Friday, October 06, 2006

2.6 kgs GONE and counting!! Yippppeeeeeeeeeee!!

Waynie has agreed to a half way incentive of a new iPod once I reach 6kg, I'm very excited about that! He saw my 'before' photos on the computer (i tried to hide them!) and had this kind of weird grimace on his face! I'm not showing them to anyone till I can proudly put some 'after' shots next to them showing a body I'm proud of.

I've had a slack two days exercising, rest day yesterday then had a terrible stomach ache last night and couldn't sleep at all... I came home from work today and conked it zzzzzz. That proves my theory that I shouldn't 'plan' rest days, but only use them when situations such as today arise.

Wayne has started back at the gym... bonus! Its much easier to get motivated when he's into it as well. We've been eating really well. I hate cooking tho, it sucks.

Other news..
I'm very proud of myself because I fixed the x-ray machine at work today which is a huge bonus. Otherwise it wouldve had to get sent away and we wouldve been without it for weeks. I did it under instruction from the BME guy over the phone... great teamwork!

Wemt motorbike riding yesterday..awesome. I just get this huge smile across my face as soon as we're out in the bush. Its just so much fun! I'm going to put a pic of my beautiful 'Yammy' on here!

Best be off to bed.

goodnight xx

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