Sunday, October 29, 2006

Jelly Beans and Suicide

Tan, Ingrid and I went to Bingo this arvo (you have to support these Community events!) and I won nothing (boo) but Tan won this humungous tin of Jellybeans!! Cool huh? Glad i didn't win it because then I'd HAVE to eat them!

The last two days fitness have been awesome! After feeling lethargic and bored with the gym mid week, Tania and I decided to change our routine a bit yesterday and did a circuit. We do get a bit competetive against each other (five more, no ten more...) so we pushed ourselves really hard doing sets of skipping, jogging with hand weights, push ups, sit ups and suicide - You know... the thing you used to do at netball training running up and down the court??? Well Tania the bright spark, decided it would be a good idea doing it side ways... yowch!! But what a great workout for your inner thighs! After over an hour of our circuit-ing we then did an airport jog, we were on such a high when we finished, Endorphins galore!

Today we gymed then played 45 mins of squash.

My porridge went weird yesterday. The Protein powder turned it all 'bitty', I don't think it mixes very well with Splenda. ?? I'm too sure what happened, it was gross tho. Today I didn't add Protein powder for fear it would happen again, will try again soon tho and make sure I don't mix the Splenda and PP.

Ooooh, weigh in day tomorrow. Yikes.


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