorced)

Inside the card Mum-in-law had written a novel of warm fuzzies* about both of us and what we have achieved... together. It was nice, really really nice.

Leonora has certainly made us both grow, we've had plenty of challenges both personally, in our relationship and in our careers. My favourite saying/motto is 'what doesn't kill us makes us stronger' and it sure is true. We grow from experiences and at the other end when you realise how much you've learnt from that experience, it doesn't matter if it was good or bad it seems to be worthwhile in some way.

* * * * * *
At the moment I don't have a job to go to when we move.


What was I just sprouting on about life experiences... and growing?? Please remind me of that when I'm unemployed and broke and in an unfamiliar town.

I'm sure something will come up, but it's kind of stressful, especially since I handed in my resignation today. It may have been wiser to W A I T until i got another position. (nothing like counting ya chickens before they hat....yeah yeah, blah blah)

* * * * * *
Husband and I took the dogs for a walk tonight, then I went for a 6km jog with Tania. It was awesome! I felt like I was flying and loved every minute of it. Maybe it was because the dog-walk had warmed my legs up? Who knows but if I felt that good jogging all the time I'd do it every day and twice on Sundays.

* * * * * *
Isn't this an great pic?
JB up the hill, IC in hand (she probably has a ciggie in the other) waiting for the sun to set.

Over n out.

* Warm fuzzies - friendly compliments that make you feel warm 'n fuzzy inside.


Jo said...

some wise words you have written sis...
hey, you know about the job thing...wouldn't it be nice to chill for a while, unpack all your bits in the new house, do some craft, meet a few people in the new community...find your feet so to speak.
Anyway, someone as good at your job as you are will not be sitting around twiddling their thumbs for long.
yep, great pic of Jen.
jo xx

Jennafina said...


Gross picture of me, yuk - I probably did have a ciggie in the other hand .

Will miss our Mt Leonora sunsets sipping champers, watching the world go by, will have to do that one more time before you go.

Seen that you don't have job in the nursing profession yet maybe you can start up a craft shop in Quariading, become a personal trainer to those farmers down there OR maybe it is time to chill and think about making babies!