Friday, October 27, 2006



I've had a NAUGHTY day, with a capital 'N'

Oh well, onwards and upwards i say, no use moaning about it. I am pre-menstrual, but i really reckon that is just a pathetic excuse because that doesn't normally affect what i eat... but hang on a minute, 4 weeks ago, (the last time i woulda been 'pre-menstrual' ) i was eating crap and hadn't started my challenge yet. Soooo maybe it was hormone related???

Nah, just a crapola excuse.

I have been craving an Iced coffee and nut bar yesterday and today. Today my craving was outta control. I went to the gym on an empty stomach, came home STARVING - I nearly stopped at the shop and got my 'fix' then, but managed to get home and have protein porridge (1030am). I then had a really long relaxing shower & read my book before realising i was supposed to go into work a bit early today for Nikki, so i rushed around madly trying to organise myself. No snack, no lunch, no arvo snack.... took a frozen dinner. Well thats where it all went pear-shaped. Got my nut bar, got my Iced coffee the rest is history.

I did weights today and i really have to admit i enjoyed it! Wayne had to give me a few technique pointers (it seems i don't know as much about lifting weights as i thought i did). You know the best bit?? I love the feeling after youve done your sets, you repeat the lift with no weight and it feels soooo weird!!!!! It always makes me giggle to myself.... childish i know. Oh yeah, K if you read this, i still hate lunges, they really suck!

Tomorrow i will be organised Drea. Organised lunch, dinner, snacks, exercise. Poor organisation leads to disasterous choices!!

Seeya then x

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Kek said...

Lunges are your friend...great for shaping butts!

Hmm, iced coffee. Try this: about 4 ice cubes, 1/2 cup skim milk, 1/4 cup water, scoop vanilla whey protein, shot of espresso (cold) or just a tsp of instant coffee, tsp Splenda. Blend it all together and it's almost like iced coffee...only good for you.

Let's not mention the nut bar. Move along now....