Wednesday, October 25, 2006

5 down, 8 to go!!

Wow... 5 kg in 4 and a half weeks. Yay!

5 kg... a big bag of potatoes, 5 x 1kg bags of sugar, a hand weight... all the things that weigh 5kg, its a reasonable amount!! Hmm, my clothes don't feel much diff, Wayne reckons my boobs have shrunk..TYPICAL! Not that I really mind, as long as the weight starts to come off my big butt soon - an even spread would be nice.

Todays food and fitness...

up at 5am, off to the gym to do my weights regime with Jenn. (35 mins)
0600 - Protein Porridge, tsp sunflower seeds, cup of chai tea
7am - (start work) half a sachet of skim cappuccino
10am - snack, 2 x Protein pancakes (leftover from yesterday)
2pm - 4 egg white (1 yolk) omelette with tomatoes, shallots and onion (eaten cold) & a huge salad
5pm - 25 minute jog, 20 minute walk
7.30pm - small piece (150g) marinated Chook breast. Huge salad.... Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, gherkin, asparagus, LF cheese, small piece avocado. Mmmm yummo.

Oh, I forgot to mention I ate two 'chico' lollies at work... I just love those little fat brown sqidgy sweet dudes!! I couldn't resist.

I'm on week one of my Kerryn program. I love the guidance, she's really helpful and knows so much! I had to chat to her about Protein powder coz I'm having probs trying to drink Protein shakes, theyre YUKKY!!! Slimy, weird tasting (even with coffee added!) eeeeek, am gonna keep trying to 'aquire' a taste for it. I almost start wretching just pulling the tub of powder out the cupboard!! TOUGHEN up girl!!

We've had storms here the last three days, lightening and thunder galore, a bit of rain. The pool has been closed because of it (not that i'd be keen to swim anyway!). Lots of flowers have popped up in my garden. This bush (I think its a pigface... but am not sure) is a very boring pale green 'desert bush' for 51 weeks of the year, the other one week it has the most impressive little pinky-orange flowers on it. Cute! I thought it was a weed last year... nearly pulled it out until it sprouted its little flowers.

Seeya x


Kek said...

Uh-oh, the evil trainer is checking on you, Drea better hide those Chicos!! :p

Have patience, the weight will shift - just take it a day at a time. You're doing good. :-)

Drea said...

aaarrrghhh Kerryn! Now I can't cheat at all! haha

Debstar said...

Drea, I'm not a fan of shakes either. I do however like protein powder in Natural fat free yoghurt. Add a bit of chopped up fruit and even a teaspoon or 2 of chopped nuts & you have a nice meal. Also with shakes I feel like I haven't had a real meal 'cause its only a drink. With yoghurt you have to spoon it down so I feel like if had a real meal. Thought it might help.
Oh and yoghurt & skim milk have about the same amount of calories I think.