Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rockets and perming solution

It's amazing what a decent sleep can achieve. Throw a few quality Zzzz's into the air and your growly-bear personalty goes into hibernation. Thank god for that.

Husband and i just took the doggies to the oval for a walk, it's a beautiful day outside and they loved it. We must have worn them out because they're both now unconscious on their beds. There was a guy down the oval with his kids shooting off these rocket-parachute thingy's. I had no idea he was about to launch one when he did, it was so loud and i almost had to get a doggy-dumpage bag for myself - it scared the living beejeezers outta me! It was amazing how high these things went and how powerful they were. The kids loved it.
* * * * * *
In all my misery yesterday i forgot to mention my one exciting thing i did during the week.

I went down an underground mine! It was an awesome experience, we went down 680m underground, spent approx 2hrs having a look around different levels and at different machines. One of the Occ Health and Safety guys from the mine (Danny) took us on a guided tour... me, my boss (Elissa) and the visiting physio (Nat). I was a mine virgin.... had never set foot inside one before and knew next to nothing about about the whole process. I learnt so much, it was so interesting (and perhaps a little disturbing) learning about how they get to the gold, all the safety requirements, the future plans and costs (mega-gazillions of $$) and especially learning about how the 'old fella miners' did it all 100's of years ago, they must have been MAD! They're not even half way digging the declines yet, and it's amazing how hot, stuffy & humid it is down the bottom (not to mention it stinks like awful perming solution...i was having 80's flashbacks!)

At the bottom Danny took us on this very sloshy-muddy trek to find these groovy little crystals 'growing' from rocks...some mineral deposit thing that makes for quite a pretty little display of spikey 'crystals' growing upwards. Cool. We grabbed a couple to take home as souveniers (what we really wanted was some GOLD, but he was non-obliging... the crystal growths had to suffice!).

* * * * * *
Midget and I are off on a M'Bike ride this arvo. She got her 'Learners' the other day so we've been practicing riding on 'real' roads (wow). It makes life much easier - trying to get to good bush tracks without going on main roads was proving to be quite challenging, we had to sneak across a few roads in the past when we got stuck in the bush, so atleast we can do it guilt free now!
I'll report back later.

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jodie said...

Nice orange jumpsuits there Drea. Way cool experience though. I had to laugh at your perm flashback, what were we think in the 80's?? My hair HUGE then.