Monday, October 02, 2006

West Coast are LEGENDS!!

Yeah yeah, I know I'm not that into footy, but hey, when you're married to Mr Football-head, you don't really have a choice! I was so happy for him that the Eagles won...what a heart stopper. He had a great time in Melbourne, still seems to be on a real high.

He bought me great prezzies!! A beautiful Guess handbag, Starbucks cup & water bottle and of course my nintendo :-) Awww, I was sooo looking forward to him coming home, nice to see him.

Enough blabber, what about my training?? Weeeeellll, Saturday was a write off, I started drinking at the pub half way thru the footy (couldn't bare it any longer) ended up sharing nacho's with Jen and also had a few hot chips..ugh! But my angel got back on my shoulder on Sunday (booted the devil off) and I've been good since. Got up mega early to gym before work and felt great about it.

WEIGHT end of week one.... 79.3 YAYAAYAYAYA!!!! (-1.2kg)
still a bloody long way to go tho.

Wayne is happy for me to do PT with Kerryn (Great!) and I have a 'halfway incentive' 6kg lost equals a new iPod!! STOKED about that, I really know I can do it. He's so supportive... probly sick of me whining about being a fatty.

Drea xx

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